Introduction! I'm Ultrax

Greetings, FEU! Nothing to report! Well, except that I’ve decided to make an account here now, and so I’m introducing myself!

My username’s UltraxBlade, you can call me Ultrax. I got into romhacking a bit over a year ago now, when I decided to start making my current project, a hack set 20 years after a theoretical golden ending to Three Houses (my favorite FE story, though I recognize its gameplay is flawed), starring my cast of 2nd-generation OC’s. I’ve got 21 main chapters and a handful of gaiden chapters finished so far… out of 30-ish planned main chapters, plus I have to make the other half of the 9-chapter mid-game route split between two of the three main characters… Overly ambitious for my first hack? Perhaps, but I’m having fun, and my friends who’ve tried it for me have all said good things about it! I’ll probably share what I have properly here at some point soon, once I get over my nervousness about making it fully public.

I’ve also done a bit of custom animating and portrait making for the hack, though with regards to portraits mine don’t exactly come out like normal GBAFE portraits when I try to make them from scratch instead of splicing…

Anyway, that’s probably enough of an introduction for now. Looking forward to getting into the community!


Hello there.

Definitely check out the resources and feu’s discord if you haven’t yet!

Welcome :slight_smile:

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