Recomend me some hacks!

I want to try out a new hack. Recommend me some! I want it to be finished and not stupidly long.

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Hi there! Uh, quick question.

What would you count as, “long” for a fire emblem game?

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If a hack has 20+ chapters, it’d call it “long”.

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Ok! Gotcha!

Fire Emblem Deity Device.

Is that enough? It’s 20+ chapters, finished and it’s three parts. If you have played Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, and so on.

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He said “not stupidly long.” Deity Device is over 40 chapters long.

Edit: Not to denigrate the thing (I mean I liked it enough to want to make portraits for it), but that’s not what was requested.

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How about this one?

It look’s really cool! might want to try it myself!

Oh, and do I have to of played the hack to tell you about it?

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I didn’t expect it to be the total opposite of what he meant by long.

If you never played it, Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light is a great one. It as a very good vibes of a Fire Emblem that could have existed on the GBA, and it as some very clever level design


I’m gonna be that guy and recommend my own hack mostly because the hacks I have played are some of the most well known out there and you’ve most likely already played them.
sword of heaven and earth, project ember, vision quest

I recommend Sun God’s Wrath. Not too long and has some of the best features in any hack I’ve played like scrolls and movement level ups like thracia. The story can get confusing at times but the gameplay makes up for it ten fold. So many unique player and enemy classes. I could go on. Also start out playing normal if you do, hard can be rather punishing for those not familiar with the mechanics and design. Good luck!

Maybe someone knows some hacks with more of a serious tone and no sword protagonist XD
Seriously though, I’m going to remove swordmasters if I ever make a hack.

Very well I shall try out what you have baked and write a review after.


wait seriously? Thanks a lot, I haven’t gotten much feedback on the project yet so getting a review on it will be super helpful!

While I can confirm that Deity Device is stupidly long, all the protagonists are mages and the playable Myrmidon is so bad that I get hassled about how bad she is fairly regularly.

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Is all of the unit’s mage’s a serious statement?

is ALL of the units REALLY mages? and the myrmidon.

Not all of the units, all of the “lords.”

ooooohhhh, ok. sorry! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, played the hack, it was terrible.
The story is a mess, really.
I think this Sol fella is an immortal demon that is reincarnated? But it was super confusing. Half of the dialogue being written with low caps and no comas didn’t help too.
It was dumb as all hell but I managed to make it fun for me by breaking the game entirely due to the number of bugs.

But the real question is… is it like The Last Promise level of it or not?