Improved FE8 Desert Tileset

Zoramine has further improved upon this here:

Being largely unhappy with how bare-bones FE8’s desert tileset is, chapter 15 for GFE1R and after @DerTheVaporeon mentioned that a large part of its graphics are from the cave tileset and unused, I set to work adding some of the missing elements to this tileset.


-Palm Tree on Grass
-Shadow Tiles for Floors
-Horizontal and Vertical Stairs + 1-Tile Floor Stairs
-Breakable Walls
-House, Vendor, Armory, and Fort on Grass
-Arena on Sand and on Grass


-2 otherwise unused colors on last palette to make walls, doors, and stairs look correct

I also attempted to add the following, but they did not work mostly due to having to redraw them pixel by pixel and that turning out poorly:

-Regular trees
-Other varieties of floor tiles
-Sand to Water transition tiles

Revision 1.1

-Added some grass cliffs at the request of @DerTheVaporeon (I’m apparently trying to see how many times I can ping him in a single post)
-Added @Feaw’s rocks, supplied by @dancer_A
-Broke the ballista letter tiles, oops

Revision 1.2

-Added more variations of stair tiles
-Added Sacae huts (this was an amazing idea that I never would have thought to do thank you @LordGlenn)

Revision 1.3

-Added side desert cliffs
-Fixed right side of large Sacae hut

Download Here

Included in the download package is the raw graphics, TSA configuration, and palette, as well as the assembled tileset as its own image (see: the image at the top of this post) for use in your map editor of choice.

Installation Instructions


In the Tileset Palette Editor, navigate to the desert tileset. Click the import tile config button in the bottom left and import BetterDesert.mapchip_config. Click the import image button and import BetterDesert.png. In the Palette section, go to Palette 4 and click Clipboard. Paste this in and press Change:


Somewhere in your buildfile, place the Tileset Installer.event. In the folder with that file, make a new folder called Tileset. In the Tileset folder, place BetterDesert.png, BetterDesert.mapchip_config, and BetterDesertPalette.dmp. #include the Tileset Installer. It will write over the vanilla desert tileset, as it doesn’t change anything about that tileset it shouldn’t break any maps already using it.

Credit goes to @DerTheVaporeon for making a cave tileset installer whose structure I used for the installer here.


I think @Feaw made one a while back that had rocks, maybe I can find it and you can add it to your version (I had them classified as peaks, but that’s up to you)

well that was quick

Palette should be the same, he added it to fe8’s desert originally IIRC

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Is it possible to add in the top-to-bottom-right, side-facing stairs, since you have the opposite direction tile in there now? One of my biggest peeves with most of the official tilesets is when they omit mirrors of tiles to allow for full flexibility in making designs. (Yeah, I know, they made the tilesets for what they needed and didn’t want to waste space on things they weren’t using, but it’s still annoying.)

Re: the sand to water transition, I’m guessing you’re meaning that you tried using the ones found in other tilesets like FE7 C14, but they just were too hard to make it mesh with the desert’s palette?

Selfishly asking, do you think it’d be possible to incorporate the more “fence” like walls (example: FE8 C12B) or the Sacaen style huts (both small and larger) for use in making maps that might be more “frontier” desert in scope, instead of ones with more fixed/permanent structures?

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The specific issue with a direct sand to water transition is that only one palette has the blue used for the water, and that palette has no sand colors; as a result, the closest you can get is a sand tile adjacent to two grass-water edge tiles and diagonal to a water tile, which is already in the vanilla tileset.

As for the wall variations, wall graphics take up a whole lot of space and I’m not sure there’s enough left to fit another set of wall tiles.

Sacae huts is an amazing idea thank you for that, they fit really well in concept and I think they turned out very well (I think I accidentally messed up the right edge tile of the big hut, oops; I’ll fix that when I next add to this)

The flipped stair tiles are very simple, since it requires no new graphics and just flipping existing graphics in the tile data; also added two other stair variations, a 1-wide vertical stair with no shadow and a flipped in-ground stairway, for variation’s sake.

One thing I’d personally like to see is better Sand cliffs, they’re missing some tiles compared to the grass ones and it has always fucked with me every time I’ve made a desert map. Tho this is already leagues better then Vanilla.


ngl but it would’ve been nice to have had beach tiles in for smoother transitions to sea tiles from land without needing to use river or cliff tiles.


very nice sme very nice

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I would love to add that, but as previously stated that isn’t possible due to palette limitations; there’s no palette that can be used for a clean transition from sand to water as there’s no palette with colors for both sand and water. Making there be one would involve both swapping colors around, redrawing a lot of graphics in lower detail, and adding new tiles (and at this point I’m running low on space for that)

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Anyone who wants this tileset should look Here for an updated version.

At Sme’s request it is put here.