[FE8] Fire Emblem: The White Feather - v0.5.3; 15/24 Chapters

Good day, everyone.

It has not been too long since the last development update, but I’d like to mention a few issues in the game that will be fixed in the next update.

First off, hard mode will be available fully tested, and it will probably be the recommended/standard difficulty. Some people have mentioned that the game is easy and/or not challenging enough, and I honestly agree. If you’ve felt the same way, you’ll probably enjoy the experience that the new and balanced hard mode has to offer. Additionally, easy mode will be made available as well.

Second, Sidequest requirements will be overhauled. In the current version, it’s quite easy to end up in a situation where it becomes impossible to unlock any more sidequests (since you have to beat the previous sidequest before beating the main story chapter that’ll unlock the next sidequest). In the new version, sidequests will be unlocked on the world map automatically after beating the appropriate story chapter, but you will have to meet requirements before being able to start a sidequest. This means that you’ll be able to tackle the sidequests at your own pace, rather than being on a constant time limit of sorts.

Third and finally, there’ll be more vulneraries and gold made available to the player. The former will be especially useful in hard mode, and the latter was a necessary change since you currently can’t really get any cash before Chapter 4 unless you do the sidequest.

I haven’t had much time to work on the hack recently as two critical exams of mine are coming up; I’ll try to get the update out as quickly as possible once that’s over.

And hey, why not; here’s the map for the third sidequest that will be in the new version.


And as usual, I’ve been making some more music. The FE8 NIMAP is really something else!

That’s all for today. Cheers!


Development Update! I’ve been fixing quite a lot of problems recently. For instance, I only now noticed how unfitting the NPC/Enemy Phase Music of Chapter 7 is or how the player phase theme doesn’t loop properly - I assume I was playtesting this chapter with music turned off for some reason. Additionally, there still are some instances where Ali Efe is being referred to as “Mehmet”, which was his placeholder name during development. I am also doing slight overhauls on the overall skill distribution as well as promotions - more on that soon.

Obligatory: More music.




A while back, The Averagest reached out to me letting me know that he and his friend Epholo would like to play TWF on stream. I agreed and also provided a special, currently unreleased version of the game which contains many of the fixes and improvements that will be in the next update. There’s quite a decent amount of changes, so you might want to check out the stream if you’re interested.
Massive thanks to Averagest and Epholo for showcasing the hack. Cheers!

P.S.: An update containing the changes from the version from the stream will be released in a couple of days.


v.2.2 - The Fix & Improvement Update is out.
This update includes all of the fixes, changes and improvements that were planned to be in Version 0.3. I did this because there are some quite important fixes here and I did not want to wait until I completed the new chapters to release them.

Download link is in the thread as usual. And also here.

Main changes:

  • Easy mode and difficult mode are now available properly. Difficult mode is recommended for most players.
  • Many changes to enemy placement and AI to improve flow in certain chapters.
  • Sidequest requirements have been overhauled.
  • Improved portraits & palettes.
  • A lot of dialogue has been rewritten and new dialogue has been added.
  • New tileset palette (Courtesy of Zaim/Zmr, thanks!)
  • General stat balancing & polish.
  • New original music, mainly for cutscenes.

All Changes
  • More vulneraries have been made available to the player and you also have the option to buy them in the prep screen shop.
  • The prep screen is now available starting at Chapter 3 rather than Chapter 4.
  • The amount of obtained money has been increased.
  • New map sprites for Fighters (courtesy of flasuban), Soldiers (c. of Alusq, Peerless and Rexacuse) and Sword & Lance Armor (c. of Team SALVAGED)
  • Several item drops have been added.
  • There’s now a village in Chapter 4. Yay!
  • Hüseyin’s skill has been changed.
  • Changed the items available in the prep shop.
  • Changes to the overall skill system; no longer do all promoted classes have
    a class skill, this change only affects Erkan at the moment.

Two examples of improved palettes;





Planning to complete the new chapters once my exams and other schoolwork is done within a couple of weeks. Until then, I hope you guys enjoy the game.


TL;DR: Play this hack, there are some details that could be polished but otherwise one of the best opening parts of hack ive played and you will not be disappointed.

So as an initial review (we havent finished what is there yet so things may change), the only real concern i have is with the low growth rates. yes the Thracia scrolls are there to offset that but i can see it becoming an issue, but this is a pretty minor thing.

The amount of work that went into ensuring a sense of historical accuracy is really really nice, which i think more hacks should do, and the brief descriptions in the guide are a really nice touch. as far as map design, Epholo and I didnt really have a lot of complaints except for (i think) chapter 4 with the nearly invincible axe unit on the fort and the random pirate that showed up and literally couldnt do anything. aesthetically, having your “Jagen” be the spartan class doesnt make a whole lot of sense with the theme, its understandable why and it might get cleared up in the future, but it seems like an odd choice.

Personally, i would like Zehra beefed up a little in HP so she doesnt die in one hit but these are all minor things that dont necessarily effect my opinion on the hack at all. Also, why are units (especially the Lord that is supposed to be a Lieutenant), starting off with E Rank weapons? Its not just in this but a trend ive been seeing lately in hacks

This hack is a lot of fun and gets really deep and serious at times with some funnier moments. It might seem like i have a lot of negative things to say but that is because this hack is so well made, its really hard to find actual flaws instead of just some nitty gritty details that could do with some minor polishing.


So as an update to the last post, we did end up finishing through chapter 7, including the gaidens.

There is one major issue with chapter 7 though and that is the mage that can kill the green unit. i understand needing to make you hurry over to them but having the green unit die, which is a game over condition, in 3 turns when the only way you can get there in time is by maxing the movement of your fliers, is a big swing and a miss as far as gameplay goes

everything else from the characters, to the story, and the rest of the gameplay is absolutely fantastic. just that one mage either needs to be moved back to where there is a sense of urgency but doesnt force players to max movement on flyers (which could technically all be dead and soft locking them), or deleted entirely.


Thanks for finishing the game and for the specific feedback! I’ve just pushed out a hotfix toning down the mage in question (along with a couple other small fixes.)


Development update!
Many people have mentioned that the game goes on quite some time without a healer being made available to the player.
Due to this, I’m happy to introduce…

Portrait Editor The White Feather.gba_65@41 Rüstü_8AD2E0
This guy! Rüştü, a priest who will be joining your ranks at the start of Chapter 1.
Despite being a priest, he’s quite the wacky guy. He also likes making
fun of the British.

I also received the British Seal of Approval™ that allows me to write characters that make fun of Britain.
Thanks Zaim. xd
Jokes aside, if anyone is ever offended by the stuff Rüştü says, I’ll gladly tone it down. I personally think I kept it within boundaries though.

(I won’t be making this style of “character announcements” often - I only plan to do it when adding characters to already released chapters. lol)

Obligatory: Making more music.


And I’m writing some supports too. Why not?




Version 0.3 is (finally) here! We’ve got three brand new chapters along with a plethora of improvements!

If you're carrying your save over from a previous version, read this:

If you played till chapter 7 and you’re carrying your save over, please restart the chapter. There are new items to collect, including a master seal!
Also; This hack has character based promotions; in order for this to work, I had to change the classes of some units into exact copies of their normal classes, with the difference being that the copy promotes into a different class than the previous one. This means that if you’re carrying your save over from a previous version, your characters might promote into the wrong classes. This is by no means game-breaking, but you might have a less ideal experience during play.

I’ll be focusing on a couple new things now. For a complete list of changes, check out the list at the end of the post.

New chapters! Visit Mikael’s hometown in Chapter 7x, or head directly for the village in Chapter 8 where an important contact allegedly is at the moment. Not all is as it seems, however, as the Greek troops in the area seem to be unusually fierce… Enter the village in Chapter 9 and rescue Ilker, the man of the hour.



Balancing. Orhan has been signifcantly buffed. His PRF now gives him +1 Movement!


Olcay also has a new PRF now.


Improved flows in chapters. Chapter 7 now has a snag which makes it significantly more bearable, and a village in the top right corner. You won’t want to miss the item there!


New Culinary section in the Guide! Totally not inspired by Vision Quest, the Guide now contains short blurbs on traditional Turkish dishes, some of which is mentioned in the game dialogue itself.

The White Feather.emulator2-4

Also, new music.

Complete list of changes

Kazim’s class has been changed. Bards/dancers are really fun to use, but balancing every chapter around the use of them is becoming really tiresome, for me at least.
Plus, it’s likely that it will worsen the experience of those who do not use them at all.

Also, stat boosters are no longer available in the preparation armory. To make up for that, I’ve added a couple item drops to the game. Speaking of which…

I’ve added new items to the chapters in general! Damla now comes with a staff I’m calling “Mini-Rescue”, a rescue staff, with a smaller, fixed range but a decent amount of uses.
Also, you can now get a one-use Hammerne Staff in Chapter 3x.

Rüstü, a healer joins you in Chapter 1.
Lots of new supports.
New original Music for chapter 7 and 8.
New food section in the guide.
New item drops, mainly staves and statboosters.
Damla comes with a mini rescue staff.
Snag in chapter 7 and a couple other changes to make the chapter more bearable.
New secret events… :]
Certain world map events have been enhanced and rewritten.
Olcay has received his own PRF Weapon.
Both Orhan and his PRF have received significant buffs.
A lot of new boss dialogue, mainly in the newer chapters.
New chapter names.
Kazim’s class has been changed


I’ve also created an anonymus survey which you can use to give feedback… anonymously.
A promotion guide is included in the download link as well.



WOW what a great idea @PentV! I was looking for some new hacks at the home page and got here but man, no regrets! A hack history based and with a World Map got me, but when I saw the maps further down in the thread oh boy, I want to play it right away!

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Greetings. Over the last couple days, I’ve “secretly” pushed out multiple bugfix updates. I do not feel the need to make a separate post for each bugfix patch, mainly because I do not want to bump this thread into oblivion. However, I’ve released around four or five of these patches so far, so I’d like to make this post as a clarification;

  • Certain classes were able to move over thickets. Fixed.
  • Chaliriki had the wrong skills in Chapter 6. Fixed
  • Lockpicks had the Member Card Icon for some reason. Fixed.
  • Finishing Chapter 7x called the end event of Chapter 3x for some reason. Fixed.
  • Some promoted classes get way too many experience points, and in some rare cases, not enough points. Fixed.
  • Kara couldn’t be recruited in Chapter 8. Fixed.

And a bunch of other very minor bugfixes.
Always test your hack for bugs, people. It’s something I totally should do better.
With that being said, I don’t have much to add in terms of future updates, it’ll be out when it’s out. I am focusing on rebalancing the difficulty, though; the current normal mode will be the new easy mode, current difficult mode will be the new normal mode, and the new difficult mode will be… quite difficult.



That world map looks baller dude

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Version 0.4 is here! This update adds a new chapter and an array of changes!

  • Chapter 10: Greek troops are storming the beaches of Güzelcamli as you arrive. What would a man give up to win a war with such odds? Experience a brief tale of heroism and sacrifice…


  • Skirmishes!
    When you complete a chapter, an enemy sprite might appear on the world map. Engage in battle and fight a gathering of randomized and some pre-set enemies. Their inventories, as well as possible item drops are randomized too. They may drop some really nice gear, or nothing at all! This randomness ensures a different experience in each skirmish and adds some extra wackiness without getting into the way of the main game.


  • Difficulty overhaul! The normal mode of the previous versions is now easy mode, the difficult mode of previous versions is now the normal mode. This version’s new Difficult mode is deserving of the Difficult name and will test your skills.

  • Zehra has received a much-needed new portrait. Massive thanks to @N426 for this!


  • Flow in multiple chapters have been improved
    by tweaking enemy placements and adding new
    anti-turtle incentives.


Other changes
  • New main theme! Songs that had the old main theme as a leitmotif were also altered accordingly.
  • A version of the Modular Mini Mug Box (originally made by Scraiza) has been added.
  • Boss names were changed.
  • All armoured units now have 5 movement.
  • New supports.
  • Red gem drops have been replaced with direct gold drops.
  • Cavaliers have been split into Sword Cavaliers and Lance Cavaliers. Hüseyin is now a Sword Cavalier, he has received buffs to make up for the lost weapon type.
  • New PRFs for Nehir and Furkan.

Download link is in the thread as always… or just here.



What a surprise this is, you don’t get title screens this great often, and the world map is custom too, this definitely is unique graphically

also, no that is a red feather


Play the game.


Alright, development update.
First off, Eid Mubarak to all my fellow muslims. Next update is a ways off as I have other slightly more important things to do, as well as some less important distractions. (Euro 2021, anyone?)
Since the next update will include chapters that mark the start of the second half of the game, I’ll have to refine the script a bit before making anything public. Apart from that, my goals are to improve presentation mainly in the sound department through new sound effects as well new original music for the earlier chapters. TWF will be at FEE3 2021, I am also working on a nice trailer for that on the side.

Cheers, Eid Mubarak and stay safe.


inspiration perhaps?

4 Months without a dev update. Damn.

The White Feather will be at FEE3. I’ve already made a short trailer that outlines the highlights of the game and also briefly touches on just some of the new features coming in the next update. Said update will release hand-in-hand with the trailer drop, at some point in October. Or November.

Said update will bring, among MANY other things, something that has been long overdue…

The White Feather.emulator2-9

Default stat screen colours. Sorry if that was anticlimactic.

How it was before

Also included will be an overhaul of the prologue, featuring a completely new map. There will be a few improvements in the sound department, be it the UI sounds or just the music. In addition, I’m hard at work rewriting a lot of text to shorten them. You don’t need 30 lines of dialogue to convey just one message, do you? Also, more boss variety. No more 5 Javelin bosses in a row.



The FEE3 trailer is out, and so is the corresponding update… Give it a watch here:


With that said, Fire Emblem: The White Feather Version 0.5 is out now! Keep reading to find out about all the new stuff.

2 Hot New Chapters: Efe steps onto forreign territory and is met with harsh resistance as he makes his way across the Island of Samos.

11 12

Furthermore, the Prologue has been overhauled featuring a brand new map!


Also included are visual upgrades; improved UI colours, new palettes.

The White Feather.emulator2-12 The White Feather.emulator2-13


  • Tileset improvements - we finally have, among else, long/wide bridges now! Credit goes to N426.

  • Talk events give rewards such as exp and gold, and there are lots of new ones. Also, they no longer end your turn.

  • A lot of text has been rewritten and shortened so that you no longer need 30 minutes to understand one minor plotpoint.

  • A bunch of new original tracks were added and song volumes were evened out.

  • Certain sound effects were changed and improved.

A lot of other gameplay improvements and bugfixes - click below for more info.

All the other changes
  • Chapter 1: Mikael spawns closer to the player now.
  • More boss variety; many javelin bosses now use different weapons.
  • Shops have been added to some chapters where you can buy better weapons.
  • Orkun has received new skill that he actually benefits from, that being Certain Blow.
  • Fixed some bosses not having proper themes.
  • Hüseyin’s PRF is now effective against infantry swordfighters only.
  • Arda’s prf has received a hit buff.
  • New & adjusted item drops.
  • Fixed Caner having a Dark Weapon Rank for some reason.
  • A LOT of text error fixes.
  • A lot of visual glitch fixes.
  • New tileset for villages.
  • Chapter 2: Thief stealing your items & not dropping his own - fixed.

Download here… or using the link in the thread as always.

Have fun!


Let’s us Greeks and Turks try to get along now :peace_symbol: :orthodox_cross: :star_and_crescent: :greece: :handshake::tr: