Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones Bonus Content Unlocked

Although this is not properly a ROM hack, I couldn’t think on a better place to put this.

This is a compendium of various save files that were edited by myself in order to unlock the “Transfer Data” menu (also known as the bonus content menu) which contains all the bonus items that were distributed only in Japan for The Sacred Stones, I tested the saves on various emulators and they seem to work fine, although VBA sometimes gives an error saying that it can’t load the save (in .sav format), but that seems to be a problem of the emulator itself and not the saves.

I plan to write a tutorial in the future to teach anyone that’s interested how you can unlock and edit this menu in order to edit it and add ANY item to it, I just need some free time since I haven’t had that much time lately, but hopefully I’m gonna do it before 2019 ends.

In the meantime, here are the saves for anyone to freely use, should there be a problem with any of these be sure to wrrite me, I hope I can solve any issues regarding these saves.

Here are the saves in .sav format, they can be loaded in both the USA and the Europe versions (the Japanese version also seems to load the saves, but crashes when loading the Transfer menu, an issue that can be solved, so if you need a save for the japanese version please tell me):

Here are the same saves in .sps format for the USA version of the game:

And here are the .sps saves for the European version:

Please note that I did not made the savegames (except for the “empty” save), I simply downloaded them and edited them in order to unlock the Trasfer Data menu.

Here are some screenshots of the transfer menu in action:

I hope they’re useful for you!


Hmmm… Interesting… I’ve tried editing this via Hex Editor, but I haven’t been successful… Knowing how would allow for rom hack creators to further help their players… I like this!

I tested the .sps Version of the empty savegame and it does not give me an error in VBA. I will package it in a folder in future updates of my patch and give credit+link this threat. Thanks ^o^

Could this be done for the Fire Emblem 7 Bonus Content?

Yes! Both games share the same engine, and the transfer menu works in the same way in both games, actually, I managed to create these saves by learning how the menu worked in FE7 and editing saves from that game, then I tried the same method in FE8 and it worked!

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So, question. I edited the text of the save file, but it broke the transfer function. Even if it’s just changing the item to be transferred. What am I doing wrong?

That’s a link to a broken file that I hex edited to let the player get a Rapier and Mani Katti instead of a Shadowkiller and Bright Lance.

Oh, that’s nice! Do you think you could also post a link for FE7?

Do you mean for FE7 saves or for a tutorial to make them?

Free DLC unlock BOIS very cool

Either would be fine, honestly.

Also, @sirius1428, your contribution helped in several ways. Up until now, The Cutting Room Floor didn’t know if the Transfer Menu even appeared in International releases, and with these saves, you’ve proven that they indeed have. So yeah, hopefully this allows the people there to have a better idea of how accessing the menu even works.


for the first one, there is already a savegame with 0 progress and all bonusitems released

I just want you guys to know that I already wrote a tutorial on how to edit the menu, now anyone can have their own custom made bonus content! Be sure to experiment and tell me if you find anything interesting please. The document is here:

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I’m sorry I took so long to answer, but it was a crazy month for me!

I checked your save, and the problem I found was that you didn’t modify the checksum value, every time you modify anything in the save, the corresponding checksum value has to be edited as well, otherwisse the game detects an edition was made, and then it deletes the data present in that block (In this case, the bonus content save block).

The checksum value for Bonus content data is stored at address 0x000739C, I already calculated the checksum of the save file you shared with me, and I already wrote it so don’t worry, it should be functional now, hope you enjoy it!

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