Recomend me some hacks!

Last Promise was a lot better than Host of the Dark.
You could at least follow the story there and the maps weren’t empty deserters to f nothingness. Apart from being extremely corny, TLP is actually a very competent hack.

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It’s kind of a mess but curiosity begs me to ask, how much did you play?

Its certainly a hack that wasn’t made with average skill in mind some of the later maps are actually pretty good, minus the like last 5, and the story is actually about a 7-8/10 for me. It’s just a little unfortunate that if you don’t pay 100% attention to all of it then it gets stupidly confusing.

As far as Sol, not a reincarnating demon, you just don’t kill him or other certain important characters the first time you meet then.

It really is just kind of weighed down by some really bad ideas, such as two bosses that literally have 100+ crit.

okay before I say anything I just want to tell you that the only thing about your comment that bugs me is the fact that you didn’t reply to my comment, while yes I am seen floating around many threads I could just completely miss this, when talking about someone’s work at their request it is courteous to inform the person of when you actually say something about it. If this is simply a mistake then forgive me for bringing it up.

now then, I can’t exactly get a lot from your small comment, the only thing directly useful I can gain is to pay more attention to punctuation, I would prefer it if you would provide examples if you play a hack and say you’ll review it I assume you would think about taking screenshots or at least mentally note specific examples. A simple bug report is appreciated as well, what bugs did you find? I playtest my hacks a lot so if you found a bug I would very much like to fix that.

other than that I have no issue with your criticism, in fact, I prefer honest criticism of anything I do, it allows me to grow.

tldr: tell me when you state your opinion on my hack in the thread where you said you would and be specific with your account.

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How about Fire Emblem Storage it’s short but fun.

Well, all of it. It was a blind run, so most likely I didn’t recruit all the characters but still I think I experienced the story in it’s entirety.

Yeah, noticed it after.

Worry not, this wasn’t a review yet, this was just my brief thoughts after finishing it.

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Yeah, SGW actually has some slight narrative branches and two different endings funny enough.

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