Unquality of life features

Suggest small QoL features a ragefest hack would have. Little things just meant to grate on the player’s nerves, but not immediately put the game down. If you have to wait more than a few seconds for something, the player may assume they’re in a softlock, so we want to avoid that.

  • When you select a unit, there’s a 10% chance they’ll be auto deselected and your cursor moved at random
  • The L button still works, but it only goes to units that have moved already
  • When you press a direction, there’s a 10% chance it goes in the opposite direction
  • Battle preview has a 10% chance to have its numbers swapped with the opponent

Pls suggest your dumb ideas

  • Trying to open the menu (the one with Suspend etc.) has a 30% chance of instead pausing the game with a big PAUSE notification to prevent people from thinking they’re softlocked.
  • Each time you press A, there’s a 10% chance the game immediately enters a second A press.
  • All text is autoscroll, no pressing A to continue.

The inventory screen opens on a random page every time, even swapping between units.


MMB is delayed by one unit (highlight unit A, then B, and then A’s data is shown, then when you move to C, you see B’s data).

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You can’t see your unit’s range, like NES FE, so you have to manually count tiles.

No “End Turn” option. If you want to pass your turn you have to press wait on all of your units.


There is no “Staff” command, and staff functions have to be accessed with “Item” and “Use.”


Different Dimensions: Ostian Princess would like to know your location.

You can’t can’t equip from the item menu. To equip items you have to use the trade menu or select an item to attack with

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All map sprites use palette 1

Crit is rolled before hit (So you can miss criticals)

Every turn, a random unit takes 1 non-lethal point of damage (To make players wait just a little longer before player phase actually starts)

Every time you open the stat screen there’s a 10 chance that it displays a different unit’s stats

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every unit is always poisoned


That capacity of the convoy displays a wrong number, make the player think he has like 200 slots available but its actually 100.

Edit: Or the other way around, make the player think it has 50 slots available in convoy for the items but its actually 100.


all of the stats on the status screen are rearranged


Wait is at the top of the commands (and so is End Turn)

(pair with the random double A press idea for optimum results)


There is only one text speed and it is the slowest possible option in GBA. Text also can’t be advanced quickly by pressing A anymore, nor can you skip events with B or Start.

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I raise you one: There is an End Turn option, but it’s only available after beating the game on the hardest difficulty, and it doesn’t show up until you’ve pressed wait on all of your units, which would no longer automatically end your turn


They game shows the battle forecast snes style, you now have to calculate damage and whether or not you double.

Every level up one random stat’s growths go down to 0% for that level.

Every characters growths reduce by 3% every level they gain

Palettes will randomly switch from their normal palettes to ass, arturs palette

Just reading this post makes me want to commit 0 luck devil axe

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Totally doable. You could print 255 as the capacity limit but have it only store 1 item.

How about convoy that will store your items but has no way of retrieving them? You can still press take and the convoy # increases when deposited, but the items just don’t show up cause they’re not vanilla item types. (I am speaking from experience here, lol. This is what happens when you deposit item types past 0xD.)


Berwick weapon durability and random breaking