FEU Discord Server

FEU Discord Server

Here’s the link to join the server.

It could be handy, there could be a channel for ROMhack/fanproject stuff and a general channel for shitposting pretty much anything else to further strengthen the community (or something).

It’s actually pretty active.


>not having a discord

TIL we have an irc

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Seems neat?

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Bumping this so people remember the discord exists.

there’s a couple people lurking

updated invite

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Is the server not working for anyone?

Works fine for me.

Its not working for me either
Edit; nvm its working now

it’s werking

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Yas its back

Bump for publicity.

Edit: Actually, I’ll just pin this.

Join the server we have cake and wizards

Ho, I love wizards

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Wonderful wizards and shitpostings.

I also defile Fire Emblem Gaiden

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boat alm best alm