Hiraeth Legacies

A story of love, trust, betrayal, death, and, above all, home…

Halcyon and Mako are the twin children of the New Kytheran royal family, a
line that only produced one heir for over a thousand years. Fitting the
description of those said to fulfill the Empyrean Prophecy and restore the
legendary city of Aether, Halcyon and Mako are moved by destiny and
society alike to fulfill their responsibilities as Empyrean Children, heirs
to the throne of New Kythera, and human beings.

Uncover the mystery of the Fire Emblem, and follow either Halcyon or
Mako on their journey to save the continent of Signyr from disaster.
As you advance, you will learn about the rich, storied world and its
inhabitants, and take on the unique and tense challenges that await you…


  • A story years in the making, assuming a serious and genuine tone.
  • Balanced difficulty and carefully designed chapters.
  • Multiple chapters with unique objectives and means to complete them.
  • An “Insight” function to give lore-friendly means of explaining new mechanics and secrets.
  • A restructured but fundamentally similar magic triangle that sees the return of wind, fire, and thunder magic while giving light and dark magic a special role in both gameplay and story.


This was created out of my love and passion for storytelling, and is my first proper trek into Fire Emblem hacking. It is the first in a three part story. I pray you all enjoy.

As of this point the game is playable up to Chapter 9 (Halcyon route). It’s a bit unrefined
in many areas, and if you feel like there’s something that could be
touched up I am more than happy to listen to your critique.

There are also few roles that need to be filled, as well. Feel
free to contact me through DM’s over the development discord if
you’re interested in helping.

Roles that need filling include portrait making, map making, battle/class
animations, music, and other things I likely forgot about. :sweat_smile:
I try to make a point to make this a team-based effort, even if the
focus of the hack is on the story (which is almost entirely my doing).
If you’re interested in helping out and contributing to this project and
my future projects, call me up.

You can follow the project on Twitter, at @fehiraeth

Temporary Notice: While this project is currently in its rebirth stages, there is an experimental patch that better fits the goals and design practices with the project located inside the Care Package. This is known as experimental.ups. This version is buggier and has no plans to be fixed until the rebirth stage is complete. Please try Experimental.ups first. If that does not work, the previous public version is available in the main file. Chapter 9H is only available in the experimental patch.

UPS download and Care Package: https://www.mediafire.com/file/guyqyodzpdmiv8s/Fire_Emblem_Hiraeth_-_Legacies.zip/file

UPS Only: Hiraeth Legacies Experimental

Development discord: https://discord.gg/yXU9uRj

Current version: 1.3 (Experimental)


V1.3 (10/11/20)

  • yeah 7 months of “nothing”, i promise we hit a roadblock :frowning:
  • added prfs for halcyon and mako both
  • completely overhauled certain chapters (prologue and 4 come to mind)
  • added chapter 9 of halcyon route
  • play experimental.ups for v1.3. it’s kinda unstable. v1.29 has been attached just in case of failure.

V1.29 (3/15/20)

  • Updated nearly every single portrait.
  • Fundamental rebalancing and improvements.
  • Hey guys its me stay safe from coronavirus.
  • More stuff added to the care package. Much love.
  • Many assorted cool thingies.
  • Heavy, HEAVY story rewrites.
  • Endymion is a new playable character joining in Chapter 1.
  • Play The Final Swear 2 on Fire Emblem Universe.

Trying out 7743’s autoupdate thing. Have fun with that.

V1.25 (11/29/19)

  • Jumped up by 22 whole version numbers because Phase 1 of 4 is complete.
  • Updated Skillsystems from the last 2018 version to the October 2019 version.
  • Couple of characters got complete facelifts.
  • Changed certain weapons’ stats and attributes.
  • Added leadership stars. Should help make these early chapters easier.
  • Updated escape function, so Chapter 6 is better by a minuscule amount.
  • Introduced Endymion, a very very important character! (Important!)
  • Dialogue changes to reduce cringe.
  • Most classes and skills have their names reverted to original names.
    (Note that certain classes and skills remain changed due to different
    purpose from vanilla or the vanilla name just being bad or unfitting.
    Battle proc skills are still different due to lazy. Will fix in next update.)
  • Other stuff that I cannot remember.

V1.03 (10/26/19)

  • Updated a handful of portraits (which immediately dates the trailer).
  • Added Cedric’s defeat quote.
  • Fixed melee dodge for spells freezing the game.

V1.026 (10/13/19)

  • Fixed one instance of a corrupted song. I should playtest more…

V1.025 (10/11/19)

  • Added the shop and armory themes. Yes, really.

V1.02 (10/10/19)

  • Fixed playback of corrupted music
  • Chapter 2 end scene improvement

V1.01 (10/3/19)

  • Added placeholder palettes for Virgil, Calypso, and Tanancho.
  • Added an Insight for Chapter 8

V1.00 (10/2/19)

  • Initial release. Phase 1 Completed (up to Chapter 8).

Nice title screen - how many chapters is the current release? Looking forward to checking it out.


what’s this?! :partying_face:
SOMETHING INTERESTING?! sweet :star_struck:


2020? It’s a hack from the future!

More seriously, looks neat. I don’t play a lot of incomplete hacks/demos but I may give this a shot anyway.

It might help if you posted what roles you’re looking for, too.


Duly noted. Also, that’s the
estimated complete year.

Note that I’m terrible at judging time.


you had me at serious and genuine


seconding pikmin


Finally, some good content


We’ve already mostly finished Chapter 5, so progress is going great.

Note that I’ll be doing most of my actual updates on the OP
for cleanliness sake, but I’ll put something here after the
release of each “phase” (each phase equating to a quarter of the story).


The story already intrigues me. I’ll be sure to give it a play!

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Looks Interesting but Portraits need a little work I think.

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For future reference, the world map is already taken care of, though every other position, we could use more members. Your help and interest is very appreciated regardless. Western%20World


I love the Rom hack so far, excluding Chapter 1. It may have just been bad rng rolls, but I spent an hour and a half trying to get it recorded.

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Thank you for your insight. I assure you that that issue will not repeat itself; we used a sort of fixed style of RNG in this demo, but in future updates the RNG system will be refined.

Also, if you are recording this, I would much appreciate seeing it. MarkyJoe has said that’s a great way to learn more about issues with the project that require fixing.

In other news, our team should have the more polished Phase 1 Demo out by August, which this demo was originally supposed to be out. The next demo will have more refined existing chapters and expand up to Chapter 8, among other things.

Only the Prologue is currently live, but I’ve already finished the demo. My problem as far as Chapter 1 was more my choice of trying to make the female lord (I’m bad with names in Rom Hacks) usable and getting hit by 49%s more than I would like


Mako is bulkier than she looks, haha.


Looks about right.


That’s some good art.


Trailer had me hooked the second I heard the Alchemy stars theme. Can’t wait to see where you guys take this world


New demo up to chapter 8 will be released today or tomorrow.

Please note that the next planned major release won’t be for a long time, but small modifications and music changes will be made constantly.