[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]

Don’t use them as staves.
Use them as items from the Item menu (like you would use a vulnerary).

Ah, Thanks. I probably wouldn’t have thought to do that if no one told me.

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I’m on the last map on the rift right now, and I have to ask, do you hate humanity? Cause this looks insane lmao.

Also beat the secret boss twice, and was disappointed to see it didn’t have maximum constitution. I think you know why he should :slight_smile:

Edit: THE DEMON KINGS RESPAWN!!!? You really do hate humanity.

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I promise I’ll fix it on the next update !

I did the deed.
sacred%20war_18 sacred%20war_15 sacred%20war_17

This was a fun hack. Here are my thoughts.

Good stuff:
Redesigned maps felt fresh
Making everyone but the trainiees have good bases really diversified by unit choice since everyone is better.
Thank kaga for myrrh

Meh stuff:
No dancers :frowning:
Move stat boosters only boosting 1 move

A dance staff for Oracles? (Although they already are over powered with buff items, maybe for Bishops?)
Making the secret boss the ultimate reward for completing the Rift 5 times, cause why not?

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Making room in the OP, so I transferred the Update History here.

Update History (v1.10 ~ v1.35.3)

=== UPDATE (1/2/2019) ===
====> V1.10 is out !!! <====

This update includes a new 10 floor dungeon
along with many fixes
and gameplay improvements to the vanilla game based on feedback.

Without delay here is what’s updated/changed:

New Expansion Updates
  • Updated the Version indicator on the title screen
    If you see “1.10” on the title screen, you will know that the patching was a success.

  • A new 10 Floor dungeon is open

  • Bug related:
    Includes the Ch11A fix (duh)
    Fixed faulty effectiveness of “Wind” tome (now properly affect Fliers)
    Fixed Journeyman(2) faulty DEF cap (8 -> 18)
    Fixed Fighter faulty stat caps
    Fixed Pirate faulty stat caps
    Fixed Monk faulty stat caps
    Fixed Priest faulty stat caps

  • Shop list related:
    Bethroen MAP Armoury replaced Killer Sword/ Spear/ Axe with Cleavers/ Knight Killers/ Halberds
    Port Kiris MAP Armoury replaced Killer Sword/ Spear/ Axe with Cleavers/ Knight Killers/ Halberds
    Narube River MAP Armoury replaced Cleavers/ Knight Killers/ Halberds with Killer Sword/ Spear/ Axe
    Jehanna Halls MAP Shop now sells Light Brand and Soul Brand
    Rausten’s MAP Secret Shop now sells Dragonstones (Previously only available in Valni5 secret shop)

  • Map related:
    Valni Floor 4 map layout improved to be less of a drag to traverse
    Ch5X small Map fix (fixed 2 wall tiles with wrong orientation)
    Ch18 shortcut Map fix (you can get down from the hill immediately without having to go back)
    ! The Ch18 map update will reset the map’s Tile Change. !
    ! As such, some player and enemy unit positions during the smkirmish are repositioned for this new change !

  • Difficulty:
    Generic enemies for story campaign slightly buffed

  • Text fixes:
    Faulty text at “Difficulty Select” screen fixed
    Knight’s class description fixed
    Anima spell names changed: “Arcfire”, “Arcthunder”, “Arcwind”, “Rexfrost”
    Dark spell name corrected: “Hel”
    Item description bug for Devil Axe fixed
    Faulty item description for Angel Robe fixed
    Faulty Objective Description for Prologue fixed
    Faulty Objective Description Ch10B, Ch13A, Ch19 fixed (they will show the proper turn limit)
    Faulty village conversations corrected to fit the reward
    New descriptions and names for new items

  • Class related:
    Paladin - Crusade: Also affects zombies, skeletons, legions, mamkutes(M) and zombie dragons too
    Great Knight - Sentinel: Bonus DMG (MTx2) vs Archers, Snipers and Skeleton/Legion Archers
    Mage Knights - Vanguard: Now get 3 DMG reduction from all sources when equipped with a Light Brand/ Soul Brand
    Oracles - now have the movement cost of mages
    Druids - now +5HIT with all dark tomes
    Summoner - Summon: Phantoms buffed +5 STR/SKL/SPD/LCK and +3 DEF/RES in their base stats

  • Weapon Effects:
    Barrier/ Shield Sword bonus damage reduction increase to +5(+2)
    Light Brand now also reverses the weapon triangle
    Soul Brand now also gets a x3 DMG mod VS other mages and magic monsters (as a weapon effect)

  • Weapon Stats:
    Steel Sword/ Lance/ Axe/ Bow +5HIT
    Steel Lance -1Weight
    Steel Axe -2Weight
    Cleaver/ Knight Killer/ Halberd are now usable by pre-promotes (same cost and battle stats)
    Cleaver -1Weight
    Knight Killer +1Weight
    Killer Bow +1Weight
    Great Bow -1Weight
    Brave Sword/ Lance/ Axe/ Bow +1MT +5CRT
    Noble Rapier +5CRT
    Barrier Sword +2MT
    Shield Sword +2MT
    Astra Sword +5HIT
    Light Brand -1Weight
    Soul Brand -2Weight
    Blessed Lance +1MT
    Storm Spear +5CRT
    Francisca +1MT
    Devil’s Axe +10HIT
    Devil’s Axe -3Weight
    Icarus Bow +5CRT
    Rexfrost +5CRT
    Exctinction nerf -5HIT
    Hel nerf -5HIT
    Siegmund -1Weight

  • Promotional items give a small passive stat boost when carried
    so it feels less punishing not using them early and not just be convoy items:
    Hero Crest +1STR/MAG
    Knight Crest +1DEF
    Orion’s Bolt +1SKL
    Elysian Crest +1SPD
    Guiding Ring +1RES
    Fell Contract +1LCK

  • The following bosses are buffed:
    Aias +2STR
    Carlyle +2STR
    Selena +1MAG
    Caellah +2STR
    Valter +2STR
    Orson +2STR

  • The following bosses give more EXP when defeated (Their LV remains the same)
    Ch13B Serena
    Ch14A Carlyle
    Ch15 Caellah
    Ch15 Valter
    Ch16 Orson
    Ch17 Lyon
    Ch19/20 Riev
    Ch20 Morva
    ChF1 Lyon
    All the monster bosses in Valni Floor 8
    All the bosses in the Rift

  • New stat booster: Dragon Blood
    Grants +5HP, +2STR, +2SKL, +2SPD, +2LCK, +2DEF, +2RES, +1MOVE when used

  • New Tiers (2 and 3) for the Accessory system
    (For details on effects look the “Weapon Balance” text in the new patch notes section):

What's the deal with that new Rift Dungeon?
  • The Rift Dungeon is for hardcore players that want to “go even beyond”
    and want to challenge themselves while also getting stronger
  • The Rift Difficulty is designed for 20 well trained units.
  • Difficulty on the early floors is scaled for those who have cleared the Valni Tower at least once.
    Then it gets harder and harder the deeper you go.
  • While possible to clear the Rift dungeon on the first try
    it’s quite hard to do so and requires planning.
    Don’t be ashamed to leave and re-try again with better preparations
  • There are shops in the Rift with unique stock to sell
    starting from Floor4 and the last ones being on Floor8.
    The first 3 floors and last 2 floors have no shops so plan carefully.
    Screenshot37 Screenshot38
  • The Curse of the Rift:
    After entering the Rift (MAP2 and onwards) you will notice that the enemies have unique blessings that grant them various effects
    Guide your army properly in order to overcome the enemy advantage.
  • Always make a savestate at the battle preparations on each floor.
    It takes over 11hours to beat the Rift.
New Screenshots

Screenshot56 Screenshot45 Screenshot46 Screenshot49 Screenshot50 Screenshot58

====> V1.11 is out !!! <====

This patch adds the skill descriptions in the “Guide” menu

The skills are separated into groups to reduce scrolling time:
Skills[R] refers to R(anged) classes
Skills[K] refers to K(night) classes
Skills[M] refers to M(age) classes
Skills[F] refers to F(ootsldier) classes

The v1.11 also updates the “Weapon Effectiveness” and “Critical” tabs
in the “Combat” menu.

The patch indicator on title screen is also updated
This way you will know the patching process was a success.

====> V1.14 is out !!! <====

Contains graphical improvements
some background tech improvements
and various bug and glitch fixes
as well as an indirect buff on summoned Phantoms.

Otherwise, the core gameplay and balance remains the same.

What the v1.14 patch brings
  • New Title Background which is more fitting
    as well as the updated version indicator

  • Fixes an obscure but gamebreaking huge bug.
    No one reported it (since it was quite obscure to trigger with various conditions in order)
    but in any case the v1.14 patch fixes it.

  • Since the v1.00, Ephraim’s Opening graphics had a visual glitch
    This is fixed in v1.14 and will now properly and clearly display.

  • Have you ever looked at the various army banners? No?
    I don’t blame you. They sucked.
    V1.14 improves them and increases their variety

  • A new EXP Gauge that fits with the Battle Frames and that’s more clear to look at
    Screenshot76 Screenshot77

  • Fixed a typo in Summoner and Necromancer skill descriptions

  • Summoned Phantoms had a small chance for a bug to occur.
    This is fixed on v1.14
    Also along with the fix above
    you will also find a more detailed description on Phantoms.
    Screenshot81 Screenshot82

  • Improved the pool of weapons from which Phantoms draw their weapons when summoned:
    Original: Iron Axe, Killer Axe, Tomahawk, Devil Axe (Couldn’t use)
    Current: Steel Axe, Killer Axe, Tomahawk, Brave Axe

  • Improved the Phantom’s class description to match their characteristics:

  • Fixed the pixel bug in DMG and CRT boxes:
    Screenshot80 before and after
    DMG and CRT will display clearly.

  • The EXP gained when Stealing and Summoning
    is increased to 20(+10).

  • Generic Assassin enemies will now have their own class portrait:

  • The OST “Ties of Friendship” will play on the world map 1 chapter earlier
    on Chapter 16 (while Eirika/Ephraim march back to their home capital)

  • Some other tech stuff that aren’t visible anyway
    and will still keep the game working in the same way.

====> V1.15 is out !!! <====

Nothing Major.
Patch1.15 brings back the support between L’Arachel and Dozla
with their vanilla support rate (25 +3/Turn)
while also keeping the new one in the game.
Also the version indicator on the title screen is updated to v1.15

====> V1.19 is out !!! <====

This patch focuses on QoL and accessibility.
Special thanks to Tequila, Angel, Teraspark and Arkth for this one.

Battle Stats with Animations OFF

You can set the Animations to OFF and still see the battle statistics
to make the pace faster.
Screenshot87 Screenshot88

Small text improvement

Elder Bael is renamed into “Queen Bael”
Deathgoyle is renamed into “Strigoi”

All items with no special characteristics have the “No special effects” description
Bows and Wind Tomes have the “Effective against fliers” description

Improved Menu Armory

The armory in the Battle Preparations Menu
will now have more important and core stock to sell (at an increased price)
to reduce the need to reset a map and return to MAP to get something you forgot.

Shop stock shift

Reversed to V1.00 state:
Port Kiris and Bethroen Armories replaced armoslayers with Killer weapons
Narube River Armory replaced Killer weapons with Armorslayers
Armorslayers are now sold in a new shop at the start of Arc2 of the story (look below)

A new hub for regrouping

Isn’t it annoying during early/mid game that you have to got through skirmishes
in order to get to the early town shops you want to visit?

Well, the Tower of Valni 1 is restructured into a hub
You can now access the Tower of Valni 1 and perform combat actions
while also gaining access to new shops that have access to Arc1 town items and weapons
and also sell armor/cavalry slayers
You can use this area for supports, repair, re-grouping or small EXP grinding.
The red squares on the Map above are Secret Shop locations.
After you get the Member’s Card (Ch14), you can have access to the stock
that is normally available at the start of Ch18.

Class Improvements
  • Mage Knights were the “weakest” of the “meta”. This patch brings a huge buff for them.
    Mage Knights now have access to a new weapon the “Peacemaker” with tanking capabilities
    Screenshot102 Screenshot103
    The “Peacemaker” offers great defenses
    at the cost of being unable to counter enemy attacks.
    However, when used, it puts all enemies in range to Sleep at a very high chance.
    Screenshot96 Screenshot98
    The effect is the same either with open or closed animations
    Screenshot99 Screenshot100
    This way, you can have a MK equipped with the Peacemaker draw and tank the attack of an enemy wave and during the player phase you can put all surrounding enemies to sleep
    giving the MKs the best Crowd Control.
    This ability is as OP as Myrrh’s Divinestone.
    Currently the Peacemaker is available on the Rift Floor 5 and 8 for purchase.

  • Hero’s skill has increased effectiveness against Dragons (x2.5)

  • Great Knight’s Sentinel:
    Rescue Command now uses the normal AID Formula (AID = CON-1)
    This allows you to use those Body Rings on GKs without repercussions
    to their main ability to rescue.
    Also Great Knights +1CON

  • Great Lords
    Their skill is renamed and modified to be different and not the same for both.
    Eirika gets and even bigger CRT boost
    Ephraim gets a constant DMG boost
    Great Lord (M) also gets +1CON

New Animations, Class Portraits and Map Sprites for some promoted monsters


New animation fixes for some female classes

Screenshot116 Screenshot117 Screenshot118

Also some more minor fixes here and there.

====> V1.23 is out !!! <====

This update depending on your progress can cause you to lose some features:

  • If you start at Route Split without promoting anyone
    you just lose Seth’s new animation and his new Class (needs new restart)
  • If you entered CH9A or CH9B
    you lose Tana’s new animation during promotion
  • If you entered CH10A or CH15B
    you lose Innes’ new animation
  • If you promoted Joshua/ L’Arachel/ Lute,
    you lose their new promoted animations.

With that said, these are the new updates:

New sprite animations for key characters:

Joshua’s Swordmaster promotion
L’Arachel’s Valkyrie promotion
Tana’s Falco promotion
and the community’s meme girl Lute Sage promotion
Screenshot123 Screenshot124 Screenshot125 Screenshot126 Screenshot127 Screenshot128 Screenshot129 Screenshot130 Screenshot131 Screenshot132 Screenshot133

Background fixes for CH17 and Rift7

Special Battle BG for CH17 and Rift7
Screenshot120 Screenshot121 Screenshot122

Minor Fixes and Improvements:

Ch1 and Ch3 Maps look better
Small AI twinks for Ch2 and Ch3
Ch9 elite Berserker now holds a Hand Axe instead of Steel Axe
Fixed a small battle BG error in Ch3
Fixed some wrong enemy IDs for Malkaen Cost Skirmish
Berserkers are buffed in their DMG outpout (read their skill description)
Siegmund stat bonuses re-configured (because with Ephraim’s innate skill it was completely busted)

=====> V1.24 is out !!! <=====

Some minor tweaks and improvements:

  • Fog of War in Malkean Coast Skirmish disabled.
  • Saving from Preparations Menu enabled in Tower/ Ruins
  • Fixed an error in Valni1 where the shops had reversed positions
  • Postgame skirmish spawn rates for Neleras Peak and Malkean Coast are increased

=====> V1.25 is out !!! <=====

Mostly bug fixes, minor graphical tweaks
and balance fixes on staves and T2 accessories:

  • Fixed wrong weapon inventory for Hero Reinforcement in Rift9
  • Fixed wrong weapon inventory for Gazer Boss in Skirmish of Ch17 (both routes)
  • Fixed Myrrh’s buggy map sprite when using a Dragonstone.
    The side effect is that players that have played since v1.23
    and promoted Joshua into a Swordmaster
    will see a dragon attacking on the map sprite…
    You won’t have a problem if you haven’t promoted Joshua yet
    or just promoted him into an assassin.
  • Changed the “Ruins” display in the preparations menu to “Rift”

The Recover Staff was the most underused staff next to Unlock
as a Valkyrie can sustain the whole army by herself with a Fortify staff.
This change will give Recover a more accessible and viable role for the post-game.

  • Big Nerf “Recover” staff effect (55 -> 35)
    Cost/use reduced to 200 (-100)
    Durability buffed to 25(+5)
    EXP gained reduced (30 -> 25)
    Now accessible to Oracles, Bishops, Mage Knights and Necromancers
  • Valkyrie’s Salvation effect buffed (35 -> 40)

Also Tier2 accessories are rebalanced (for details you can read the patch notes on accessories in the Weapon Balance file):

  • Nihil Ward and Star Barrier buffed
  • Sol Seal and Luna Seal effects are swapped. (Luna is offensive, Sol is defensive)
Text improvements:
  • Fix description for “Recover” staff
  • Renamed: Elder Centaur -> War Centaur
  • Fix “Restore HP” tab in Guide Menu to include heal values
  • Class descriptions fixed for classes that have access to “Recover” Staff

=====> V1.26 is out !!! <=====

  • Fixes the issue where in some occasions some units would be loaded outside the map
    for the 2nd part of the final chapter

=====> V1.27 is out !!! <=====

This patch adds some features and improvements
but it mostly adds placeholder data
as well as change some background things but still have the game play the same.

Visible Changes
  • Creature Campaign is now called “Restoration Age”
  • HP Bars and Warnings on the map.
    The HP bars go from Blue to Red depending on your HP%
    You can also toggle them On or Off in the menu
  • White Warning = Weapon Effectiveness
    Yellow Warning = High Critical Rate
  • Buffed the effects of the Holy Stone
    Not only blocks Criticals, it now also blocks all weapon effectiveness on all classes.
    It doesn’t heal just 20HP, now it heals all missing HP.
  • New Boss Icon

The rest are still not available
and there’s certainly going to be another placeholder patch.

====> V1.28 is out !!! <=====

Some more minor improvements and fixes

  • Better visual HP bars during combat
    Screenshot142 Screenshot143 Screenshot144 Screenshot146
  • Replaced Boss Icon because the previous one wasn’t clear
  • Buff statuses now in english
  • Buff statuses descriptions fixed
  • Finally, the meme texts that appeared for some enemies as description to their names
    are now fixed and display a proper text
    (affected monsters and bosses in Ch19,20,21 Valni 2~8 and Rift 1~10)

=====> V1.30 is out !!! <=====

Fixes remaining bugs and graphical glitches
as well as new small content for the high post-game players.

General Fixes
  • Class Skills Improved:
    You can read the in-game descriptions for the new effects. A shortcut here:
    Paladins: Terrain magical RES bonus x2
    Great Knights: +1DMG Reduction all the time
    Grand Knights: Both Paladin and Great Knight effects
    Generals: Terrain physical DEF bonus x2
    Falcoknights: +5AVD
    Heroes: Outdoors +2DEF, Indoors +2RES
    Rogues: +5AVD
    Rangers: +1DMG with bows
    Snipers: +5HIT
    Mage Knights: Terrain AVD bonus x1,5
    Valkyries: +5AVD
    Bishops: +5DMG Reduction from magic attacks

  • Fixed Graphical Glitches for Innes and Joshua MAP Sprites.

  • Ismaire’s Palette improved

  • Rift Bosses will now display their proper palette instead of the generic one

  • Body Ring now has its own Icon and it’s renamed into: Arm Bracer

  • Rift6: Swapped a Talisman for an Arm Bracer. This change happened for the high-end players so that they won’t have to re-do the Valni Tower (more than 3 times) to farm this item since Valni is easy and boring at that point.

  • Skill “Lionheart” renamed into “Braveheart”

  • Critical’s description fixed to state “Double DMG” instead of “Triple DMG”

  • Various Text fixes and Patch Note fixes

New Content
  • Malkean Coast Skirmish reconstructed for new purpose.
    The map served no purpose up until now.
    For early EXP and Gold, Valni was the option. For Power ups, Rift was the option.
  • MAP changed
  • Difficulty increased(~Rift7). Players right after clearing the story will most likely get rekt.
    But players that cleared the Rift will still find it easy.
  • New easter egg boss with new drops
  • New top T2 accessory:
    The effects of this item are different each time you repeat the skirmish.
    While you can’t control the effects and it’s harder to min-max compared to other accessories, overall it’s the best T2 gear, losing only to T3 ones.
    (Read “Weapon Balance” patch notes for a few more details on its effects)
  • The skirmish now serves as a means to have faster access to a good accessory
    without having to repeat the 10 Floors of the Rift.

=====> V1.33 is out !!! <=====

Features and QoL
  • Holy Flash for these weapons: Naglfar, Dragonstone, Divinestone, Megido Flare
  • New MAP secret shop at Darkling Woods with unique stock
  • The MAP shops from Narube River are both moved to Renais Castle
  • The armory in the prep menu is now dynamic and changes stock based on area.
    Tier1 stock: Arc1 + Valni1~2
    Tier2: Arc2
    Tier3: Arc3 +Rift1
    Tier4: Valni3~8 +Rift2~5 +Malkean Coast
    Tier5: Rift6~10
    Tier6: Locked…
  • Peacemaker is now cheaper (-10,000G)
  • Rausten MAP Secret Shop small change
  • Small enemy AI fix on Legendary Duel skirmish
  • Player phase theme in Legendary Duel skirmish changed

=== UPDATE (13/07/2019) ===
=====> V1.35 is out !!! <=====

Final QoL fixes, final placeholder data
and something much requested for Oracles.

v1.35 Updates
  • Show HP recovery amount:
  • Recolored Tiles and Movement Arrow with more contrast:
    Screenshot157 Screenshot158 Screenshot159
  • Tier6 Preparation Shop unlocked in Malkean Cost:
    Contains all special and unique items of the Rift allowing you to purchase them
    without having to climb at least 4~5 floors each time.
    The catch: They cost 50% more for that “service” than buying them in the Rift.
  • Command Menu is more colorful depending on the command type:
  • Valni1 victory conditions changed:
    If you noticed on the above screenshot
    you can now clear the 1st floor (Hub) by just “seizing” the gates.
    This allows for faster access to PostGame1 without wasting time to kill all the trash enemies.
    The older “Kill all” condition also still exists so you can choose which of the 2 you want to satisfy.
  • Malkean Easter Egg boss CON and MOVE re-configured.
  • Improved Icon for Warp Staff.
  • Naglfar has a new and unique description.
  • Naglfar can now inflict Poison.
  • You can now view character growth rates in stat screen:
  • New “Talk” indicator in stat screen
  • Oracles get a new staff: Second Wind
    Refreshes units to act again but with balance limitations:
    Only in Post-game
    Costs a fortune
    You can not Refresh an ally with a buff or ailment
  • Black Temple MAP Secret Shop stock updated with the new “Second Wind” staff.
  • A lot of background changes, tweaks and updates.

V1.35.1 also fixes a potential issue with anima “Rexfrost”.
V1.35.2 small placeholder data fix. But you need it for a smooth save file transition.
V1.35.3 Valni bonus characters “Ismaire” and “Selena” are easier to get.
Ismaire joins after Floor7 and Selena joins after Floor8. No need to run the Tower 3 times.

Update V1.35 is out
and its volume is actually a +0.05 than a +0.02 but whatever.

Improves a lot of things and adds various new features.

Also a sneak peek of what the V1.50 will be about:


Screenshot165 Screenshot167
Screenshot169 Screenshot166

And yes, v1.40 content will be even more harder than the current Rift.



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I came across a bug.

It seems like Rexfrost freezes the game, but only on enemy phase. If you or the enemy uses it on player phase it’s just fine. I’m inside of the Rift right now, so I can’t test else where. I’m using VBA-M 1.8.0 and on V.1.35 of the hack.

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Can you tell me the floor?
Is it specific to an enemy or a general issue?

Also does it replicate after a restart?

I was on floor 4 of the rift, one of the sage reinforcements to the north after turn 1.

I restarted and got the same problem. Had to turn animations off to continue.

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If it happens again in another spot, tell me again.

Looking into it.

Edit: Updated the patch with v1.35.1
It should fix crashes caused by “Rexfrost”.

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I’d like to point out an issue I’m having with the weapon proficiency. It seems I’m not getting any weapon exp/level ups at all and I’m currently on chapter 10. I’d hate to have to cheat in order to bring them higher up later, is this supposed to happen, is it a glitch? An over calculation? Also not to be ironic here but the game does seem a bit too easy with just basic weapons. Any info would be appreciated! Aside from that however, I am enjoying the hack very much.

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Weapon ranks are fixed by class in this game. If you want to raise them, you have to promote, just like in FE4.

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Ahh, I see. Thanks for the response.

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Intended. Weapon Ranks are Class locked like FE4.

Ch1~8 have intentional bad AI and poor enemy placements
to give players easier time to take advantage of these weaknesses.

Ch9~15 difficulty starts to scale up with more competent enemies and commanders.

It goes like this:

I love this hack! The new maps really feel like what Sacred Stones should have been like sometimes. The crit changes are probably my favorite part. Having a unit get crit once or twice in enemy phase is still scary but it’s not an instant reset like it often was in vanilla.

The only thing that bugged me was the fact that units that didn’t move weren’t marked. It doesn’t really make sense to have the enemy range indicator when any enemy using purge/eclipse/etc. makes it impossible to use reliably.

Oh also I noticed if you’re on the map prep screen and you press A to check out a shop before you start the fight the prices reported are 50% higher than the actual prices. I’ve only tested it with Valni 1 and Narube River (ch17) maps but I’m assuming it has something to do with the convoy armory in the battle prep menu having higher prices than normal shops?

Anyway great hack! I was originally planning on just going through the story but this is so good I’m going to check out the postgame when I’m done!

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Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, others reported the same thing but
I don’t want players to know if an enemy can move or not.

You wouldn’t know such info in more real situations.
The enemy wouldn’t wave you “Hey, I can’t move”.

Instead I want players to be more flexible and plan for any enemy reaction.
Also enemy formations do give a hint on whether they move or not.
Usually enemies that don’t move are those that guard a position, passage, narrow path, boss
or act as a wall for rangers in the back.

I know what you mean. Yes this is actually an issue in vanilla too.
I don’t know anyone who knows a fix for that.
During a prep screen only
prices are 50% more, either for Armory or Map shops.
For armory it’s ok, but for map shops that’s not the case
but prices revert to normal when the fight starts. So just ignore that temporary inflation.

Which path did you take? Eirika or Ephraim?

More content incoming? Oh boy, can’t wait! Still need to finish Master Version tbh.
Replied to wrong person by mistake, no idea how to change that.

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Yes the final one, but it’s going to delay a bit
because it’s very text and event heavy.

I’d prefer you forget that thing existed.
It’s dunk bad.:stuck_out_tongue: