[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]

Hello !

I decided to create this account to give you my opinion about your hack. I’m only at chapter 3 so far, so I can’t affirmed yet that it’s a relevant opinion but I wonder if there is a not a lack of… Difficulty ? It looked to me pretty easy so far, with very powerful units (at least 4 of my units can crush easily my opponents).

Otherwise, so far, it’s an enjoyable experience ! I like the new designs and symbols for the swords, items and so on.

I continue. :slight_smile:

P.S : How many difficulty settings exist ? One ? I thought this screen was pretty confusing at first glance. 15

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Liking the hack, but I think I encountered a game-breaking bug.

I’m currently softlocked on Chapter 11 of Eirika’s route. Dozla doesn’t have a weapon but instead an Arc Wind (is he not supposed to have a weapon?), some enemies are stuck in walls, there’s a mimic chest available (though it’s not a skirmish), and no matter what I do, chests and doors flat-out refuse to open.

FE8%20Sacred%20War FE8%20Sacred%20War2

What do??

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Of course I can’t ask of anything sensibly demanding so early in the game.
Please do continue .

Just the 1 you can only choose: “Standard”

Weird because I’ve gone through this area 3 times.

OK, I’ll recheck real fast. Can you drop me a savestate from before entering the chapter?
Also restart the chapter from before entering.

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Here you go.

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Just from your screenshots the map is generally messed up.
Enemy in walls, a mimic that shouldn’t exist etc etc…

Are you using VisualBoyAdvance?
Because those emulators have always shown some bugs or crashes with hacks.
Can you try a No$GBA emulator?

Anyway, from my part I haven’t seen any errors.
But I’ll re-write everything and release a patch soon and then tell me if the problem persists.

Edit: It was totally my error.

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Yeah, I am using VBA. That’s usually my go-to emulator, and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this while using it.

Sec, I’m working on it.

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Update the patch link with a new HotFix patch for Ch11-Eirika Route.
Try with that one and tell me if something’s off.
I’ll keep looking into the chapter (For some reason the event pointers were off)

Everyone actually download the new patch

My Fail

So basically for anyone that is wondering,
on the last balance look through
instead of assembling the new modded events
I re-assembled the vanilla ones
and just reverted the events back to the original. Epic Fail.


Just a quick question:
Why doe the staff calculation add more for troubadours? Wouldn’t it make more sense to give that to the clerics because they have no mount?

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Ah sorry, I meant “Valkyries”, not Troubadors.
Valkyries get that bonus.

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Oh ok that makes more sense

A question about the 2 paths… Normally, the Ephraim’s path is more difficult than Eirika’s one, but what about your hack ? Did you try to make them equally difficult or one is harder than other ?

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Equal difficulty with even equal amount of drops and loot (gold, gems, promo seals, boosters, shop lists etc etc)

The only difference is the order you get them.

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Thanks !

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Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t apply your patch to the hack just like that, I had to apply it on a clean ROM of FE8 (some of my friends are in the same case btw) and then only we have to export our previous save from the old hack to the new one patched. The issue being that my mac emulator (OpenEmu) seems to be unable to simply carry a save state from a game to another one juste like that. I don’t want to re-start the game so basically I’m screwed.

I don’t know how a mac emulator reads save data
but emulators in usual just “tie” save files to ROM names.

  1. Try to apply to patch on a clean ROM in a new file and rename that new ROM with the exact name of your previously used ROM
  2. The previously bugged ROM should be placed in a different file, and also renamed into something else.
  3. Run the emulator, open the newly patched ROM, load the game
  4. Have the game load a save file (reloading the chapter from the main menu); do not load a savestate as savestates load “a state”, even the bugs,
    while a in-game load “makes” the game re-read the events from start.
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Doesn’t work… I have been trying for more than 1 hour now, it’s enough lol. I stop here.

Thanks anyway.

If you can use a No$GBA (2.6a) emulator on a mac
I can send you a savestate from the route split.

Worst case do the Ephraim Route
and return to Eirika’s another day.

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Thanks, but it’s ok. :slight_smile: I prefer waiting for some weeks/months that every updates is over and If I remember it, I will play again. Because otherwise, even If I start now playing Ephraim, maybe there will be another required update (for the Ruins Dungeon at least) showing up, and the same problem will occur again : I will have to patch a clean FE8 ROM, then import a save… And bam. Same issue. If I could merely patch the actual ROM I used it wouldn’t be an issue but I can’t do that (and in this case, I know I’m not alone lol).

Thank you.

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It’s possible to make a UPS patch that patches the hack.
Open NUPS and choose to create a patch instead of patching something. Put your old hack in the “original” and the new version in “current”.
I’m not sure if it’d work (I don’t usually do it and I’m on mobile so i can’t check), but it’s worth a shot.