Workshop of Peerless


Hello FEU. It’s me, the guy that lead 2 mugging blitzes and made a bunch of portraits but never shared them. So, I’ll take this opportunity to dump all of my sprites here. It’ll be portraits for now, however other stuff might be posted here later.

I have a ton of stuff that I don’t consider particularly good, mostly Old and/or Unfinished sprites, let’s get those out the way first:

These are some of my more recent sprites. Some of them have been posted in various mugging blitzes and are free to use (with credit), the rest are private. (Therefore, don’t ask if you can use them.):

That’s all for now, this will likely be updated as I make more of them.


pls finish that laslow


Eliwood is the one that stands out the most to me. He looks so friggin good!


If we could have character mugs change upon promotion
this is how he would look like.


i think you can in fe8


This is doable fairly easily.