Resource Directory [DEPRECATED, PRIMARILY FE7]

Since a lot of people have their own dump of stuff, I’m going to comb the resource section and link to things in alphabetical order. Assume FE7 unless otherwise noted. Okay? Let’s go.

Blacksmith - Crazycolorz5
Character Changer Hack - Blazer
Character Changer Hack, FE8 - Blazer, Edited by Crazycolorz5
Give All Items To Merchant - Crazycolorz5
Harm Target Unit/Set Unit’s Health, FE8 - Crazycolorz5
Heal Active Unit - Crazycolorz5
Inflict Status - CT075
Make It Hard Mode - Crazycolorz5
Reset Turn Count - Crazycolorz5
Set Default Options - MarkyJoe1990
Set Gold Value - Brendor
Set Gold Value, FE8 - Brendor, Edited by Venno
Start Chapter on Enemy Phase - Brendor
Switch Difficulty - Brendor

Check if all Allied Units Dead - MarkyJoe1990
Check If Hard Mode - Crazycolorz5
Check if More Than Three Allied Units Dead - MarkyJoe1990
Compare Levels - Crazycolorz5
Is X Rescuing Y, FE7 and FE8 - Crazycolorz5

Array Based Weapon Lock, FE7 and FE8 - Venno
Any Number of Sacred Weapons - shadowofchaos
Apply Status Effects to Weaponry - CT075
AS Changer Hack - Ryru
Autocursor, Status Screen Expansion, FE8
Cannot Double Weapon Effect 0xC - Crazycolorz5
Decrease Variance of Autoleveled Stats - Venno
DSFE Style Growths - Venno
Hard Mode Bonuses in Eliwood Mode - Venno
Item-Based Branching Promotion - Icecube
Item Icon Bugfix - CT075
Luck Gains Upon Promotion - Crazycolorz5
Knight Ward Hack - Blazer
Magic replaces Resistance - Hextator, Crazycolorz5
Multi-Lord Seizing - shadowofchaos
Negate Weapon Triangle Ability - Crazycolorz5
Remove Double WEXP on Kills - CT075
Remove Weapon Ranks on Promotion, FE7 and FE8 - Venno
Renewal, Soothing Sword Effect, FE7 and FE8 - Crazycolorz5
Starsphere Effect - CT075
Start Game in Hard Mode - CT075
Start in Eliwood Mode - shadowofchaos
Str+Skl Based Range Boost - Icecube
Special Weapon Bonus Hack - Blazer
Unlock Sound Room/All Songs by Default - CT075, Blazer
Variable Effectiveness Hack - Blazer
Variable Level Caps - CT075
Variable Poison Damage - CT075
Variable Poison Damage, FE8 - Kngt_of_Titania
Weapon Rank Bonus, FE7 and FE8 - Venno

Ranged Weapon Modules - Icecube
Generic Music Table - Arch
Character Banner and Forcer Modules - Mikey_Seregon

Chapter Specific Battle Themes - CT075
Character Specific Battle Themes - CT075
Generic Unit Palettes - Brendor
Non-FE7 Tilesets - Arch, AuraWolf
Sound Enhancement - Prince Marph
Ripped Map Sprites - Various


Good shit, my man. Pinned and wiki’d.

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Maybe change the title to FE7 Resource Directory.