Improved Fort Tileset

Daalehner here, been working on and off on this tileset for almost five months. But since Updated Fort Tileset exist I’ll just release it as is since I see no point in working on it anymore due to having a way better version of this tileset already available.

So here is the tileset in question. Initially made for a project I decided to improve on it and tried making it a good balance between indoors and outdoors with tiles added from Thracia 776 and other vanilla tilesets notably the Castle and Village ones.

This tileset is bundled with the three vanilla fe8 palette and a snes inspired one provided by ArdentRuby with fog compatibility. I’ve also bundled the .tmx files for some maps I made with the tileset.
Here’s my recreation of Kelbeth’s Gate with this tileset.

And here is the download link below, even if I’d advise you to just use the :arrow_right: Updated Fort Tileset instead.

Go wild with either of them.


Aww, it’s too bad when hard work is wasted. Maybe there’s something you can add to Zora’s one?

In any case, perhaps creator names or date of last update for the tileset could be useful in the thread titles.

For example:
Fort Tileset [Updated Aug 2020]
Fort Tileset [AnnoyingAnon]

Just a thought I had from seeing the two new fort tileset threads - the suggestion applies to Zora or anyone else, too. Thanks for linking to Zora’s version in yours and sharing the asset here, even if you aren’t recommending using it.


I can give you an idea, you can put a river or water something that Zora’s Tileset does not have so it could be deference to yours …