[FE8] Fire Emblem: The White Feather - v0.5.3; 15/24 Chapters


The White Feather takes place in 1922, during the Turkish Wars of Independence. Ali Efe, a young recruit, has been assigned as the leader of a squadron entrusted with a crucial task: to infiltrate an enemy weapons manufacturing facility and turn the tide of the war. But as he will soon find out, there are more obstacles in his path than just enemy soldiers.

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Patch on a clean ROM of FE8 (U). Last updated: May 13th, 2024
Normal mode is recommended.


  • A custom, fully functional and traversable World Map with Sidequests and skirmishes.
  • Story based on a real war in history, with partial historical accuracy and accurate timeframes.
  • A lot of new, original music.
  • Gameplay focus on pacing and player phase.
  • Original maps and splices, new classes, new weapons, original characters, etc.
  • Passive growth-adjusting items like the Scrolls in Thracia 776.
  • No skill bloat.
  • 34 playable characters planned minimum.
  • 24 chapters planned minimum; 19 in the main story and 5 sidequests
  • In-game guide containing information on the locations and persons of Turkish History mentioned in the game (and more).
  • Character-based promotions.

Other general gameplay changes can be found in the text file in the download folder.

Feedback is welcome. Feel free to tell me your thoughts about
the game, whether it’s here in the thread or in the discord.

More Screenshots

theproject.emulator2-1 The White Feather.emulator2-8
The White Feather.emulator2-9 a
theproject.emulator2-4 theproject.emulator2-5
theproject.emulator2-7 The White Feather.emulator2-6
The White Feather.emulator2-7 The White Feather.emulator2-3
The White Feather.emulator2-1 The White Feather.emulator2-7
The White Feather.emulator2-2 The White Feather.emulator2-5
The White Feather.emulator2-10

Regarding Historical Accuracy

This is a story set in 1920s Turkey/Greece, during the Turkish Wars of Independence. The core plot
of the game is loosely based on various stories told about the war among the folk who lived in these times. The game is nowhere near 100% historically accurate (including, but not limited to the fact that there weren’t flying dragons and fire magic in the war), but some elements of the game can be traced back to actual historical records, beyond just folklore.

About Skills

Basically, no character at any point will ever have more than two skills, excluding stuff like Steal
and Canto. Most units have one personal skill, and some promoted classes have one class skill.
Enemies generally don’t have skills, though there are a few exceptions.
There are no proc skills.

Content Rating

If I had to give this hack an age rating…
T for Teen: Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes, Language, Drug Reference.
The “Violence” is basically the same as in regular FE8. There are some references and general innuendo, but nothing more than what most other T-rated games have. “Shit” is said twice or so. There are general mature themes, but nothing too extreme. This rating may be adjusted depending on feedback.



PentV: Hacking, Eventing, Writing, Portraits, Maps, UI Graphics, Music Insertion
Percevalko: Music Composition
N426: Portraits (Zehra) & Greek Tileset Palette
Blader DJ: Battle Palettes
Illmoro: Battle Palettes
Sphealnuke: Portraits (Hüseyin, Mikael, Reis, İlker, Zeki)
Sterling: Portrait Palettes

Kaiserbot and Stormizer for playtesting

Special Thanks:

Kaiserbot and Stormizer for being there from the start
Blader DJ, Robinjonator and Nathan Swist for helping me solve various problems
LanceOfLegend (Zach) for giving feedback on portraits
Blademaster for helping me with the scrolls
7743 for creating FEBuilder
Alusq for all his documentation on the FE8 NIMAP
Everyone who made their assets available F2U, noted below:


This hack uses the Skill System by circleseverywhere.
This hack uses the Narrow Font by Scraiza.
This hack has been made with FEBuilder by 7743.
This hack uses a patch (I forgot which one lol) by Tequila.

This hack uses the Updated Village Tileset by N426.

This hack uses F2U Animations created by Maiser6, Russel Clark, A Random Player, Kobazco, Bonestorm, Merceneray Lord, NYZGamer, Vilkalizer, Flasuban, eCut, Teraspark, Pikmin1211, The Blind Archer, ZoramineFae, Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon, DerTheVaporeon, MeatOfJustice and, of course, Team SALVAGED.

This hack uses F2U map sprites created by Pikmin1211, DerTheVaporeon, L95, Maiser 6, Agro, flasuban, Yangfly Master, ArcaneEli, MeatOfJustice, Alusq, Peerless, Rexacuse and Siuloir

This hack uses weapon icons created by Zane Avernathy, and one by Celice.

This hack uses class cards created by flasuban and Blademaster.

This hack uses three F2U portraits by RandomWizard.

Other MIDIs originally created by fatalM4, James Flynn, Stealth Levi, StarStabbedMoon, Jay Payne, Johnyz, Silver Blade, Peter Moore, Igor S. Utochkin, Jarel Jones, Marc Marta, Andreas and Savas Oulassoglou, kbein. These MIDIs were taken from various sites across the net.

R.I.P. Daniel Licht


This hack has Britain namedropped so I must immediately condemn it for reminding me I’m Bri’ish.


I feel your pain Zmr

(seriously though, the hack looks wild can’t wait to see what comes of it)

Very nice. Interesting concept. I’m looking forward to it!

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I don’t really play hacks but this looks pretty cool, I’ve always been interested in that specific conflict.


Stat boosters can’t actually be used for some reason. Also, the energy ring is being treated like a silver card.


I’ve caught wind of this bug today and just got done fixing it. Will be updating the download link immediately. Keep in mind that this will turn the scrolls that you already have into statboosters (and vice versa) since I had to switch these items around in order to fix this problem. This only applies if you carry your save over from an old version; the game works normal otherwise.

One other thing I noticed is that the mithril weapons are unbreakable, and you get one as a drop from chapter 3x. Something’s probably wrong there. Oh, and chapter 2 had a knight with a red gem that he didn’t drop.

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Don’t know how I missed that one - thank you. Will be adding these to the new version immediately

With that, v.0.1.1 has been released. Aside from fixing the bugs mentioned further above;
-Ali Efe and Sabiha’s skills were changed
-Leadership star amounts were altered
-Chapter 2 was really easy to skip using Sabiha and rescue-dropping units;
this has been made more difficult to execute
-General stat balancing has been done.
I hope you folks enjoy the game!


Congrats on the release! I did quite a bit of reading on the Ottoman Empire recently so I’m keen to check out the hackrom version of history.

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I am downloading your hacks, congrats on the release!

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v0.1.2 is out.
There were many instances in the game where the music simply didn’t fit the situation or felt out of place, such as the opening theme playing during regular conversations. This has been changed and custom victory themes were added.
Additionally, Axe Cavaliers and Axe Mercenaries have received their own class cards, Hüseyin and Zehra have received personal weapons (I’d appreciate feedback on these) and general stat balancing has been done.
Download at the usual link in the thread. Enjoy!

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Hard at work on v.0.2 right now. The new update will add three new chapters and will also bring lots of changes to the overall gameplay. I’ve adjusted the level curves (gave enemies lower growths but increased their levels in the chapters) to name one. There’ll also be a couple of visual updates; units like Andreas whose portraits are simple recolours will get new, better splices. Please look forward to the release within the next two weeks!
Also, hey, new music.

The White Feather.emulator2-9


Version 0.2 is here! This update adds three new chapters and brings a plethora of
changes to the whole game.

Detailed list of changes


  • Two new main chapters and one new sidequest have been added.
  • Enemy growths have been lowered, but their level has been increased in most chapters. This was done to enable a simpler exp/level curve.
  • Almost everyone has received changes to their bases and/or growths.
  • Some characters have received new PRFs. Chapter 3 and 4 were edited slightly to give the player units more room to move around in.
  • You can now get an Iron Axe in the Prologue so that Arda doesn’t have to use his PRF for reliable one-range damage.
  • Erkan now has a slim sword which can be used to prevent constant one-rounding of early game enemies.
  • Mythril Weapons have been nerfed.


  • Certain dialogues have been rewritten in order to make them less bland. Bosses have had their battle/death quotes adjusted.
  • Some characters have received new splices to replace their old portraits (which were just recolours).
  • Certain characters have received their own battle animation palettes.
  • The Axe Merc class now has its own animation.
  • New entries in the Guide.
  • I’ve also composed new music for the game, such as a new preparation theme, and several map themes which will be used in later chapters.


  • Cavaliers had 8 movement for some reason. This was changed back to 7.
  • And, again for some reason, Efe had mounted movement in the previous versions. This was changed back to infantry.
  • Lots of other minor fixes.
  • And a bunch of other changes I forgot to write down.

(Chapters were balanced according to the new growths and bases of the playable characters. This means that the game may feel weird if you keep playing with a save carried over from the last version. I recommend starting from the beginning again, but you don’t have to, of course.)

Download link for the patch: Here! I hope you guys enjoy the game!


Hi I’ve playing this hack as of recently and I gotta say I like it a lot, however I seem to have encountered a bug, I’m playing in the new update but using a save file from the last update and for some reason Zehra seems to randomly disappear from my army after clearing chapter 6, which is specially bad considering she was holding all the scrolls when she disappeared. Do you have an idea of why this could be happening? I tried killing some of the other characters but that didn’t help in bringing Zehra back, is this intended to happen?
Also you can get infinite chest keys if you restart chapter 6.

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Thank you for letting me know! I’ve now fixed both of these bugs and updated the download.
For those who are curious: the Zehra bug was caused because her ID is the same as Forde’s from vanilla fe8 who gets removed from the party at the end of 5x.


Here’s a development update, of sorts. I’m currently working on v0.3, which once again will add 3 new chapters. I feel like I rushed out v0.2 a bit too early, I believe it could have used some more polish; so I will be taking my time with the next update, also due to school stuff taking up my free time as well.

I’ve been doing some work on portraits and their palettes. There are some characters whose portrait palettes felt kind of washed out, if that makes sense; I’ve been improving these.


Artwork is probably my weakest point, so I’ll gladly accept and appreciate any form of contribution in this area. Feel free to contact me on here or on discord (PentV#2036) if you’d like to discuss or ask something!

Oh, and I’ve been making some more music too. It’s become much more fun after figuring out more and more about the FE8 Native Instrument Map.


I’d also like to mention that I consider this hack to be in a “public testing” phase, of sorts. I only have a limited team of playtesters, so I’m relying on user feedback in order to make adjustments and improvements to the gameplay.

Hope you guys are enjoying the current version, cheers!


speedwing description is the same as Timur Scroll

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Thanks for letting me know! Will fix this in the next update.

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