Looking to start a Rom Hack

I am looking for any resources to help in the process. Ive not been able to find a link for FEBuilder, and i would appreciate any tips or links.

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The links to the download are in the post.


Have you ever used FEGBABuilder? If the answer is no, then I have some tips will save you from some headache…

You may find this helpful:

I create & test a chapter in 14 mins in this video, explaining as I go.

You may also find the Getting Started directory as useful:


I have not. I’d appreciate anything.

Where can I find a link to gbabuilder? I’ll take a look at the video, thank you!

Thank you very much, I will take a look when I can get on my PC!

Is the link for FEMapBuilder posted as well?

Well, Let’s begin then!

  • Always be sure to have a backup save.

Sometimes you will try something new and… This can bring some pain to your project. I highlated these two options ‘‘Save’’ and ‘‘Save As’’. If you select ‘‘Save As’’, you can save your project with a new name without overlaping your original file.
Always be sure to do a ‘‘Save As’’ before using any patch or extending something.

  • Avoid Extending Lists.

You may be wondering what ‘‘Extending’’ means.

Well I’ll show you with some pictures.

Well, when you use this tool, it will ‘‘use unused’’ space in the ROM. These one are safe to extended, but some others are dangerous and can break your ROM :frowning:
Like this one.

If you extend this, you may find yourself in a dilema later in a project.

  • Always choose overlaping as a first option.

If you stop to see FE8’s codes, you will find a lot of double animation, unused content or content you won’t be using. I’ll give some more examples.

In this one you can see a LOT of unused space. You can insert a lot of items in here.

But if it isn’t enought you can overlap some other not so important itens. Like these ones.

You can overlap some of these items, those unique weapons (shadowkiller, bright lance, fiendcleaver and beacon bow) aren’t so cool in my opnion. Also those golds (1 gold, 10 gold, 100gold) can be overlaped if you don’t want them, those vulnerary (A2,A3,A4) and what about that Stone Shard? It’s unused FE8 content!

You need to see what will be better for your project, sometimes you will want to keep that gold or restore items like ‘‘Mine’’, ‘‘Light Ruin’’ and those rings.

This rule can be applied to most of extendable lists.

Well… I think by now this will be important, learning too much in a short time will make you forget some important things :v.

I think I should say ‘‘practice leads to perfection’’ and it’s pretty much this. You may find some issues during your project as I had, sometimes you need to be creative and sometimes you will need help. Solving problems will bring you knowledge, and with knowledge you will be able to solve more complex issues in a project. I hope I helped you… If you have any question you always can ask in FE universe!

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Thank you for the tips! Right now I’m struggling with setting events but all of this is so helpful. I’m grateful for you help!

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