Terrible Romhack Ideas (and some not so bad ones too)

What are some terrible FE romhack ideas you’ve had in the past or you just think would be funny?

Here are some of mine:

  1. Kaga Block Emblem:
    FE 7 but all enemy placements and reinforcements are in kaga blocks

  2. Blind Emblem:
    FE 8 but all maps have thracia fog and unit vision is reduced to 1 tile for all classes

  3. Snowy Emblem:
    Fire Emblem 4 remake but every map has snowy weather

  4. 1 HP Emblem:
    Fire emblem 6 but every unit has 1 Max HP for the entire game.


Actually I opened a thread long ago talking about fe fangames / hackroms but with stories based on different franchises, and curiously, i proposed one.
See Version Fire EMBLEM
See is a series while almost all the characters are blind with just a couple of exceptions
So a game based on See should have that fog in all chapters and all the characters have only 1 of vision except the sighted ones.
It would really cool to see a game where you can’t see xD
But please I’m not asking for the same FE game with just the fog xD
I just thought it was funny to share my thoughts on this thread :3

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Here I’ll add some.

  1. Courageous Emblem:
    Every weapon is brave. Brave weapons are double brave.

  2. Developed Emblem:
    Every red and green unit has a unique name, portrait, description, battle quote, death quote, and battle palette.

  3. Guess Emblem:
    Every weapon has 50 hit and 50 crit. Every unit has 0 Skill and there are no terrain bonuses.



I added the “rubbish joke hack” bit after 100+ clicks from the hack directory.


Realistic emblem:
You cannot see the exact stats of any unit, only whether they are approximately bad or good at something.
No, your unit does not have “8/28 HP” your unit is “badly wounded” that’s all you’re gonna get.

You wanna know if you’re gonna double? Well you’re quick, and the enemy is just okay, maybe you’ll reach the threshhold to double, maybe you won’t

Your weapon has “30/46 uses”, nah fam, your weapon is “slightly used”

If you wanna make it even more exciting, make it so you do not even know the approximate stats until you fought with that unit atleast once

  • Hardcore++: You cannot take any action back, even moving. No more checking all enemy units to see which one would be weaker, you can’t even change weapon after initiating an attack.

  • Conga Festival: Every single unit has Dance/Motivate, allowing you to choo choo train across the map with all your units.

  • Super Shove Bros. You gain % instead of losing HP. Depending on the attack and your % you are pushed a certain distance in a direction when hit. If they touch the edge of the map the unit dies.

  • V.A.T.S. Emblem: Each time you attack you must select which body part you want to target. Head has low accuracy but high crit, hitting legs reduce movement, arms and the units cannot fight anymore (enemy data reveals if they are right or left-handed). Directly attack weapons to reduce their durability, kill mounts to turn units into foot soldiers, or transform spears into Lightning rod with mages.

  • Resident Evil: The T-RPG Virus: Retelling of the RE saga as a tactical RPG with different weapon types (handguns, shotguns, sniper, grenades, knife, etc) being more effective against specific monster enemies (I actually want to do this one someday :upside_down_face:)



See, Vision emblem would actually work if you began design from that standpoint. All your really strong units have no vision capacity but there are other units which have vision to scout/lead them. You’d need to work your map designs around that but I think there’s very real merit to that tricky concept if done well. (Did you catch the pun I put in there?)

I actually love this. It’d be the Lord of the Rings of Fire Emblem. (“No tolkien, I don’t want to read about the Snowy Mountain’s exact shape for 4 paragraphs.”)

I think changing the portraits and naming it “Midnight Eclipse” was brilliant. I’m glad to see one of my terrible ideas got created even better than I could’ve imagined. :smiling_face_with_tear:

This has genuinely been one of my hack ideas. I didn’t even include it because I still hope to use it one day. It’s just I realized that alone is not enough to carry a game, rather it’s a unique design decision for a larger game which needs to already have it’s own characters, worldbuilding, and story. (all of which are very important if you choose to make something like this.)

again, I’d kinda like this for “immersion” but the problem is you’d have to either make it really easy or it’d be way too hard, and it’d be far to easy to make it such that it’s only hard on the first playthrough. Like a lot of the other ideas, it’s messing with something very delicate which means with extreme care it could be good/decent but the chances of actually achieving that are slim to none.


That’s very ambitious. It could be very cool, but I fear the scope is too large to be able to finish it. Even if you picked 1 RE game, you’d have a pretty large endeavor on your hands.


Enemy Spam Emblem: All enemies on the map aggro the player immediately and reinforcement spawns are tripled, as are survive map timers to maximize enemy spam

Walls Emblem: You have to break lots of 99 HP walls to move around, like the Revelation snow map but far worse

Outclassed Equipment Emblem: Enemies can use S and A rank weapons all game, you never get anything better than slims


Poison Emblem: All units starts poisoned, all tiles are poison traps.

man that animation is so slow and annoying

Flux Emblem: All animations are flux. Animations cannot be turned off.

Ambush Spawn Emblem: All enemies are loaded as ambush spawns when you wait nearby where they’ll spawn.


Slow Emblem: Everyone has 1 move. No boots are available. Suffer.


Random Crossover Emblem: Characters in game are replaced with random characters selected by taking random pages in the “Characters” category of the FE wiki. In case of a character like Palla with multiple incarnations, each of the n games is selected between with a random number from 1-n. Bosses, cut characters, and even obscure characters from backstories or manga are eligible. If they don’t have stats, make them. Lore important weapons are randomly replaced with a weapon of the same type.

Average Emblem: Every class, item, terrain bonus, move cost, calculation, etc has its stats from every game it appeared in in the series averaged out.

AI Generated Emblem: AI comes up with all the ideas, making story, maps, portraits, units, etc. You make what the AI says if the AI can’t make it itself.

All of these terrible ideas I once took a crack at. I still have some spreadsheets (which are outdated with engage’s release) for average emblem. I quit when it came to the terrain tables though. I have considered letting people view them though so you can see average class stats for example, a halberdier, to implement them in a hack.


Minesweeper: All maps have a number of mines which are randomly distributed with asm. (different every time the chapter is played) the number of mines placed is 18% of total map tiles on easy with increasing densities by difficulty.

Gaiden Emblem: A hack which uses all of the patches available in FEBuilder, plus a few other specific ones.
I actually attempted to make this once :laughing:

The units doesn’t moves on the map v:
The battles are in specifics maps where your units cannot move as traditional RPG v:

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Fire emblem but everyone is a staff unit :stuck_out_tongue:
but can use Wrap to move Enemies away and you can’t promote hehe.

I already made this, except the mines are randomized whenever you select a tile to move to.


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2 Sounds like an Ogre Battle game, where generics pick from a pool of names and a pool of quotes for different events, including being petrified and death.

'Cept, you know, in your version those quotes would come in for everyone and not just player controlled units. I wonder if that’s possible with a custom [callfunction] for names that can be seeded based on… well, probably stats and if the female flag is flipped, I guess.

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Sounds like you’d be using a modified version of FE7’s Battle Arena mode.

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i was thinking it would just be manual. Like, make every unit by hand.

Though I think FE8 has a character limit, so the game would probably have to be pretty short.