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Is there a magic armor knight animation? I see there’s the general/baron, but not for an unpromoted armor.


there is check the animation repo site


Amazing thanks! Found it.


Finished up a bunch of spell animations,

Ice Storm (x3)




Download (all 3)

in the video the third spell has issues but it’s fixed in the gif and download





Do you like myrmidon ?
I don’t really like the GBA myrmidon, it looks weird, so I made this :
It’s a myrmidon from Fe Awakening

The original sprite was made by Iscaneus, I just recolored and animated it (based on lyn lord), so if you use it, credit Iscaneus please.


Female versions please


Okay, maybe one day…
or now :
Hope you like it


Friendship ended with GBA Myrmidon,
Awakening Myrmidon
is my
best friend


I’m happy if you like it.


Would you make an Awakening style of Swordmaster?


Yes, it’s a project I have, but it’s not finished yet but I can show you a prototype :
It’s based on Iscaneus sprites again.


Fixed Marlon’s FE7 Draco Zombie’s port, now it is posed accurate in frames, position and own crits.
Just without the roar landing part.


Remember that crusty old Dragoon with the wacky palette? Well now you don’t need to!

Dragoon Fix


Now with a workable palette, less weird map sprites and an actual class card.


Original Dragoon by Mercenary Lord and NYZGamer
Repalette and touchups by Pikmin1211
Lance animation by Maiser6
Unarmed animation by Maiser6
Map Sprites by Pikmin1211 (Original Uncredited)
Class Card by Pikmin1211 (Original Uncredited)

By the by if you know who had made the original map sprite and class card please contact me so I can update that information. Thanks!


New map sprites and class card too? Damb.


Since dragons and wyverns exist in Fire Emblem, I think this is the perfect promotion to the soldiers who got tired of being fodder and learned the art of slaying them


That is looking beautiful! As smooth as silk.