Updated Fort Tileset

I’m already aware that there’s gonna be issues, considering I used 7743’s tool Vesly brought to light. I had to manually piece together a bunch of tiles, set every single terrain type like I did back with my old versions of my Fields and Castle, and then pray that it actually worked. Please, if you find any bugs, bring them to light, and if you have ideas that seem at least relatively easy to implement, feel free to chime in! Awareness this exists helps me and it helps me fix bugs/add cool stuff for y’all to use.

Now then.

Welcome back to today’s episode on ‘Zoramine experiences burnout to hell and back and disappears for a week!’ On today’s episode, I’m bring you a Fort tileset which isn’t just an inferior Castle tileset.

I made a post on my main FEU thread about it, but this hast just about everything you’d want, a bit more, filled with suffering at trying to make my Fields tileset’s trees imported. For a full list:

  • Houses! The original intent with this tileset was to be able to recreate some of Thracia’s maps, or that one chapter from FE6 with the semi-castle and village square.
  • Peaks. Same point as above, except you get to live with the fact I suffered remaking them.
  • The trees from my current Fields version have been added and I like them a lot more than the old ones. However, they’re left in both because I had tons of extra room and they weren’t hard to work around.
  • Houses have tons of extra variants such as connecting to Armory/Vendor/Arena, all of them being able to blend relatively smoothly into grass (all have grass borders now) and Vendor/Armory/Arena having three borders, one that’s normal with the wonky trees, one that’s got no covering and another that connects to the new trees.
  • Extra floor tiles, all blue, and all current floor tiles now support all things you’d want from pillars, half pillar, the thicc impassable pillar and half shading.

More things might be coming soon, like tiny houses to appeal to those who want to use this for more than big villages and the remainder of the Peak tiles since I can’t be bothered to do that right now.
Here’s an example map that I threw together then got burnout so I didn’t want to finish! Maybe I’ll do that later, but not now.

Happy mapping, everyone!


If I pogged any harder, I would turn inside-out.

I really am cursed with talented people outspeeding me on remaking tilesets.

Newest update has what I promised before in messages on FEU’s discord; Updated mountains which look less ugly, fence tiles (located right above the blue floor tiles), and CLIFFS! Props to Flasuban for his setup for the brown cliffs which I ported over to this tileset and the Frontier tileset by a bunch of people for the original setup for wide and tall cliffs.

This tileset’s basically complete now. Nothing really to add.

Oh, and I added a fog palette. For those of you who like Fog, you maniacs.



it me

meme man

I happened to remember that I need to update this, oops.

Two big features added - V E R T I C A L houses, and the Thracia maps’ seizable mansion.


I… forgot the object image.


ok its there now!

Same download link as before, it’s just now updated.

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