Sacred Radiance Demo (FE9 Demake) by LagSpike and Stephano

Hello, people! This is LagSpike. You may remember me from my previous project on here,
FE7 2: Electric boogaloo. I’m here today, collabing with newcomer FrostArcher to give you guys a hacking experience like you probably have seen before!

Introducing: Sacred Path! Sacred Path is an FE: Path of Radiance Demake being worked on as we speak. As of now, the only people working on it are me and Frost. However, please, for the love of god, if you know how to do literally anything that’s visual like maps or portraits, come collab with me. I have no talent.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the project.
Link to drive folder


My very first FE game to beat was FE9. Shit was awesome. I still remember the Shiharam chapter with Jill and the conversation as being some of the saddest moments I’d ever experienced in FE to that point. I remember just going around and around on the Tauroneo chapter, just quivering with anticipation, wondering how hard Ena would be to beat. Turns out, she wasn’t that hard to beat. But anyway, this is the first chapter of our hack. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns.

I’ve been working on this day and night, and so has Frost. We’re dedicated to getting this project done, so if you share our determination and want to join us, feel free to DM me and let me know.

UPDATE! As of 4/13/2020:
I updated the file so that the text doesn’t autoscroll as often as it used to.

UPDATE: As of 4/19/2020:

Thanks to @Stephano, we’ve managed to put a prologue in the game! Now, there’s a total of 3 chapters in the demo. Please enjoy and thank stephano and frost for their work.


Congrats on the release! Would recommend sharing some screenshots so folks can take a peek at what you’ve done. Additionally, it would be worthwhile to see the list of changes and what’s covered.

Good luck with the project. FE9 is one of my favorites, so looking forward to trying this out.


I quickly played through this this morning, and it definitely has potential.

I’d advise, for the demo chapter, making sure everything is up to snuff presentation-wise. Some things are obviously still WIP, such as how Titania is the only playable character with blinking frames and a minimug, and that’s understandable, but the number of text skips was kind of overwhelming. The very first line of the game had a text skip in it. The lack of actual character descriptions was also pretty funny, and the fact that the prologue chapter isn’t even renamed. I wasn’t even sure if the patching had worked until the chapter had actually started. These are obviously really small things, but they make your demo appear rushed.

Obviously, this is a very early product, but having really small things like those text skips and descriptions fixed can go a long way in getting people engaged and interested in the project. As Dan said, a couple of screenshots would be awesome too.

Interested to see how this continues to develop!

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Yeah I suck at text writing. It’s just that fe9 text is 3 lines per window and fe8 text is 2 lines per window so it gets annoying to do that. Also, I want to point this out, Fe9 characters don’t have character descriptions so I didn’t change them. I’ve been working on the title card and also I don’t know how to make mugs and I just grabbed the portraits off of the radiant collection. The radiant collection had the portraits in the wrong size and not as mugs so I spent a bunch of time making it work. I just wanted to get it out there and see whether people were interested in the hack.

Edit: I updated it. The chapter title works now.

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don’t believe you will make a dream come true please don’t give up

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@Lolina Hey look, it’s your favorite game!

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Listen. If it takes me 80 fucking years to finish this and my geriatric ass is in the hospital pissing myself over errors that make no sense, I will still fucking do it. I’m so dedicated to this.


I checked out the demo. Aside from the pre-mentioned problems, I had a lot of fun with the first chapter! You definitely have my support!


I’m about to update it again. Soon, if you check it out, you’ll see I put some random shit for unit descriptions, so I guess that’s cool. The chapters actually have titles now, the text skips are mostly gone, and I’ve also fixed some stupid ass bugs.


New update: The prologue has been added to the hack

Thank you @LagSpike and Frost archer for allowing me to create the Prologue for your hack. I look forward to helping y’all creating more chapters soon.


I never got a chance to play Path of Radiant and Radiant Dawn so Thanks.


For the 6 people waiting for news on this hack, boy do I have news for you. Stay tuned for updates on Sacred Path’s first full release, people. It’s going to be sick.


This FEE3 presentation was great! To be honest, I had no idea this project was even a thing! I’m so out of the loop :weary:

How are you planning to handle FE9’s skill system, as far as adding and removing skills to/from units? Any chance there will be an FE10-style skill addition/subtraction system as well? (Skills not costing points if they’re part of the character’s base abilities, the ability to remove skills and get a skill scroll, etc)


I love this game and I love the GBA style! This is a dream come true and I really wish you guys the best of luck!


I noticed you’re using Roy’s map sprite for Ike. I think Ike sort of has a GBA map sprite already, it’s used on the gamecube’s memory card management menu for path of radiance’s icon. idk if it’s the right size and everything. It would only give you the three frames where the cursor is on him, but it’s a start.

Edit: I got the frames from my card with snipping tool. Yes, it’s kind of crude.Ike1 Ike2 Ike3


Does this project have a discord server? I would love to join and give feedback and help with my very limited rom hacking knowledge in any way possible.

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Please notice me when you release full verison (//∇//)\

We’re still nowhere near the point in the game where that’s going to be relevant, but the current idea is to just like … not? We’re doing a fates-style thing where you get skills based on leveling up.


Yay (//∇//)\ the project still alive (//∇//)\ thanh you so much (^o^)/

How many chapters have you finished