Fire Emblem Origins: FE1 in GBA

Sorry for the lack of news, life has been busy for the both of us.
In the meantime, enjoy some screenshots.
FE1 remake.emulator-57
FE1 remake.emulator-58
FE1 remake.emulator-59
FE1 remake.emulator-60
FE1 remake.emulator-56


Why is Matthis a wyvern rider?

I didn’t have a place for him as a cavalier
since you don’t get a wyvern rider until Minerva
I decided why not.

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Really Love the GBA versions of Fire Emblem. (Simple, clean cut gui)
Play the demo. Looks Great. Great Effort. Thank you so much for bringing this long awaited Remake. Looking forward for more.

Note: Marth was rejected at the village at Level 5 and couldnt get his firestone.

Level 6, the first chest 10,000 gold coins does not automatically deposit but inserted as an inventory entry.

Didnot see a loading screen, just a tot,
Fire Emblem Load Screen

This is a great project. Please dont giveup like the rest.

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Looks great

You mentioned there would be 2 versions, one inspired by NES style and the full version
That makes me wonder, will the full version include what you guys did for the DS versions?
That would be such a great move to add all those enhancements from the SNES and DS version, as well as the sequel
it would be one of the best versions out there

I feel that this would make this project different and maybe superior to others

The full version will be something different even from the DS remake, though
it does have many elements of it in the game.
Also no, we won’t be adding FE3 Book 2/FE12’s story, it would make the game
too big and it isn’t in our intentions to remake the sequel as well yet.


is the project still in progress?

the project was canceled?

@anon11008078 @Fiuke_Bnuy

Do not beg for progress updates.

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It is that I would like to know if it is still in progress to see if I can join and help the project, for some reason I cannot send private messages :"