Jelly's assortment of random stuff

I made some stuff mostly for personal use, but it couldn’t hurt to dump them somewhere public. Sorry if they are not the best, I only started doing anything artsy like, 2 months ago

Map palettes - F2U/F2E

All of these are for my own project. I never intended to use fog, so these don’t have fog palettes. Please do not use the sample maps.

Download them here!

Previews (Zora fields)

These are for ZoramineFae’s revamped fields tileset.

Snow fields
snow sample

Darker greeny fields village
greeny fields village sample

Darker greeny fields
darker greeny fields sample

Bluer & darker bluegreen fields
dark blue fields sample

Sunset fields village
sunset fields village sample

Nighttime fields village
nighttime fields village sample

Previews (flasuban village)

These are for flasuban’s village tileset.

Very yellow (normal peaks/tall cliffs)
flasuban village preview

Very yellow (brown peaks/tall cliffs)
flasuban village preview brown

Item Icons - F2U/F2E

Credit to Ereshkigal for the Iron Bow sprite, mine’s mostly an edit of theirs. Also used their sprites for referencing (a lot).


Portraits - F2U/F2E

Masoud (Legend of John) and smoother version
masoud hackbox masoud2

Punished generic guy
punished dan hackbox

bungus hackbox

Trans icon
blind person box

Iconic animal
dolphinflop hackbox

Portraits - Not F2U

Celia (Four Kings: Deposition), also touched up by @KrashBoomBang
celia touched up

A few mugs for HBW
faust hackbox
aslena hackbox
echan sunglasses
boat hackbox

Music - F2U

Berwick Saga - BGM025

Berwick Saga BGM 025 in GBA - YouTube



The map pallets have a really nice, rich SNES FE feel to them, especially the dark green fields. I’m also a fan of the sunset pallet. I can’t recall seeing anything like it before.


fe7 actually had a sunset palette for the village tileset :v although i’m not entirely sure where that was ever used, if at all

dorcas map uses a sunset palette too! but a different tileset


Those two Fields Village palettes are excellent! However, I want to mention that the object images will automatically break when posting them to FEUniverse’s forums raw (as they only save the palette that’s displayed). I’d recommend using Dropbox to store all of them in one spot since you’re sharing them.

Once you get those two on Dropbox, would it be alright if I packaged them into my Fields Village folder for general use? You’ll be credited for it.

Also, that portrait F2U portrait is absolutely Heihachi and you cannot convince me otherwise.

It’s used in he Lyn Mode cutscene where you’re introduced to Eliwood.

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should be up on dropbox now :frog:

of course!

this is not the first time someone pointed this out and i am very proud of that

good ol’ fe7 putting all the effort and cool shit into the wrong places

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kinda made this for a funny haha in my thing coming soon™, but also f2u/f2e because.
pretty glad the sirius mask lookalike didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster though

punished dan hackbox


reworked an old HBW map and made a cool gif for street cred B-)

cool ch 3 gif

the original was like, the fourth map i’ve ever made with some very minor edits throughout the months. i’d say it held up decently well all things considered, but it was so glaringly vanilla compared to the rest of the maps in HBW. i’d intended to rework the map before release but motivation and life related stuff happened sooo

(credit to flasuban for the wonderful tileset of course)


That’s such an amazing glow-up!


oh my god i just noticed some wall shading are off

the arts if light sources didnt exist

vanilla weapon icons stink so i made some custom ones yesterday. just finished the basic progression today, more stuff to come in the future. also has icons that i did in the past including funny minecraft fish and hehe left boot (yes i have not made right boot yet). credit to ereshkigal for iron bow since i just edited their sprite for it, also i used their stuff a lot for referencing

slims have a lot of uh, details proportional to their uhh, usual strength in most games, but i made them that way because slims are OP as fuck in my thing lmao


Artist's render of Society(trademarked) Lance

oh also added the stuff i put into the latest mugging blitz into the OP

dolphinflop hackbox

bungus hackbox

dolphin flop


the boat, two houses, and barrel will be missed :cry:


boat 2 walked so that LARGE CLIFF can run

mostly just wanted to put a funny event on the palm tree honestly


Oooo this is a rad map! I’m especially digging the revamped version!

I am also extremely curious what, if anything, will be sold in that tucked-away little shop on the southeastern boat.

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ok so, i wasnt planning on adding anything to it, but a few people have asked me about what that shop tile would have so i have to put something in it now huh :frog: :frog:

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Could be selling rare imported goods! Maybe a chance to get a few powerful items early, or to buy weapons or items associated with a particular region of the world outside of that region?

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haha you assume i have done any sort of worldbuilding… :slightly_smiling_face:


blind person box

someone called unto thy community to make more blind mugs and i answered. i’ll use this mug for HBW but it’s probably for a later recruit, so i’ll make them f2u anyway also this means more hacks will have trans flag palette hopefully maybe

EDIT: oh yeah also the item icon sheet groweth



ported over berwick saga - BGM025. credit to Agro and [unknown source] for the MIDI rips

downloadable here

(also idk what the policy is for doubleposting on resource dumps like this one, please tell me if i’m doing it wrong)

i made these a couple months ago but never really got around to putting them up here, so,

these are for flasuban’s village. there are two variants, one with brown cliffs/peaks and the other with yellow ones. i think the brown looks better on cliffs, idk, but they are disastrous for peaks, so pick your poison

flasuban village preview

flasuban village preview brown

download in OP


well golly gee it’s been a while, minor update and (finally) made reavers. also can of beans