Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

So I was going to wait until I could test these things and then do them all in bulk, but I keep getting distracted so I’m just going to toss 'em up as I do them instead. A bunch of portraits, about half are just variants-- a ‘PME’ version of a few with normal portrait stuff, and the others are just portraits as I use them.

My preference would be to do some kind of recolouring or edit because I’m still using these characters and all that, but… eh, I guess. Have fun? Hopefully I’ll be able to toss up more later. Varying quality because years apart and all that.

Oh right, there’s also a little map animation thing, I just made it 16x16 from what it was, I hardly deserve credit for that one.

A glimpse at a few things~
Aiyana (VelvetKitsune)AjaxPMEChris (VelvetKitsune)Hypasia (VelvetKitsune)Ianto (VelvetKitsune)
JaredPME (VelvetKitsune)Jingyi (VelvetKitsune)Lenna (VelvetKitsune)Lindsey (VelvetKitsune)MaisonPME (VelvetKitsune)

Wolf (U) Mauthe Doog T3 16x16 {EldritchAbomination}-stand


Did somebody say HOG RIDER?!


A little map sprite comm I got from Glaceo, for the funnies. No animation or anything, since it’s for a shitpost…but man, it’d be funny to get an animation in the future.


Fallen Lord #3
Tyrant lord Ephraim

Tyrrant Ephraim{MegaCowsamMan, DatonDemand}

Back at it again for the third fallen lord entry. This one was based on MegaCowsamMan’s older Ephraim. I just spiced it up a bit by adding some stuff.

And his weapon:
Corrupted sieglind {DatonDemand}

Corrupted Sieglind. Wait sieglind?, isn’t that Eirika’s sword? EXACTLY. muahahaha I’ll leave the head cannon for yall to figure out right now but I might add some lore later so stay tuned for that


I made some edits to Dolkar’s Rifleman animations.
The only thing left do when you have an animation of a rifle is to animate a 12 gauge.

Edit: Added a rifle

Also a dancer variant. Its Vera from the Shantae games.


Back with more F2U/F2E item icons yet again! They’re easy and fun to make, so I find myself making quite a lot of them.

First up, I have some edits of Jugdral item icons, generally to match the icon sizes used in the GBA games. Fire Emblems 3 through 8 do all use 16x16 item icons, but the GBA titles tend to have one-pixel “buffers” around the edges of the actual images, which generally fit into a 14x14-pixel space. These edits are largely for the purposes of fitting into that style, but there are a couple other edits in here, too.

Jugdral item icon edits

Safeguard Safeguard, FE4 design.
Barrier Blade Barrier Blade, FE4 design.
Wing Clipper Wing Clipper, FE4 design.
Flame Sword Flame Sword, FE4 design.
Lands Sword (Short) Lands Sword, FE4 design; standard sword-style proportions.
Lands Sword (Blade-style) Lands Sword, FE4 design; “Blade”-style proportions.
Dragonpike (FE5) Dragonpike, Deen’s FE5 version.
Tianlong “Tianlong”; Deen’s Dragonpike with a green tassel.
Magic Up Staff Magic Up staff (FE5).
Heal Ring “Heal Ring”; an alternative reflavoring of the 60-use Vulnerary, based on items like the Renewal Band. The idea is that it’s a ring with the same gem as is used in Heal staves set in it, and it can be used to restore the holder’s HP by 10, though obviously you can use it however you like.

Next up, custom icons! Most of these aren’t original item designs; rather, adaptations of items and weapons from other Fire Emblem games, drawn in the GBA Fire Emblem item icon style.

Custom icons

Superior Edge Superior Edge, from Fire Emblem Awakening.
Swordslayer (Sword) Swordslayer, Archanean sword version.
Meisterschwert Meisterschwert, Archanean version.
Ladyblade Ladyblade, Archanean version.
Practice Katana Practice Katana from Fire Emblem Fates, based on its battle model.
Devil Sword Devil Sword, based on its TCG artwork.
Glass Sword Glass Sword, GBAFE-style redesign.
Adamant Club Adamant Club from Fire Emblem Fates, based on its battle model.
Adamant Club (OLD) Old version of the Adamant Club icon, with a more divergent design. I don’t really like how this one came out, but, hey, maybe someone else will, in which case more power to you.
Splitting Axe Splitting Axe from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, based on its concept art.
Imposing Axe Imposing Axe from Fire Emblem Awakening.
Bone Axe Bone Axe from Fire Emblem Fates, based on its battle model.
Volant Axe Volant Axe from Fire Emblem Awakening.
Mace (Improved) Mace from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, with an original, bulkier design.
Glass Axe Glass Axe, GBAFE-style redesign.
Hexlock Spear Hexlock Spear from Fire Emblem Fates, based on its battle model.
Flycatcher Flycatcher, based on its Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem item icon.
Swordcatcher Swordcatcher from Fire Emblem Fates, based on its battle model.
Glass Lance Glass Lance, GBAFE-style redesign.
Cleave Bow Cleave Bow, based on its Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem item icon.
Hunter's Bow Hunter’s Bow from Fire Emblem Fates, based on its battle model.
Illusory Yumi Illusory Yumi from Fire Emblem Fates, based on its battle model.
Glass Bow Glass Bow, GBAFE-style redesign.
Shock “Shock” tome. Made for a Light spell that would use the Eckesachs wave animation (hence the sword design on the book cover) and target Defense rather than Resistance.
Holy Crown Holy Crown from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


Hello everybody.
How are you? I hope well

Villager reskin - Myrmidon Style
Original made by Nuramon.
Link: [Villager-Custom] Myrmidon Style-Villager Reskin.rar - Google Drive

Ranger Neimi (Or just Short Hair Leo_Link Ranger)
Original made by Leo_Link
Link:[Ranger-Variant] [F] Leo-Style Short Hair.rar - Google Drive

Both were a request made by Strudelmuffin, who made the Villager Reskin concept too. Thanks again for trusting my humble work :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Oh, and I almost forgot, I made this “simple” splice for VeveltKitsune’s PME, using both Melady and Female Alen portrats by RedBean. You can call it Female Alen (Version 3)
Alen (Female Version 3) {RedBean, UltraFenix}


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Here are some new portraits:
Cavalier F (MeatOfJustice)Hero M (MeatOfJustice)Mage Knight M (MeatOfJustice)Ranger M (MeatOfJustice, HusbandoEmblem)

And a younger Nergal HusbandoEmblem helped me with:
Young Nergal (MeatOfJustice, HusbandoEmblem)


New VTuber portraits. Please read AnyColor’s Guidelines before using any of these. All F2E.

Doppio Dropscythe - Nijisanji EN (VTuber)
Doppio Dropscythe

Fulgur Ovid - Nijisanji EN (VTuber)
Fulgur Ovid

Sonny Brisko - Nijisanji EN (VTuber)
Sonny Brisko

Uki Violeta - Nijisanji EN (VTuber)
Uki Violeta


Hope I submit these right, and if there’s any issues with someone not being properly credited, please lemme know!
PlumberKnight, a custom mount class. Made from Team SALVAGED cavalry sprites, vanilla wyvern sprites, and a lot of help from TwoWhoBelong.


StarKnight, a promoted version of the PlumberKnight that uses parts of the PlumberKnight sprites for the mount/Yoshi, and a whole bunch of vanilla sprites from all over the place.




Mario Knight {Uncle Mikey}
Cav Mario
Cav Luigi
Cav Waluigi
Samus Aran
Zelda ALBW
Paladin Rosalina


(Everything F2U/F2E)

“Archmage” Lilina map sprites I threw together to go along with @BatimaTheBat’s Archsage

And a “Supernova” tome icon based on Naglfar but with the Binding Blade’s palette - can you guess what kind of super original hack I’m working on right now



A staff version of Pikmin1121’s thief repalette.


Hello there :wave:

Today I come bearing good news!
I finally got around to compile the animations I made for Sacred Echoes. But that’s no all! I also have a dozen f2u animations from the chinese hacking community!
Courtesy of @NFN (Leixian), @RedBean , @Greentea, @piero_ryx and Rain Knife (not on FEU as far as I know)

But first, I want to share with you, @Leo_link 's new warrior animation. Credit belongs to him, I only scripted it.

Leo's Warrior v2

Axe Handaxe

Secondly, I animated Durandal for @Jeorge_Reds Legendary Eliwood design using Red Beans Brave Eliwood as base.



And now to the SE animations:

The package contains the following animations.
  • Alm T1
  • Alm T2
  • Fiend
  • Arcanist
  • Cantor
  • Vestal Rinea
  • Nuibaba
  • Jedah
  • Gold Knight v2 (updated shading)
  • Villager v2 (m/f) (new crit)
  • Dreadfighters and Myrmidon (mostly fixes to the sript but also one new hooded version for the DF)

Most of these come with extra animations with the intro animations. :wink:

Finally, the chinese animations.
  • alt sword anim for Assassin Matthewby Greentea
  • Raven T2 by Greentea
  • Guy T2 by Greentea and Leixian
  • Dorcas T1, Durban, Guy T2 by Piero
    Axe Axe
  • Renault, Sonia, Athos by Red Bean
    Magic Magic Magic
  • Oswin, Karel variant by Rain Knife

More detailed credits are in each folder. :wink:

Have fun with these!


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More VTuber mugs. F2E. Please check AnyColor’s guidelines before using

Kyo Kaneko - Nijisanji EN (VTuber)
Kyo Kaneko

Alban Knox - Nijisanji EN (VTuber)
Alban Knox


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Prefer the vanilla paladin to the SALVAGED one but are having your vision stunted by the awkward colour distribution? Local colour distribution repairman has you covered. Well, sort of. This isn’t a true repalette - there’s definitely room to crunch some colours, but maybe I’ll do that later. What this does is:

  • The other half of repalette duty: fix the areas where conflicting colour ramps were used. This mostly pertains to weapon blades - originally the sword blade used a bizarre mix of horse and armour shades, the lance head inconsistently flipped between using armour shades and horse shades from frame to frame, and the axe blade in my opinion didn’t use the horse shades enough (which are defacto weapon shades due to how the sword/lance use them). Also, no more white pixel in the face.
  • When IS made the female paladin for FE7, they also made some small shading improvements to the horse’s armour and tail, but didn’t backport them to the male paladin. Now they are.
  • But with the female paladin, they also introduced an error that isn’t present on the male paladin - the shading on the shield was reversed in every other frame of the “treadmill” part of the crit. This is fixed.

Gaudy pink armour and cyan horse man demonstrating the vanilla lance quirks:
Vanilla -------------------------------------- New
And a comparison gif of idles using some vanilla palettes:

Download (fixed)


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Heya, i’m back with some updates along with new stuff.

With the coming release of FF VII Rebirth, i decided to revisit some old portraits, along with uploading a bit of new stuff.
First things first, a small update in terms of minor details and facial expressions for the previous FF VII Remake main cast:

The previously missing eye frames in Cloud’s mugs have been added, the light reflections in Cloud’s necklace and Tifa’s eyes have been adjusted, along with the eyebrows on Tifa and Barret’s mugs that have been reworked to be more expressive.
Cloud now also has screws installed on his shoulder plate, for a more classic look :+1:
[Edit] Fixed few more details.

And now, a bit of new stuff:
» Backgrounds

Be warned though, these are probably far above 16 colors, so you’ll have to use color reductions if you want to implement them in the vanilla engine.

» Weapon icons

FF VII R_Int Weaps Fenriel

These should be already within 16 colors and ready for use.

That’s all for now, new stuff will eventually come in due time, unless inspiration strikes back again.
See ya~ :wave: