Forested Mountainous Tileset

In ancient times, when Fire Emblem hacking was young, many hackers sought to create maps using both buildings and forests.

But by the cruel mercies of the vanilla tilesets, they were disbarred from any variant of this that looked good.

Many years have passed. Zoramine’s Updated Fort Tileset exists, as do several others with a similar goal.

But with this project, I’ll bring back the original ruins!

tree mountain showcase

In addition to trees from the Fields tileset, it also has a couple additions to the floor tiles: a throne against a wall, and a middle right section of the 3x3 circle that doesn’t have shading. Aside from the new trees, everything should be completely compatible with the original Mountainous.

Download it here! Feel free to make edits, as long as you inform me.


I LOVE IT! Quick question: if i were to replace the vanilla mountain tileset with this would i have to remake all current maps that are utilizing the vanilla tileset? Or is it as long as the previous tiles are in the same locations as the new tileset they should be fine? (I hope thats not too wordy and you understand what I mean)

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Aside from forest tiles, all of the other tiles are in the same location as vanilla, so existing maps would be fine. Thanks for asking!


Even better! Thats just means I can spice up my preexisting maps! That Intro tho… :rofl:

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hey, I have no idea if you’re still interested in this or not, but per-chance do you have a version of this where the tileset is fixed for tileset animations?

Hi, Alex. Sorry it took me a bit to reply to this message.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a version of the tileset with fixed tile animations; I poked at trying to make one here, but the tileset edits are a lot more complex and difficult to replicate than I remember. In terms of my own usage, I’ve also gained a new appreciation for the forests in the vanilla Mountainous tileset; there are only three of them, yes, but they’re actually a very pleasant-looking three.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more help, and I hope you can still get your maps to look nice with whatever forest tiles work out!