Bishop Seva Streams FEU Blitz! (Finished, watch the archives!)

Hey there everyone! I don’t appear on the forums very often, but you may remember when I streamed FE6XNA and FEGAM. Those were quite goofy experiences, and now we have another one in FEU Chapter Creation Blitz!

I’ve now completed the game. If you haven’t already, you can watch the playthrough on my Youtube channel.

Archive Playlist:


All aboard the hype train

Reminder that the stream is today! In about 8 hours from the time this is posted.

The first stream is over! I probably shouldn’t have gone on for so long, I got tired and everyone else got tired.

Anyway, the archive is being uploaded to Youtube right now. I’ll stick it in the first post when it’s done.

In the meantime, I’m doing the next part on the following day - Wednesday 12th, at the same time.

Alright, now the second part has happened too, but we still have a lot more stuff to cover.

So, the next stream is - you guessed it - Thursday 13th, still at the same time.

So, I didn’t make anywhere near as much progress as I had hoped in part 3, but I did make some. Tune in today at the same time for part 4, where we take another stab at the apparently actually difficult chapter 15, and see where the road takes us!

So in the latest episode, which will be uploaded to Youtube soon, we finally beat chapter 15 and… did nothing else. That’s it. We played one chapter for three hours. I wouldn’t say it’s was a failure of a stream, though, it was still reasonably entertaining… for some of it.

Next, I’m probably taking a break, so there won’t be a stream on Saturday. On Sunday… well, maybe. We’ll see how things turn out.

I’m the guy who made this slog of a chapter. Gonna put it out there. I may be a bit evil, sadistic, and a cause of torture in Seva’s streaming efforts. Yes, I’ve made horrible things he’s slogged through before.

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Hey everyone, I decided to continue streaming today! Hopefully everyone is able to tune in. I’ve been told that the next few chapters aren’t nearly as sloggy, so hopefully we’ll get back to a good pace.

Well, we don’t have the same pace we had at the beginning, but we’ve got back to a decent one nonetheless! Anyways, tune in on the very next day (Monday) for more of this delightful nonsense. The end still a ways off, but is in sight!

We’re getting there, folks! Not that much left. Still on a daily schedule with these, so tune in for the next installment if you’re able.

At last, the final part is upon us! I’ve been told the last three chapters might take a while, but whatever, tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be playing for however long it takes to finish the game. Tune in for the grand finale!

And we’re done! If you’re interested in this game, please consider giving my videos a watch! Excuse the poor sound balance in the first episode, it gets much better in subsequent episodes.