Super Link Arena Alpha Deluxe Turbo & Knuckles (New Funky Mode)

Before you read any further, check out TristanS’ original patch. It’s the baseline of my work and in general a really cool thing.
Also, name is a massive work in progress, I’m hoping to make a new title screen for this so I’m open to suggestions.

I’ve come back again to make something not many people asked for, but that I hope people find nice anyhow: basically Link Arena, but with more characters and features! And when I say more characters, I mainly mean more villain characters:




There are plenty of them to go around, needless to say. 46, to be exact.

This folder will contain all future patches as well as the changelog and list of credits. Feel free to tell me any bugs not listed in here that you may encounter.

This is a direct link to the changelog, if you just want to see what’s new.

This is a link to the Project Ember version of this patch, which uses PE’s unit stats, class caps, and appearances. 3 more characters are added.

This is a link to the Summon Map, in case you just want to summon specific units in order to make a calculated team to victory.


I released the first update! You can check the readme document to see what’s been added!:

Thanks to @MysteriousDancer and @TristanS for helping to playtest this! I’ve released a small update that fixes a few bugs that Mysterious Dancer in particular found!

Edit: I also fixed the UI glitch! Thanks to @7743 for helping me with that!

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is tirado in this hack


He is! Want a picture?







Playable Tirado. You have earned my likes, and my bookmarks. This is all I needed in life.


I’m also going to be releasing an update later tonight that adds in a group of characters that were left out due to limitations, which I have circumvented…

Hopefully Knickles is actually involved this time as the title implies. XD

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i don’t have an animation for the guy i’m sorry

it’s like a clickbait youtube title, i need the clicks you gotta understand

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Now I’m tempted to adapt a Knuckles anim to FE

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I’m interested by that… Listen. If you’re able to do that, I’ll add him in. No questions asked, and you get to decide what his stats are.

I’ll let you know if I get around to it. Lots on my plate atm.


Anyhow, I released a new update that fixes a couple of things, but mainly adds 3 new characters: Fae, Myrrh, and Jahn! That’s right, manakete characters are now a thing! Check it out if you’d like!

Also, in the same vein as TrisanS, I made a summoning map to show where all of the characters are. Use it to see what characters are now in the game if you don’t want to go through the opening dialogue. It’ll be in the opening post alongside the changelog and link to the folder.

You could call it

> Fire Emblem Battle Royal



Also, new update! Check the Readme for more info, the new folder which contains the new patches, and the new text folder called Weapon Changes, which details the modifications that have been made to weapons! I’ll link it here, feedback would be much appreciated!

I like what I see here in the changes so far.

The weight increase for light magic is a bit weird though.
Considering they are supposed to be the lightest tome.
Unless you mean’t that you more properly balanced the weight of some light magic tomes?

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Oh, light magic wasn’t made heavier. Generic light tomes were made as light as their anima counterparts.

The light tomes that were made heavier, the legendary tomes, also have increased might, and Luce in particular now has 50% crit to compensate for being the heaviest light magic in the game.

Must’ve been a misread then haha.
But that makes more sense and overall, I think these changes are actually pretty good.

I always kind of found it surprising how heavy Luce was for no apparent reason.

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