[FE8] Fire Emblem Sengoku : Oda v035 (WIP, up to Ch2x + prologue variation)

Latest patches plans/downloads/etc:
Latest patch (v035)
Youtube playlist(Outdated)
Prologue (Matsudaira variation)

Credits for assets

Axe and Sword armor map sprites from Map Sprite/Class Card Repository.
Battle and magic animations from the repository, namely:

[Anima](Aircalibur Rip){Mikey Seregon}
[Anima](Shaver){Blazer, BwdYeti}
[Dark](Svartr Calamity Gate){Orihara_Saki}
[T1][ARM][Knight](Vanilla +Weapons)[U]{IS, TBA, Orihara_Saki}
[T1][BOW][Archer](Der Ponytail)[M]{DerTheVaporeon}
[T1][CAV][Cavalier](SALVAGED)[M]{Team SALVAGED}
[T1][LNC][Soldier](Improved 2.0)[M]{Alusq}
[T1][LRD][Lord](Ephraim Repack +Weapons)[M]{DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211, ZoramineFae}
[T1][SWD][Thief](Cath P Repalette +Knife)[F]{Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Skitty, GabrielKnight}
[T2][AXE][Custom Axe](Marauder Mounted Brigand)[M]{Spud}
[T2][CAV][Paladin](Vanilla +Bow, Staff)[F]{IS, ltranc, Genocike, Kao, DerTheVaporeon, Primefusion}
[T2][CAV][Paladin](Vanilla +Weapons)[M]{IS, ltranc, Genocike, Kao, DerTheVaporeon, Primefusion}
[T2][LNC][Halberdier](2.0)[F]{Black Mage}
[T2][LNC][Halberdier](Dragoon v2)[M]{Mercenary Lord, NYZGamer, Pikmin1211, Maiser6}
[T2][LNC][Halberdier](Spartan)[M]{Vilkalizer, Pikmin1211}
[T2][SWD][Assassin](Jaffar - Shirt)[M]{Glenwing, SD9k}
[T2][SWD][Assassin](Ponytail +Bow)[F]{Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, SD9K}
[T2][SWD][Hero](Armored +Short Hair)[F]{flasuban, Nuramon}
[T3][CAV][Master Knight](Grand Paladin)[M](Kenpuhu, Aruka, Nuramon)
[T3][CAV][Master Knight][M]{St jack}
Screenshots of the branching

Kiyo Truce

As the name implies, this is a project inspired by the Sengoku Jidai, in other words, the Warring States Era of Japan. I considered making the hack follow multiple clans’ perspectives, but ultimately decided against it. Instead, ideally, each clan will have to get its own hack, and hopefully, this will eventually become a series, starting with the Oda clan. But the future is uncertain, and I’ll want to finish one before starting on another.

This series will obviously not follow history to the letter. As a fan of the Nobunaga’s Ambition series, I will take inspiration from it, and I will also adapt history if I think the gameplay or story will benefit from it. And also…because I’m not a specialist in japanese history, I’m just very interested by it. Some things I don’t know, others I’ve read unclear/conflicting records, and so on.

For the gameplay, the plan is for it to be more versatile. What I mean by this is, side objectives, consequences for actions/choices, a quicker pacing (you start off with 6 units in the prologue), a bigger variety in weapons, and so on. It’ll also be more difficult than vanilla FE7/8, but it’s too early in the development for me to know more. If you’re also interested in japanese history and have some ideas you think would be cool to put in the game, feel free to let me know.

A few examples: slim weapons give +3 speed and have brave effect (I was part of the Sacred Chairs team after all), all weapons have “blade” versions that give bonus to defense, the prologue is rout but it’s a competition for points, the competition’s commander will not retreat on hard mode, you NEED to win the competition on hard mode, etc.

For the writing, portraits, sprites, animations, music…I don’t know. I made 3 placeholder recolors for the title screens, and dug up an old portrait I made that is certainly not good, and that’s it. If I have time/energy/inspiration to work on this project, I’ll devote all of it to the gameplay, since that’s my thing, and trying to do anything else would drag the project down. I’ll at the very least try to offer minimal writing. I’d gladly accept help on the artistic side of things, but if I have the gameplay, I’ll release it with vanilla assets for all I care.

For development pacing…it will be what it will be, since I intend to handle that by myself. Particularly since I already participated in a completed hack, I don’t feel any pressure to complete this. I’m enthusiastic but I’ll play it safe and not let it drain me, especially since I have a tendency to get impulsive while designing gameplay, so I’ll be more careful about that.

Since I tend to work impulsively on gameplay, keeping detailed changelogs, looking around for assets, getting some PR going, and the like are things I’m bad at. I’ll welcome help on project management and the artistic fronts, but be ready for delegation on those, as I get tunnel vision. This hack is being made with FEBuilder.

Lastly, please do give feedback on the gameplay, it’ll be much appreciated. Especially if it’s a bug, those are always there no matter how bug-free I think it is. Hope you enjoy.


Are there any screenshots? It would help out a lot .


There’s just 2 chapters worth of material for screenshots, and nothing aesthetic was changed, so I figured that the videos would be more than good enough, both for those who want to watch the full chapters or just catch a glimpse of it. But I’ll add some later then, thanks for mentioning it.

This sounds interesting.

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Updated to v025. Text changes, small cutscene fixes, small gameplay changes in Ch1 in the form of branching possibilities and class changes.

EDIT: Finally made some screenshots.

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Updated first post to v031. Chapter 2 is done. Fixed and changed some things in the previous chapters. Added all (planned) custom animations, credits will be in the first post. Adjusted some classes’ stats. Fixed some effectivenesses.

Known issues:
-Destroyed villages have the closed gate tile on them, this is to prevent a side-effect from an applied patch, will try to fix it later.
-The ring effects display japanese text, expected since they’re unused in FE8. Will come up with names later.

Sound very promising, what are the branches implying in the screenshots?

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I gave this a spin and was pleasantly surprised. I played on Hard mode, and have yet to explore all branching paths, but I did clear all 3 chapters.

The gameplay is solid. It’s punishing, but at the same time offers versatility in how you can/want to tackle the maps. The way the branching works - through active gameplay choices instead of “yes-no” textboxes - is also a nice twist. Speaking of twists, each map has a surprise to it to keep the player on their toes, and I approve of this.

I understand this hack is still early in development, but I do have some suggestions on things you might want to add, change and double-check:

  • As someone who really is not familiar with Japanese history at all, the name-dropping at the world map cutscene can be a little overwhelming. Of course, since the assets are placeholders as of now, I’m not sure how useful it is to highlight the areas when they’re introduced similar to vanilla FE8. I guess you removed the highlights to avoid confusion, so make of this what you will.

  • The first map is probably my favorite of the three. Having to compete with the other clan works really well as an anti-turtling incentive. I didn’t manage to defeat their leader, but made enemies of them by killing one of their guys. The civilians are surprisingly resilient, so they’re not in as big of a danger as what one might think. They can still die, but it takes time. I have to say that the boss is actually pretty scary. I don’t have much in terms of WTA except the merc that gets doubled, and baiting the guy with anyone else means I have to risk a crit because the boss is a berserker. Maybe make him a warrior instead?

  • Longbows - I love them. Took me a while to get used to the increased range, but that’s completely on me. These longbows allow what otherwise would be a sitting duck on a gate be a threat. I didn’t expect there to be a twist, too bad it came a bit too late in my opinion (I had killed most of my now former enemies and new allies), unless that’s how you intended it to be instead of being a turn-based event. Also, not only is there a useful green unit, but they’re a knight of all classes? Color me impressed.
    What would I change is the village position. It’s currently not very accessible for Nobuhide, and considering what you get from there, I’d say Nobuhide needs it more.

  • As for the third chapter, the new reinforcements and player units appear in a weird spot in my opinion. The green units got destroyed and my second healer died before the turn 12 event. I like the idea, but I think you could move some of the enemies from behind the player to their front (closer to where you started). This way the latter part of the map would have more to do than simply outrun the enemy. Maybe add a couple of forts and have one of the enemy commanders say how they have units waiting in there, so they can trap you. Just a thought. That Berserk staff is also pretty nasty, I’m not sure if it’s absolutely necessary.

  • In general I found the Blades and Yari to be a bit underwhelming. Compared to Lances, the Yari deals only +1 damage, and unless it’s Nobuhide who’s using it, I get doubled, meaning the defense buff I get doesn’t do me any favors. Example: when Lance is equipped, I take 8 damage. When Yari is equipped, I take 5*2 damage - Yari is so heavy Katsuie gets doubled. Same thing with Nobuzane and the Iron Blade. The defense buff is not very useful because I get doubled and take more damage that way. Perhaps decrease the weight on these weapons and/or increase the Mt so that there’s a more clear trade-off? As for Nobuhide, I’d argue there are better weapons for him anyway, like the Slim Lance that allows him to attack 4 times.

  • Mages seem to be really good in comparison to other units. On top of having 1-2 range they don’t have the same hit rate issues like melee units do. Aside from some exceptions the hitrates seem to be somewhere in the 60-70+ range even with WTA, whereas mages have 80+. Mages also have really good damage output in general, what with Wind doubling and Fire dealing effective damage on cavalry, and the enemy not having many magic users /good or high resistance units themselves.

  • Some of the player units could use a little buffs or stat changes. The fighter could use more Strength, for example. Considering he’s not very fast to begin with, so you want to make every hit count. Right now the merc outclasses him in all but HP (and Con) - at least in my case he did. These two seem to have a similar stats spread in the first place, so you might want to change things up a bit. Speaking of unit balance, the Pikeman green unit in Ch2 seems to be clearly stronger than the brigand despite being lower level.
    pikeman brigand

That’s all for now. Hope this helps!

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Details about the branching

-You can make a truce with the Matsudaira clan or not. If you do, you can’t directly fight them, only compete with and try to get more points than them. If you don’t, you can also attack them to make it harder for them to get points. This choice has repercussions later.
-On normal mode, Kiyoyasu leaves the map, but on hard mode he stays.
-Minor: If you get more points than them, you get an extra reward at the end. On hard mode, if you get less points, you fail the chapter. The villages also give red gems, which affect your general funding.

Chapter 1:
-You can ignore the western castle or not. If you do, and Tadamasa is still alive when you approach the eastern castle, he and the Mizuno forces will become green units. If you don’t and killed Tadamasa, the Mizuno will remain as enemies. If at most 6 Mizuno soldiers were killed, you also get a reward. This choice has repercussions later.
I also had initially planned to make it so if Masatoyo survived the chapter, there would be repercussions. But that wasn’t done since it’s virtually impossible for him to survive, and it would depend entirely on luck. Unsure if I want to come up with something else or leave it like that.

Chapter 2:
-There are 4 magic units in the map initially. If you kill 3 of them, Nobuhide will suspect enemy reinforcements are on the way. They also have droppable tomes/staves.
-If Nobuhide suspected enemy reinfocements, when they arrive, allied units get buffs and enemies get negative status effects, making it easier for you to fight/avoid them. If Nobuhide didn’t suspect reinforcements, some allied units will get negative status effects and the enemies will gain buffs, making it more difficult to fight them.
-There are two villages in the map. When you visit one, Hirotada will promote, his choice depends on which village you visited first. If you do not visit any, he will remain unpromoted and drops his Hero Crest if you defeat him.
-(Uncertain if I’ll keep this one) Defeating Ujiteru may have repercussions later.
-If by the end of the prologue, a truce was active, Nobutaka can be recruited in this chapter.
-(May change this one)If Tadamasa survived chapter 1, you will receive Mizuno reinforcements, including a playable unit (Tadashige) in this chapter.


  • As you might have noticed, writing is really not my strong point. Most of the dialogue is minimalistic and just goes as far as getting the point across. I wanted the world map cutscene to serve as an introduction, it briefly mentions what’s commonly considered the start of the Sengoku Jidai (The Onin War), then focuses on the Oda clan. It initially said a lot more, detailing what happened in the Onin War, what happened to each faction when it ended, included other clans that bordered the Oda, as well as other major clans at the time. But I cut that out, and I’m obviously biased so I’ll definitely listen to suggestions about the writing, though I think any less than that would leave the player a little blindsided to what’s around them. Ideally, I’d have it be more like vanilla in the artistic part, having the world map instead be a map of Japan (or at least showing the regions the Oda clan historically affected) and highlighting the countries as they are mentioned, but currently that’s beyond me.

  • For Yaemon (the bandit boss in the prologue) I am aware it’s scary to take an attack from him. His defenses aren’t good though, and you can always let the NPCs take the attacks and weaken him, then take the kill yourself. That’s more of the intention there really, even though you can take him on by yourself with some luck.

  • The event and the Mizuno rebellion can be triggered either by approaching the eastern castle (that fort in the middle of the map is essentially the line) or by killing Tadamasa, so it’s completely dependant on the player’s actions. The reason I put that village there is because Nobuhide is already pretty strong. The other lance user (Katsuie) is more likely to be in the lower group to get it, and they face more enemies so it gives him more defense if needed.

  • The reinforcements are more of a geographical thing, I guess. I did consider making them spawn where the player starts, but it wouldn’t make sense for them to appear behind the player given how the Imagawa are to the southeast. Besides, I think it’s already challenging enough to avoid them where they are, it might get a bit too annoying to have to go through them too. The chapter is more of a gauge, the player can take risks (continuing the attack even after being warned, trying to get Nagachika and Hirotada’s droppables, trying to fight the reinforcements, etc) and possibly struggle running away, or play it safe (falling back when reinforcements are predicted, using the NPCs as bait, using the light rune, etc) and have little trouble dealing with them. There’s also more to the reinforcements, explained in the spoiler about branching. I understand the Berserk might seem excessive, but if the player plays cautiously, they likely won’t be at risk from it, otherwise there’s what’s in the spoiler.

  • I’ll agree the +def weapons are more situational. They work better on units who’d wouldn’t double anyway, get doubled anyway, or already have good enough defense that the +3 essentially makes them take no damage. Steel and silver versions give +5 and +7 respectively, so I think it’s a bit too early to decide to change the numbers, but it’s definitely something I’m considering. I also might provide more Body Rings to make them more usable if the player wants to, or something.

  • I’m trying to make it a bit of a clan identity sort of thing. The Matsudaira being more melee oriented, the Mizuno having more bulky units, the Imagawa being more magic and bow oriented, that kind of thing. Certainly against the Matsudaira, mages are very useful, but they will deal less damage against mage-heavy clans when you face those.

  • Nobuzane and Nobumitsu probably need some help, yeah. But I’m considering alternatives to buffing their stats, so I’ll see how that goes first. The pikeman isn’t a generic unit, so it doesn’t seem too strange he’d be stronger than one.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, glad to know you found it enjoyable.


So if this is based on Sengoku era, then…


Does that mean Mitsuhide would be the final boss/final hack in the series to be released?

Usually I wouldn’t spoil part of the plot, but given that there’s a long way to go until it gets there and things may change (besides, it’s based on history anyway), I’ll say some ideas I have.

Things I have in mind for that part

-I might have Mitsuhide be sort of a Zephiel in FE6, as in the final boss if you fail to complete certain conditions.
-I might make it so the Honnoji incident can be averted, and from them on follow a fictional story as if Nobunaga survived.
-I might make it so for one map, you play as the Akechi. Afterwards the story may branch, with the player being able to continue playing as the Akechi, or one of the other major Oda retainers.

Those are the current top ideas for that incident. I’m not too sure I want to extend the story much longer than that, since that was when the Oda clan’s decline started and the hack is supposed to focus on them. I’d rather save the post-Honnoji for a Matsudaira/Tokugawa version.

On the other hand, I like what-ifs so I’m inclined to entertain the idea for at least a chapter or two, maybe to give different endings or a sort of cliffhanger to make players want to play other versions.

Note that Japan culture was very similar to China’s so there may not be axes in it i think
Ancient times is monarchy? If u watched history of japan in x minutes video
Oh and japan army has a whole bunch of samurai and archer i think (Yeah like hoshido)
And its common for samurais to commit suicide of a very painful way (rip stomach) (can be used as an apology wtf) due to honor i think
And theres a friend to cut his head to end his suffering
Theres a very unique japan style castle like very high and something
And I think I saw somewhere japan army take a lot of flags to war
Oh and they use katana and naginatas (yeah curved blades) so maybe u need tp change the weapon icons (painful artworking)

Made a patch that changes up the prologue. Instead of playing as the Oda and competing with the Matsudaira, now it’s the other way around. Did you only win the original prologue because the Oda have a natural advantage, or because your tactics were superior? Now you can prove that.

Patch added to the first post as a “spinoff” since I don’t plan on making that be part of the potential Matsudaira/Tokugawa version of the Sengoku series.

Now whether to make a truce or not is up to the NPCs, not you. If they initiate an attack against you, there’s no room for negotiations and you’ll have to fight. But if one of the Oda dies before attacking you, they will go for the truce instead. You can trigger this too, since the truce is refused only if they initiate.

Changed some other things for gameplay purposes. Kiyoyasu’s been nerfed, buffed some of the Oda’s weaker units, switched the endings, and Kiyoyasu’s retreat was reversed (he retreats on hard mode but not on normal mode), and added some events to fit the allegiance reversal.

You can play the other 2 chapters if you want, but weird things will probably happen.

Updated to v035, changes:

-Added recolors for most (all aside from the first boss, unless I forgot someone else) named units
-Added another chapter, 2x
-Some tweaks to chapter 2, I recommend replaying it otherwise getting Ch2x is virtually impossible, also to see the new ending scene

Info on chapter 2x

-To get the possibility of playing this chapter, Ujiteru has to be defeated in Ch2. With the update, that’s much more feasible (if you fulfill a certain side-objective in it).
-Even if Ujiteru is defeated, you still have the option of skipping Ch2x.
-If you do not skip, all units deployed in Ch2x will be unavailable for the next chapter.
-You can’t deploy Nobuhide nor Masahide (your prepromotes) in Ch2x.
-Named enemy units you defeat in Ch2x will join your party, though they won’t be avaiable for a while. You won’t get them if an NPC defeats them.
-Villages grant the visitor a level up instead of items.
-You can retreat from Ch2x whenever you want, and that will clear the chapter.

This chapter is intended as an opportunity to get some extra units (which might be challenging if you bring weak units) and free experience in villages (for units that you want to give a chance but haven’t been able to give them much exp yet), though it comes at the cost of them being unavailable for one chapter. You’ll have to decide if you think it’s worth it.

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