Music Blitz - 156 Songs Submitted

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Track list:

FE4 Attack - BorsDeep (requires specific FE8 instrument set)
Door of Destiny - CivilYoshi
Adventure Island 1 Cave - DerTheVaporeon
Arena Match - DerTheVaporeon
Crystalis Mt. Sabre - DerTheVaporeon
FE5 Attack - DerTheVaporeon
FE5 Defend - DerTheVaporeon
FE5 Near Victory - DerTheVaporeon
FFA Boss - DerTheVaporeon
Guerrilla 4 - DerTheVaporeon
Hiryu No Ken 1 - DerTheVaporeon
Hiryu No Ken 2 - DerTheVaporeon
Holy Sword - DerTheVaporeon
Renegade Level 2 - DerTheVaporeon
Rojenski - DerTheVaporeon
Rudrano Hihou Strange Encounter - DerTheVaporeon
Snake Revenge Boss - DerTheVaporeon
Snake Revenge Jungle - DerTheVaporeon
Snake Revenge Train - DerTheVaporeon
SoM Boss 1 - DerTheVaporeon
SoM Boss 2 - DerTheVaporeon
Blazing Fast Battle Divine Protection Required - Meilu
Chrono Trigger Unreleased Battle - Meilu
Concealed Four Seasons - Meilu
Chrono Trigger Magus' Theme - Meilu
Driftveil City - Meilu
Emiya  - Meilu
Endless Possibility - Meilu
Fate - Meilu
FEWar - Meilu
FF6 Ultro - Meilu
FFXII Flash - Meilu
Fire Emblem Heroes Map Theme 1 - Meilu
Fire Emblem Heroes Map Theme Book 2 - Meilu
From Shadows - Meilu
Halo 2 - Meilu
Halo 3 - Meilu
I Burn - Meilu
Knight of the Wind - Meilu
Live and Learn - Meilu
Mirror Mirror - Meilu
MMX Megaman Zero - Meilu
MMX4 FMV Intro - Meilu
Moon Prism Power Make Up - Meilu
NXC Subarashiki Shin Sekai - Meilu
Sonic Boom - Meilu
Open Your Heart - Meilu
Passionate Duelist - Meilu
Red Like Roses Part 1 - Meilu
Red Like Roses Part 2 - Meilu
Sailor Moon Transformation Theme - Meilu
Sailor Moon R Intro - Meilu
SMAS Moon - Meilu
SMAS Crystal Tokyo - Meilu
You Can Do Anything - Meilu
Tales of Phantasia Fighting of the Spirit - Meilu
Fatalize - Meilu
That Person's Name Is - Meilu
Unfinished Battle - Meilu
Unfinished Battle Xenoblade Chronicles - Meilu
Voyage of 380,000 km - Meilu
X3 Zero 2 - Meilu
X5 Intro - Meilu
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Roaming the Wastes - Meilu
Aid - nyawenyye
Crimson Ridge - nyawenyye
Damn Again - nyawenyye
Dark Wastes - nyawenyye
Girl of the Spirit Forest - nyawenyye
It's Everyday Bro (wav) - nyawenyye
Last Surprise - nyawenyye
Power-Hungry Fool - nyawenyye
September - nyawenyye
Smoke of Tobacco and Tasty Sake - nyawenyye
FE6 Attack - SaXor
A Dragon Never Yields - Sme
All-Star - Sme
At the Bottom of Night - Sme
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battle - Sme
Chrono Trigger Battle 2 - Sme
Battle of the Heroes - Sme
Big Apple, 3 AM - Sme
Birth of the People - Sme
Boomer Kuwanger - Sme
Partners in Time Boss Battle - Sme
Brain Power - Sme
Bring Me to Life - Sme
Chrono Trigger - Sme
Corridors of Time - Sme
Creative Exercise - Sme
Despacito 2 - Sme
Dragon Maid OP - Sme
Elder Princess Shroob - Sme
Explodatorium - Sme
Fun Fun Dayo - Sme
Gritzy Desert - Sme
Guile's Theme - Sme
King Dedede's Theme - Sme
Linebeck - Sme
Magic School Bus - Sme
Play a Mini-Game! - Sme
Memories of Green - Sme
Meta Knight - Sme
Munchy Monk 2 - Sme
Mute City - Sme
One Will - Sme
Orne - Sme
Partners in Time News Cast - Sme
Pokemon BW Subway Trainer - Sme
TRS Prelude to Battle - Sme
Rhythm Heaven Remix 10 - Sme
SMW Athletic - Sme
SMW Cast Roll - Sme
SSBM Opening - Sme
Theme of Zane - Sme
Thomas the Tank Engine - Sme
Thwomp Volcano - Sme
Trogdor - Sme
Vim Factory - Sme
Waluigi's Island - Sme
We Are Number One - Sme
Wind Waker Pirates - Sme
Distant Travels - YangKai
Leif's Army - YangKai
AR2 Deception 2 - Alusq
AR Cassandra - Alusq
AR Fillmore - Alusq
CV2 Dwelling of Doom - Alusq
FE2 Boss - Alusq
FE3 Off to War (Remix) - Alusq
FE12 Endless - Alusq
Lang 2 Egbert - Alusq
PS4 Motavian Towns - Alusq
PS4 Organic Beat - Alusq
Sol Brain Boss - Alusq
TRS Knights of Lazeria - Alusq

Tamborrino's FE7 Music (Can be formatted for FE8)
A Deadly Confrontation
Across the Horizon
Anthem of Valor
Contingency Situation
Deja Vu
False Valor
Full-Scale Attack
Hotel Mario Theme
Imperialistic Thoughts
On the March
Renegades in the Rain
Serious Business
The Beautiful Wasteland
The Enemy of the Wasteland
Thracia 776 Map B
True Perseverance
Victory or Death 

Time: May 22nd to May 29th

Goal: Make as much free-to-use music as possible

Alright, now that a guide on doing music exists I feel comfortable doing a blitz for it. The goal is to make as much music as possible in the next week. At the end of the week all submitted music will be released as a package free for anyone to use in their projects.


  • All skill levels welcome - DON’T WORRY if you’ve never worked with music, this is the perfect chance to start!
  • Music should be made with FE8’s Native Instrument Map in mind. After some deliberation, I’ve come to the conclusion that, due to the difference in the Native Instrument Map between games, the FE8 NIMAP would be available to the largest number of people. because tambo complained you can submit music formatted not for FE8, but please specify what game it is for. If you do not specify, I will assume it to be FE8.
  • Music should be in an insertable format (.s files). It would also be greatly appreciated if you included a preview of your music in an immediately available format, though this is not a requirement.
  • Please no dummy instruments. 99.9% of the time dummy instruments sound bad and/or mess up your entire song. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, do not use dummy instruments.
  • If you use someone else’s MIDI for your music, credit them! There’s nothing wrong with using premade MIDIs you find online, as long as they’re both free to use and you credit the original creator.
  • Submit your music either as a reply to this thread or by sending it directly to me through DM, either here on FEU or through Discord (Sme#3942). Note that you can only upload images directly to FEU, so you’ll need to host your files elsewhere if you link them here.

Useful Resources

Music Guide:

FE8’s Native Instrument Map:

Native Instrument Map as a soundfont:

Shoutout to the layout of the Mugging Blitz threads that I copied for this post


Dang, not gonna have anything ready for this one. Hopefully sometime down the road I’ll be able to prepare stuff, but I have a busy week. Looking forward to the results from this though!

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Here’s some music I’ve got lying around, full track list:

At the Bottom of Night - Chrono Trigger
Athletic - Super Mario World
Battle - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Battle 2 - Chrono Trigger
Battle! Subway Trainer - Pokemon Black and White
Big Apple, 3 AM - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time
Birth of the People - ActRaiser
Boomer Kuwanger - Mega Man X
Boss Battle - Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Cast Roll - Super Mario World
Chrono Trigger - Chrono Trigger
Corridors of Time - Chrono Trigger
Creative Exercise - Mario Paint
Elder Princess Shroob - Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Grizy Desert - Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
King Dedede's Theme - Kirby Super Star
Linebeck's Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Memories of Green - Chrono Trigger
Meta Knight - Kirby Super Star
Mute City - F-Zero
News Cast - Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Opening - Super Smash Bros. Melee
Pirates - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Play a Mini-Game! - Mario Party
Robo's Theme - Chrono Trigger
Thwomp Volcano - Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Vim Factory - Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Waluigi's Island - Mario Party 3
Will of One - Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (FE8 Instrumentation)

All of these were ripped from their source games minus the Melee opening, of which the original MIDI was sequenced by xizorkatarn.

Download Here


I’ve got a Google Drive of .s files here, will update throughout the week
If you’re gonna use the music can you please credit nyawenyye for formatting/making them ;w;

Download here

These .s files will only work in FE8 because who uses FE7 anymore? I mean, it’s the current year after all!
For a list though, there is:

  • Last Surprise, Persona 5 (sequenced by Shane Evans)
  • Aid, original music (low quality healing music .3.)
  • Crimson Ridge, Dragonic Symphony
  • Damn Again, soleil-musique
  • September, Earth, Wind, and Fire (sequenced by
  • Smoke of Tobacco and Tasty Sake, soleil-musique
  • Power-Hungry Fool, FE9 (sequenced by Dave Harris)
  • Girl of the Spirit Forest, FE4 (sequenced by João Johnnyz Buaes)
  • It’s Everyday Bro.wav, Jake Paul (please don’t use this, it’ll take like 1/8 of your rom)


  • Dark Wastes, FE14 (original transcription)

Is it required to format towards FE8?

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I guess, if you specify what game it’s for, then it can be formatted for any game.

I may update later, but for now here’s this

Also, here is the Native Instrument Map for FE7 in case anyone is interested


Have my only good-sounding sappy file.
Distant Travels.


Here’s one. That Person’s Name Is: Bravely Default. Midi was created by Jose Villanueva.

May submit more later one :stuck_out_tongue:

original midi by Catrione on Musescore
original midi by Catrione on Musescore
original midi by Sagan Rauscher on Musescore
original midi by Jimm on Musescore
original midi by ShadowChords on Musescore

Also if you notice quality is garbo. HAH AHA HA HA H Quantity>Quality :kappa:


Liked it just because Fate/Stay Night music good job.

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please use a spoiler ;w;


If anyone is feeling ambitious, there’s a huge selection of good RPG midis by Freedom House in an archive located here:

Seems like it’s all free to use, originally intended for RPG Maker 2000. Though if you translate the topmost page there might be some restrictions on modifying the tracks listed, mostly just asking permission: (bottom of page)


Put the fe6 arena theme (Fe4’s battle attack theme) into the f8 sondfont, it should use instrument set 8217814







Another one. The og midi is by Dekkadeci on Musescore.

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Never going to use a spoiler >:3

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Remix 6 from Rhythm Heaven


So turns out
This isn’t Remix 6
It’s Remix 10
But, internally the file name is BGM_REMIX6_CD so


3 more songs.
percussion UwU
original midi by Under_Score_ on Musescore
original midi by Under_Score_ on Musescore


Munchy Monk - Rhythm Heaven

Orne - Kid Icarus

Explodatorium - Shovel Knight

Plains of Passage - Shovel Knight