Link Arena with all GBA Games

This is actually pretty cool!

Put some respect on my boy Geese’s name though.


I’ve @ed him on twitter, unfortunately I never use my twitter account so he might not think I have credence. I’ve also posted in his discord server, so hopefully he sees it at some point.

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Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well

Hey man, just checked out this and I gotta say, good job! Even if I don’t know how to do the link arena with other people on an emulator (let alone have people to play it with), the practice mode worked perfectly for me. I did not understand what to do after I seized the throne but then I went to extras and saw link arena was available. I did notice that the FE6 and FE7 units don’t have descriptions for them character wise, but that was all I could find out of place. Overall, great work!

It only works on VisualBoyAdvance. I tested it on mGBA and real GBA console. It crashed like this.


If you (@TristanS) are wondering why:

  • VBA is a very old and inaccurate emulator
  • To stop it from crashing all the time, they made it replace bad operations with nop so that nothing happens

Please use mGBA instead as your default emulator with febuilder.


The latest version should work on mGBA now, I can’t test it out on gba hardware itself, so I can’t confirm if it works there.

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If it works on mGBA it should work on real hardware. I don’t think any emulator is 100% perfect, but 99.99% accuracy is what I would generally expect from mGBA and No$gba.

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Oh, so that is why the games don’t crash for me as often as other people. That is good to know.

Thanks to Mekkah’s recent video he put a link to this patch, which I’m very thankful for since I’ve been waiting for something like to this appears one day and it seems the day has come.

Some mild nitpicks though, is it possible that you can add more shops so we can tweak our weapons more? Say If we want Iron or Steel weapons instead of just silver weapons or unique weapons like the Reavers?

Also Harken’s eyes are closed when trading with him

I’ll probably release a patch that adds the fe6/fe7 unit descriptions in the next week or so, I can include those changes too.

That’s good to hear, I also noticed that the 20/20 Average stats also affect the con stat of every character.
Making so some of them have lower Con then they should naturally?

I thought their would be body rings in the vendor to compensate for this.

I’ll look into it - something might be up with the instruction I’m using to change classes

As far as I can tell the con stat scales up properly with promotion, if there’s a specific unit that has the wrong con that you can tell can you let me know? v 1.3 is up as well

Hey is there a way to change where there S ranks are for weapons

Not currently. I can figure something out for the next version update.

Thanks for the new update.
If I’m correct, some Prepromotes like Harken, (who has 11 con) had his con reduced to 9 for some reason. I think it’s fixed now in 1.3 but before it wasn’t the case. I noticed this when I was summoning all characters that could become Hero’s or are the Hero class

I came here from Mekkah’s video, so I guess this hack was successful

This hack is amazing. But it still needs polishing. I’ve noticed there’s several bugs regarding overworld sprites and Athos’s battle animation
FE_GBA_LINK_ARENA_1610326214756 FE_GBA_LINK_ARENA_1610323895657
The assassin to the right of the cursor should be Eiphram

I made a branch of this with added things! If anyone’s interested, come check it out!

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