FEU Chapter Creation Blitz / Void's Blitzarre Adventure


Download the patch here!


Claim a chapter or a role or something to show your interest (done now lol)

Project Folder here


  • Everything is flexible. We’ll figure out the details as we go since this is the first time.
  • The base rom will be the FE8 Skill System.
  • Communication will be in the Discord server.
  • Quantity over quality. Just make the chapters as quick as you can.
  • Plot/writing is optional.
  • Assume the player has 0 gold at the start of each chapter if you’re going to add shops/whatever
  • Each eventer or team of eventers works on a chapter. The first chapter gets 5 units, every subsequent chapter can add one more.
  • Maps can be custom or free-to-use maps.
  • Expect this to end in disaster and/or hilarity.
  • Afterwards we’ll release whatever we come up with and organize some kind of LP to show it off.

No official signups or anything but if you want to start claiming chapters or roles etc you can do that in this thread.


Oh man, oh man.

If this proceeds successfully, I’m willing to do a stream (or multiple!) of whatever you lot come up with. That will probably happen on Tuesday following the weekend in question, if it happens, but we’ll figure out details closer to that time.

(I said before I wanted to stream CT sometime, but I can’t exactly top the FEU LP of that at this point. This, though, could be a suitable substitute.)

This is gonna be good. Bust out your Eventiels everyone, because this is gonna be good.

Wish I could join in. I’m kind of curious to see what kind of abomination we make.

If we do this again, I hope I can join in. Schedule says no this time around.

Looks interesting, but i’ll pass. good luck.

Ok, anyone who is unavailable during the weekend can submit chapters by Friday if they want

I am, as usual, too busy with life to participate, but best of luck! I shall give support from the sidelines.

I’ll either throw in 2 hours on Friday or Sunday. Super lazy chapter, right? Got it.

If I can get my mapper to be available, I might join. Looks cool.

Who needs a mapper just plop some tiles down in tiled or use the map generator or use an open source map


2 days left, more than 20 chapter done, looking good.
Why the fuck did i submit 6 chapters

I dont have a chapter to contribute but use these for something


#We made it! 31 chapters done! Download the patch in the OP and/or watch the stream!

First fanart of Void!!!
made by AK who is the coolest

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To help make sure this isn’t lost; I’m pasting this link here; it’s a collection of general ideas / things that people have said they wanted for the next blitz in some capacity on the discord.

Where is the download link bro,??

The download link is in plain sight. It is not hidden, and is even in large font. Once you’ve clicked on the link, click on the “CCB_Round1.ups” link to start the download. UPS files are how we usually make patches. Use NUPS to apply the patch.


@Alusq, @Ash3wl, is the music in Void’s Blitzarre Adventure free to use?

Will Grit be back? I liked that mission, and “The valley of death” chapter. Funny leroy.

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