Fire Emblem Enhancement Patches public release(currently FE6,7,8,EN and partially FE1) - Currently closed for renovations in the next few months

Not exactly a complete real romhackingproject according to the definition of the category, but there was no better place to put it. This is the official release of my attempts to make the Fire Emblem series a bit better than before, so enjoy. All research and all the assets and code that were required to make this possible belong to their respective owners with a special shoutout to StanH for providing me with a fix for the FE7 rankingssystem.

The Patches include for example:
Fixed rankings, fixed localisationerrors and some other changes, an optional IPS Patch for HardmodeBonusses in Lyn Hardmode and Eliwood Hardmode, two versions for easier Rankings and the vanilla rankingsdifficulty(called LPRankings). Only two map are changed interms of their values in the easier version, but it should make a great enough impact in some regards. Statusscreen Shows growths when select is pressed. Also includes an optional IPS-patch that makes the final chapter behave more like in the japanese version. For people who like a bit of insanity.

Unnerfing weaponstats, stats from playable characters and enemy bossstats
(As much as possible for me at least).
Dozlas and Garcias supportchain is now a hybrid of their english and japanese supportchains
(Yeah,we have drinking back).
Minor tweaks to storytext to make more sence overall.(Also integrations of a bit of unused stuff using custom writing)
Shows growths on status screen when pressing select.

Fe6(Base used - Gringe Patch v1.0):
Fixed linkarena thanks to FEBuilder support being added very recently(Looks Engrish, but is no longer ugly), localisated names(I know I said I am making the game better,not worse…but it had to be), optional IPS patches for more weaponexp,fixed weaponeffectiveness. Weaponname change to Binding Blade from Binding Bld(The itemicon had to suffer for it tho, so I included an IPS patch that reverts it to Binding Bld and the unedited icon for people who prefer accuracy to vanilla), an altversion that does away with ambushspawns(For reference, I had to do it myself because I did not know someone already released a patch for it. Not hard, but tedious) and an IPS patch that buffs Weaponstats that were less good than in Fe7/8(As a result, magic is completely broken because it retains its light weight, but got the statbuffs from the other games. This is only there so that the game is not actively bullshit. If you have a better IPS from somewhere else that actually balances the game, then please use that instead).

It is now also bundled with a compatible but untested version of the numbers patch by gringe.
Original Topic:

Elibean Nights(Hack made by Arch):
Certain palettes fixed, Massive rewrites, A fixed Bonusroom, certain other things like additional content, etc. It is more of an unofficial revival-project for the hack after it’s cancelation than your typical enhancement patch.

And some other less relevant tweaks in all four games.

I also have something for FE1 now and…er…the patch is the most barebones thing I hope I will ever release.
It has the fix that the pow-stat works for magic applied and it has some minor tweaks to the text because I either wanted to deviate from the official stuff a bit, changed US names for the pal-ones or fixed a few weird things like commas and the name of the healerclass. I also accidentially patched the most recent translation from Megakoop over a rom with the old one instead over a fresh japanese rom, so any problems with compatability are my fault.

Basicly, I just felt the weird urge to do something with FE1 but did not have the skill to do something good(the products of being bored are always kinda horrible when it comes to me).

Download(latest Version in case future updates happen):
[Temporarily redacted]
[Temporarily redacted]
[Temporarily redacted]
Note:When using the FE6 patch, either use the weaponstat and effectiveness fixes OR the numbers patch. Never use both or the rom will very likely break or at least bug out.
Elibean Nights(Base used:EN 9-23-17 Build. Available through the “Download Latest Version” option of the original post of the official EN threat):
[Temporarily redacted]
FE1(If you want to play that weird thing):
[Temporarily redacted]
Patch is for a fresh japanese rom because I did not want to send you though downloading the old patch, patching that to patch the new patch over that to then patch it over with my potentially broken mess. xD

Oh, also FE7 is boundled with a savegame for VBA that enables the items from the Mariokart Doubledash Bonusdisc,but is otherwise the same as a fresh savefile with no progress made. FE8 also features a savegame like that now. Person who provided me with it is Sirius1248, link to his threat:

Elibean Nights(You need the specified base for the Patch) can be found here:

Just for clarity, the current version of the Normal Reinforcement-patch is based on the way this patch did it: FE6 Reinforcement Patch . It is still not perfect in that I was unable to change the spawns that were zonebased or had weird requirements for their spawn.

Currently still unsolved Problems:
-Katelet is still shown as Khatelet on the worldmap, because the Rom just breaks every time I try to edit the worldmap.
-The c font had to be butchered because the “Success”-text clipps into the “100%” in the supportmenu. A better solution has to be found eventually.
-The forced promotion eliwood/hector gets late in the game shows no item, even tho it happened because of a heaven seal. The part of the rom that is responsible for the displayed itemID is currently unknown.
-The Silencerimage is still purple instead of red and now seems to be a bit glitched for no appearant reason. Still no idea why that happens code-wise.
-I accidentially forgot to edit the cormag recruitment event in eirikas route to actually give you the guy. It will be fixed in the next update that will be live…eventually.
-Game has no supportviewer, I am too incompetent to hack one in.
-There is no concrete data on the japanese only trialmaps that were given out on special cardridges, so I cannot add those back. At this point, it is highly unlikely that those cardridges are not destroyed, so this issue may never be solved. Our best bet is that IS adds replacements or equivalents to those lost maps into a future remake so that we can reproduce them, which is better than nothing, even if they are not accurate. I highly doubt that tho.
-I did not get the Demonstone to work, so Idunn keeps dark breath on Hardmode for the time being.
-There is no hack for FE6 yet that allows the player to see growthrates.
-There appearently is something called “Canto glitch” that I never heared about that just deletes the remove of units and…I refuse. Unless something I already did accidentially fixed, that needs to be adressed eventually.
Elibean Nights:
Supportstuff, certain events, literally everything else I have missed. Potentially fixing broken code(The base was outdated, so not every problem was fixed.) Also, because of technical trouble, the Knights Ward-functionality could not be kept and thus, every Knights Ward I could find was replaced by either an Iron Rune or a Hoplon Guard except for the one in Astore/Astolfo’s Bonus Scene.
-Resstat is still broken
-Staves still do not give EXP
-Manaketes can still promote for defboosts
-Garbled text is still there
-Triangle Attack-arenathing is still there
-Messageborder still being glitchy

Things that could use some work:
-The new dancer fightanimation that is an edit of the danceanimation in FE8 is very sloppily made and looks ugly because I had to use preexisting frames. I am just bad at pixeling.
-I would like to have the better weaponrank threshholds from FE7 and FE8 in FE6, alongside with the appearently better supportpoint limiter from those games, but there is no documentation and I am horrible at hacking as always.
-I am kinda bad at pixeling, so the miniportrait for Karel in guys bonusscene could be better.
-Female Assassin in FE8 has no animation for silencer, so It will just Play the regular critanimation. No idea if that is fixable.
-Reintroducing the “The Blazing Blade” from the FE7 titlescreen would be neat, but not a high priority. Also would require pixelskills I do not have since the localisationteam just left it in japanese.
-I only did the slight textediting until beginning of chapter3 in FE1, so lul. Still have to go through the rest of that game.

Stuff that is planned to be eventually added:
-An IPS patch that changes Faes animation to feature her canoncolors for FE6.
-An Alternate ending for Zephiels Story in part1 and a rewritten version of the Alternate ending in Ravens Story in part2.
-Bonusscenes for Rath and Erik(Erik is already in the gamedata technicly,
but does not work)
-If possible,reintroducing the unused chapter2 narration before Ogma speaks in FE1. it is hard because it does not exist anymore in the patched rom(Would have to write it in again) and one can usually only use one text of the two. Possibly me still having to learn repointing powers? Idk, probably.

Current plans for the potentially next totally new patch(Any help would be appreciated):
-Fixing a few textrelated issues in FE9
-Introducing Maniacmode as a fourth difficultysetting so that it and easy mode can coexist in one version(baseiso is FE9 Pal btw)
-conditionalcode related to maniacmode(reverting a few of the gameplaychanges from localisation only when in maniacmode)
-Unlocking trialmaps, Illustrationgallery(with FE6 illustrations) and fixed mode in the iso by default.

No idea how feasible that entire thing is and how long it might take with my nonexisting hackingskills and not much demand/knowledge in terms of FE9 hacking, but that is at least the plan. FE10 is not currently considered even tho that needs to be hacked afterwards too(for Fixing a few problems of the localisation and compatability with maniacmode alone, but there are a few other things to consider changing)


I have noticed that I accidentially still have some wrong Settings in my FE7 patch from testing. I apologise for any inconviniences and the correct version will be linked soon.


This sounds interesting.

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It should be fixed now. Before, prologue would lead to four fanged offence because I needed to test that chapter at some Point for a reason I don’t remember.


So basicly, I was not aware that Igrene was hawkeyes daughter but was mistakingly called his sister in english because that fact is so obscure that barely anyone mentions it(I found the topic in a random commentsection of a blogpost about translations today). I guess I know what I still need to fix in an update for fe7 despite changing anything being a pain when you have 4 parallel versions. :unamused: Welp,can’t help it I guess. Update will be up once I get around to fixing that alternate deathquote.


New Update for FE7 released. Also, minor update for FE8 Incoming.

Edit:FE8 Update is also released now.

Also, the FE6 Enhancement patch is technicly already in the works in the form of my FE6 translationpatch into german. I will just eventually transfer all the positive edits into the english version when I am done with it.


I noticed that stuff was broke in the FE8 patch, like how male mercs also used the female animation(since I decided to also include unused animations in case someone randomizes the Rom or something) and that I forgot to save the new rossplaette on his animations other than handaxe. I do not even know how I managed to accidentially make those mistakes. But now it is fixed


Btw, if anyone has anything to say in terms of issues I missed or anything like that, then please go right ahead. But I have to note that I want to keep it as vanilla as possible while creating the better experience,so a lot of stuff when it comes to mechanics or story are off limits(especially in FE7 because making that story well written would completely change everything about the gameplayprogression too. In FE8, I did actually change a few storybits because they do not really change anything.).

Also, I already worked on a minor update for FE8, but all that does is reverting the Bishop staffanimation to the old one from FE6/FE7, so I will probably release it alongside an update for another game(probably FE7 as I have no idea when the FE6 Patch will come out)


I discovered a bug in Hard mode patch (no ranking version and idk if in ranking version too), this bug working in Lyn mode in Normal and Hard mode, when you complete chapter 1, you don’t get chapter 2, but yes get chapter 23 of Linus

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That should already be fixed tho and that was a Setting I made for testingpurposes that I forgot to change back later. Did you download the patch revently or a when it first came out?


I think before your last message, (not 5m ago)

okay,I will look into it quickly


okay,that is literally the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. I can clearly remember having saved fixing that,but it really was set to the wrong chapter again. No Idea how that happened. Update will be up once I have gone through the stupid process of saving all 4 versions as patches again.


Okay, stuff should ideally be perfect enough now.


I decided to expand on the tutorialaspect of the games to provide better
clarity for how the games can be played and for the rules.
This is just for convinience if anyone actually wants to recommend these patches to new Players for some reason and is pretty meaningless for people who already know the games. Currently, the only aspects that are changed to a meaningful degree are that I put a event into the tutorialmap of FE6(patch still unreleased) that mentions attackspeed existing and to tell the player to be aware of it when making moves and added entires in the guide in FE8 to explain rescuedropping(Image) and how exactly a few aspects are calculated(Like Devilaxe being 31%-Luck).

Idk when the next update will drop tho and until then, changes like these will officially stay unimplemented.


enables the items from the Mariokart Doubledash Bonusdisc

This interests me I must get this patched to a game and check the items out.

It was actually a pain to do the transfer on VBA and Dolphin lol. When it comes to the items, appearently people found out that the items are actually stored in the savedata and not the rom. And I have no idea how to make them a permanent part of the menu in the romdata(I am actually really bad at hacking), so you guys just get the savegame instead.


Is there a way to see the data in a save file?

I do not know actually.


Put a list of Issues still present in the OP for reference. I did not include Pablo and Riev not being completely identical to their japanese counterparts, because what I already did is close enough.