Midnight Eclipse [Rubbish Joke Hack]

Have you ever wished to recreate the magic of your first blind playthrough?

Well, now you can.

@P33RL355 created this awesome mug.


I then thought to myself, “well, one blindfolded character is fine and all. But you know what hacks need? More blindfolded characters.”

Tired of Seth being OP?

Sick of Moulder staring at you?
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia).gba_7@07 Moulder_8ACC88

Of course, they can’t see much with a blindfold on.

  • All maps are blindfolded.
  • Game is automatically on hard mode.

Some characters are blatant cheaters.
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia).gba_11@0B _8ACCF8

This hack took 63 minutes to make.

Midnight Eclipse UPS
Apply to FE8U.




Bandana image that I batch processed ontop of the character portraits

bandana portrait cropped


This is literally just Cancer Emblem 3


Oh no

So basely every map has FE5 FoW on it, got it


Well if that was your first blind playthrough, this aims to recreate the magic

Can confirm

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where can I find this Cancer Emblem 3? I would like to donate 50 blindfolds to aid in your efforts of 1 sight thracia FoW.


everyone became an orion cosplayer


You can’t see the sun at midnight. Everyone knows that. So it sure would make a funny name for a hack.

Going even further, you definitely shouldn’t be able to see the sun during an eclipse at midnight.

(Everyone’s blind so that’s the name)

Oh crap it turns out a photo of a midnight eclipse exists

One of those bright dots near the top apparently

Oh well

Wow I didn’t expect to see my horrible 3 year old mug today

Good concept tho

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I actually like it. I just thought it was funny - gotta hone that sense of hearing to be the ultimate swordmaster

He’s a hero but ok

Thanks for reminding me that I sprite sometimes though; I just updated my FEU thread because of that.

i’ve rebranded since it’s april now and this name wasn’t taken

Edit: had the title as: “Fire Emblem - Midnight Sun [Complete]” for april fools.

Man I was trolled.

Holding out for the fegba demake of path of the midnight sun.


ok, now this is epic