Tilesets and palettes

I decided to make all my tilesets and palettes open-source since I haven’t been using any in years and have slowly been giving people access to my stuff anyways. Most of these tilesets aren’t hack-insertable, but nothing stops you from just using the palettes to edit an existing ones (or adding some new tiles if you’re savvy enough) and having some nifty new palettes for your hack’s maps! Note that this isn’t possible for all palettes since some have been edited beyond that point.
Please give credit if used.

I think this will also serve to be a good thread to share your own creations so others can benefit from it!

First some that I made specifically for certain hacks;
Purple castle for Dream of Five.

Castle Pherae for Elibean Nights.

I believe I made this for Skitty, but I don’t recall ever seeing him use it.

Plains edit for… Dream of Five, and I believe Skitty and Ecut also used it.

I do believe I also made this for Skitty. Snowy Bern/ruins palette.

Another plains edit for Skitty.[/spoiler]

Some of my older (and some derpy) palettes;
Fort with floors made of chocolate I guess?

Blue castle with blue water.

Some green castle with terrible looking grass.

Chocolate castle! (or as it’s intended to be, a castle in an arid area)[/spoiler]

Palettes I made for my ancient and extinct project;
Snowy castle (also used in Dream of Five and Requiem).

Green castle.

Cyan ish castle.

Royal pink/red castle.

Night version.

Just a fix of one of the existing palettes in FE7.

Now with slightly darker water.

And also with snow! (best used in mild snowy regions).

Slightly more snowy I guess.

Even more snow!

Red rock mountain range.

With murky green water.

And strawberry juice red water.

Rainy/tropical/humid region. Make of it whatever you want.

Slightly different mountains.

Arid region (goes well with the chocolate arid castle tileset).

And its plains equalevent.

And the village edition.

A more edited castle version (which probably smells heavily like olive oil).

A swampy swamp tileset.

Only made this for a map contest entry, but it’s just a minor edit of the previous, so yep.

Deeper inside the swampy swamp (or jungly jungle).

A port on the Western Islands (they’d better have one).

Dark ruins.

Heaven part 1.

Heaven part 2.[/spoiler]

And some bonus content;
[spoiler=bob]Six versions of sunset overworld palettes;

Darkling Ruins using my heaven palette.

New (old by now) project of adding countless new tiles and a better arrangement. With green castle palette.

Reminiscent of Arcadia’s temple.[/spoiler]

Aaand I think that’s about it. Likely forgot a thing or two, but they probably aren’t noteworthy anyways.


I’m in love with the snowy plains! Mega kudos for posting all of these.

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oh uh
I’ve already inserted most of these into gba
so if anyone wants those, just hit me up(mainly because I have no idea where they are); when I figure out where stuff is it’ll be in the opening post

Put things in spoilers because we now apparently have them. Also reuploaded everything to imgur.

@Arch weren’t you going to do a thing with spoilers where we could maybe make them bigger? These tiny scrollable spoilers suck.

These tiles are wonderful btw i tried to import the darkling ruins into a gba and it goes into this…

nearly all if not most of them are not able to be inserted into gba
the topic is also 5 years old and the creator is no longer active.