FE6 Reinforcement Patch

Download it right here!

(Is Resources the right category? It’s not really a “Project”, so…)

One night while playing FE6 for the first time in years, Chad got buttfucked by the infamous “Ambush Spawns” that were done away with in the series starting from FE7 onwards. It made me wonder why there was not a patch to fix this obvious flaw in FE6’s design.

So, that’s what I did.

This patch will make all reinforcements appear on the Player Phase instead of the Enemy Phase. This way you have a chance to react to them.

Apply the “FE6E” patch to the latest English translation patch.

Apply the “FE6J” patch to the original JPN ROM.


  • This is untested so far. I literally just went into FEBuilder and changed every turn event that spawns enemies (not counting some plot events of course) to happen on the player phase instead of the enemy phase. If this screws up some plot events, inform me!
  • This patch also unlocks Hard Mode from the start.

Any questions, let me know!