Terrible Romhack Ideas (and some not so bad ones too)

Not necessarily
It has a character limit but it also has many characters using the same class.
So the enemies could be a different class with the “same” character aka enemy
Since the number of main characters could be around 3~4 up to 10 like classic RPGs
And of course letting important enemies their own character
As a normal fire emblem
Just without moving
A simple battle per turn
That way you save a lot of map creation xD

Jehanna Nights, or Naked Came the Millennia-Old Dragon MILF: Each chapter is made by a different person from a different part of the outline, with as little communication between each other as possible. The goal is FEDDOP-level prose. Two chapters could be the exact same chapter twice, or different chapters written from the same section of the outline. Why not have a neural network write a chapter? Also there are rocket horses and pink sniper rifles from the future. Gheb makes a cameo to raep Big Tiddy Liddy, but before he can do so, he gets killed so hard he dies to death #RIPBOZO

Fries Emblem - Iks Joruney: Peak fiction.


The A-Men.
Every character is either a priest, bishop, or monk. No female characters, no other classes. All enemies are female, and the final boss is a sexy demon.


Trainee Emblem:

FE8, but all units start 1 promotion tier lower (Except Ross, Amelia, and Ewan, who can’t go any lower)

New trainee classes would have to be made. Like a sword one for mercs and myrmidons, and a staff one for clerics and troubadors

Units would be scaled down according to their growths. And pre-promotes would start as normal tier 1 classes (Seth as a cavalier. Dozla as a brigand, etc…)


That’s actually been done.


thats not a terrible idea that already exists and its fucking awesome


so like i’m on board with a hack where every chapter is made by a different person with no communication and they cannot see the other chapters, but what’s with the name? Do we really need an outline? If so, I say whoever writes it is a dedicated writer and has absolutely no control over the design of the chapters.

And… you completely lost me.

I had to read this like 4 times before I got the joke. :joy:


Unironically this actually has the potential to be a really fun game


Huh??? for real??? What’s the project name? Do you have a link?

Not the person you asked, but here you go.

I played this myself. Pretty fun.


Reference to Atlanta Nights and Naked Came the Stranger, two books written in this fashion.

Reference to peak fiction.

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That’s reminds me of Akanei Senki
4 chapters not directly related to the other that occurs in the Akaneia Story :v

You see, unlike BSFE, they’re all part of one questionably-coherent plot! The plot/character outline would be rather barebones, and the creators would embellish it to make it the best worst FE fangame!

Old FE: the entire cast is made up of old people with shitty growths and jagen type usefulness. The only way to really increase their stats is with stat boosters, skills, special weapons (say a defensive sword for extra def) or supports


tbh old people would be terrible soldiers. Athletes peak in their 20s and 30s

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They would for the most part, but stats would still be a bit above the enemies for a while since a lot would be seasoned warriors out of their prime.
It’d be a race against time itself, think warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Undead Campaign, where your Main lord Arthas starts at level 10/10, and goes down to level 1/10 on the final map.
You’d not really grow much, but enemies would. And you’d have to desperately try to stand on even ground with them as time goes on.
Could even make a semi cool story out of it by being some veteran legion of oldies, knights from an unpopular kingdom recently obliterated, with bounties on their head, no vision for the future, or lord to call their own. Then finding the last heir whom nobody believes is actually the heir, and somehow fighting to reinstate their kingdom against all odds.

Bonus points for adding an “age counter” where some of your units will just die of old age if you take too long on maps. Think that one old sniper boss from metal gear solid whose boss fight you can completely skip by just waiting for a long time, so he’ll die of old age.


I think you put this in the wrong thread. This belongs in “AMAZING ROMHACK IDEAS!!!”
Along with Smash Bros. Emblem.

Jokes aside, I think jagen emblem would be a big hit.


Peace Out Emblem: you start with the full roster but at the end of every map 1-2 units just leave, and take their crap with them.

GRAHHHH Emblem, every sound effect, and I do mean every sound effect, is replaced with either the brigand or cyclops roar.

I hate sand Emblem: every map is a desert map and all your units are either mounted or armor but all the enemies have mage movement.

Noodle Emblem: instead of everyone having 0 strength/magic all weapons have 0 might.

“Where’d I leave my Keys” Emblem: every map has a locked door and a single enemy with a key to that door who, when killed, triggers an event with the player unit going “there’s where I left my keys”.


It started off as “haha your entire cast is a nursing home” but the more i thought about it the more i actually like the idea

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Tbh i love that last one a lot lol id love for that to be an actual thing