Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Lunatic Reverse

Hello everyone,

I thought i would share this simple hack I made to Sacred Stones that makes the game insufferable to play. Introducing Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Lunatic Reverse.

For 3 people out there who do not know, Fire Emblem New Mystery of the Emblem Heroes of This Name is Way too Long has a difficulty mode that makes it to where the enemy always attacks first. I thought this was a cool idea and i wanted to make a version of it for my favorite FE game. I then realized that this was a big mistake…

Anyways, here is the download link:

Some Notes:

  • There are two patches included: a 20% patch, and a 30% patch. Both patches are the exact same except the growths of the enemy units are either increased by 20% or 30%
    *All characters that the player cannot control (Bosses, NPCs, enemies) have increased growths. this means it is possible to save Dussel’s squad on Ephraim route
  • All characters that the player cannot control (Bosses, NPCs, enemies) have the skill Vantage+. So that means anyone who has this skill will always attack first.
  • All other skills except for class based skills have been removed. (Except for Moulder)
  • The tower and arena have not been removed, but I recommend not using them.

Victims of War - I removed the claws from the Spider so that the Orion’s bot can still be obtained.
Phantom Ship - F*** this chapter. I nerfed it to hell and back because i was on it for a total of 13 hours and couldn’t beat it.
Creeping Darkness - I move L’arachel and Dozla closer to the start because its impossible to recruit them.
Chapter 14 - Rennac moves to you rather than the exit.
Chapter XX - There will be more changes as needed

So I have actually have yet to beat this. I am currently on Flourspars’ Oath (30%) and the stupid Pegasus riders are kicking my butt. I plan to update the link with new patches if i discover levels that are impossible to beat.

While I do not know how difficult 20% is, 30% is no joke. Save states are required if you want to keep your sanity. I highly doubt that this hack can be beaten in an iron man or without save states, maybe on 20% but certainly not on 30%.

Lastly, this is a callout to Mekkah, I dare you to waste your time playing my dumb hack. I saw your 31% run of Sacred Stones so i challenge you to this.

Also check out Sacred Path, our Path of Radiance Demake hack: Sacred Path Demo (FE9 Demake) by LagSpike and FrostArcher (2 Chapters done, more on the way))


you should make entering valni cause save corruption lol


could you make a version where luck/defense/res growths are untouched for the TRUE fe12 experience

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