Super Link Arena Alpha Deluxe Turbo & Knuckles (New Funky Mode)

It must’ve been because of the crit bonus, despite it not being a good enough tradeoff. I still love the concept (get a crit or die trying), so I wanted to keep it.

I’ve released a new version of this patch! Check the main post for a link, and huge thanks to the members of Team Ember, including Brunhilda, Tchuu, Sex Pistols Requiem, Ltranc, CedAodh, Amberstorm, Legius, and Rekekka!

How’s this patch going so far?

there is a joke somewhere in this screenshot… I will find it…

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Oh, uh… I haven’t worked on it as of late because I thought it was fairly complete as it is, plus I’ve been busy with college work.

carlyle sucks balls, give me reddit gold

https://mega nz/folder/yWpRyAiT#u8dH5DS2o8HMwcZzmyLyHw

that’s for the original patch as opposed to this one but that threads long dead. Here’s a save file for that, which gives every GBA Axe user 20/20 averages but ZERO luck, and their only weapon is the Devil Axe, so you can imagine how that goes lol, I forget if there’s two files but it should work with the FE6 version of the original patch as well, so Berserkers with a ton of crit and about a 30% chance to end their own existence, it’s pretty funny. That’s EVERY GBA axe user, including Armor Knights, Heros and Paladins, except the FE8 ones since they don’t get Axes.
Imagine leveling down a unit all the way to 0 luck using the houses one point at a time, not the most fun and incredibly stupid, but the end result is something.

Would have made one for the newer patch but you don’t get to buy Devil Axes from what I gathered so that got scrapped early

Oh, nice!

Hang on, did I not add Devil Axes to any of the shops?