[FE8] [Complete] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance


The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

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What is it?

It is a reskin and rebalance of Sacred Stones using classes and music from all 3 GBA games, a few new custom classes with new animations, new spells, a skill system and some quality of life improvements made by people much more knowledgeable than me from the hacking community. Vanilla campaign was not altered, but difficulty has been slightly raised. Units also receive slightly more EXP from special actions, such as healing and dancing. All of these changes are aimed at making Sacred Stones feel fresh and more challenging, while not altering the story. This project was heavily inspired by Sir Serenes’ Reskin and Seal’s Sacred War hack. There are two versions, one with random growths on level up and one with fixed growths similar to FE9. Read this for more information.

What was changed?

  • Fado and Vigarde are now true kings (Zephiel)
  • Ismaire is a blade lord (Lyn)
  • Caellach is an armor lord (Hector)
  • Seth is a knight lord (Eliwood)
  • Riev is a dark druid (Nergal)
  • Hayden is removed because nobody cares about him and is replaced by Mansel, who is an archsage (Athos)
  • Kyle is our boy (Roy - master lord). I know, unexpected
  • Added animations to the phantoms
  • Amelia is a soldier and can be promoted to halberdier (using knight’s crest)
  • Orson now has an exclusive custom class called grand paladin
  • Selena now has an exclusive custom class called dark knight
  • Knights, generals, great knights and kings move 1 additional tile
  • Ephraim and Eirika both have an alternative infantry promotion
  • Trainees join you automatically promoted (Ross-pirate; Amelia-soldier; Ewan-shaman)
  • Magic system revamped with new spells. With the exception of siege tomes, wind spells have low mt and 2-3 range. Fire spells have average stats and 1-2 range. Thunder spells have high crit and are locked to melee range.
  • Added generic female enemy units for more diversity. It always bugged me how 99% of the women of this franchise only fight for the player.
  • I manually edited every enemy in the game to improve them by increasing base stats, level or giving them better equipment (in a similar fashion to Seal’s hack). Bosses have been buffed and are no longer a joke
  • Since stealing doesn’t seem to work with the new skill system, more enemies will drop items
  • Since Valter and Glen are the only creature campaign characters to not have custom classes, I gave Glen the ability to use bows and Valter the ability to use axes
  • Armory and shop inventories have been improved so you will have access to better weapons earlier in the game
  • Every ally joins your army with at least the same level of the enemies on the map. No more low-level L’Arachels joining too little too late
  • Some of the monsters have custom animations too
  • All weapons in the game only give 1 point of weapon EXP. Your units will have to train hard if they want to brandish those legendary weapons
  • Units gain support points by being up to 3 tiles away from each other

Quality of life changes

  • Simple HP bars (by Circles and Zane)
  • Skill system (by Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Blaze,Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1)
  • Show Heal Amount (by Tequila)
  • Map Danger Zone (by Circles)
  • Monster Weapon Display (by Brendor)
  • Colored stats, growth and talk display (by Tequila)
  • Increased EXP from staves, dancing, stealing and summoning (by 7743)
  • Gain support at various distances (by Venno)

Some screenshots


This is my first FE hack, and as such, be advised that you will probably may run into bugs and unexpected behavior while playing it. I would like any bugs to be reported, but I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to fix them. This project was done using FEBuilder and with no prior hacking knowledge. Also, english is not my first language, so typos are also a possibility. Since I have not done a lot of modifications, I don’t expect any crazy bugs to happen. hopefully


  • Our lord and savior 7743 for FEBuilder
  • Sir Serenes for the idea and palettes for Riev
  • TBA, Arch, Skitty and Temp for phantom animations
  • IS, Hairyblob and Maiser6 for quicker Zephiel animations
  • IS and Blademaster for Athos animations
  • TR143 for fixed growth mode
  • Temp and sniper_zero for Eliwood repalette and ranged Durandal animation
  • Alusk for alternative soldier hover and moving animations
  • Spud for soldier Amelia animations
  • Spud, TBA, Black Mage, Temp and Wan for halberdier Amelia animations
  • Brady Shinners for the animation database
  • St jack, Seal and Sacred War for ballista animations
  • Iscaneus and Nuramon for knight animations
  • TBA for brigand animations
  • Glenwing and MK404 for fighter animations
  • SALVAGED team and flasuban for cavalier animations
  • IS, Circles, Kao and Marlon0025 for Tethys animations
  • Alusq and Maiser6 for mercenary animations
  • TBA, DerTheVaporeon and Nuramon for general animations
  • TBA and Maiser6 for berserker animations
  • Nuramon, Swain and Temp for sniper animations
  • Nuramon for wyvern lord animations
  • Keks_Krebs, Peerless and SD9K for assassin animations
  • Swain for hero animations
  • IS and Glenwing for swordmaster animations
  • Kenpuhu, Aruka and Nuramon for grand paladin custom class and animations
  • Alusq for better soldier animations
  • CamTech075, LisandraBrave, Zane, Zelix and Lord Glenn for custom icons
  • Arkth for Deathgoyle custom animations
  • Yangfly for kawaii blader animations
  • Nuramon for infantry great lord Ephraim animations
  • Teraspark, Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon for dark knight animations
  • Seal for legion, elder tarvos and gazer animations
  • BwdYeti for elthunder animation
  • SHYUTER for forblaze animation
  • Blazer and Jubby for meteor animation
  • Arch for static, wind and tornado animations
  • Seal for tons of stuff like custom icon, map sprites, class cards and battle backgrounds. I cannot stress how awesome he is for making all of this available
  • Klokinator for putting many custom animations and map sprites in a single, easy to find place
    *dondon151, Sephie, Teraspark, Arch, RobertFPY and HyperGammaSpaces for many card classes and map sprites

Future Plans

  • Maybe make legendary weapons unbreakable?
  • I intend to make Lagdou Ruins a high-level challenge area for post-game activity.


Version 1.9 is out. It was brought to my attention that there was an invencible monster in Tower of Valni 5. As of this version, that is no longer the case. I made original map sprites for female summoners too. I also started editing Lagdou ruins, but since I had to release this version to addres the Tower of Valni bug, only the first 2 levels are ready.

Version 1.10 is out. I forgot to remove Riev and Selena from the prologue in version 1.9 :frowning:


Version 2.0 is out. Lagdou Ruins is now open for business. There are some nasty enemies over there, so go prepared and well stocked. The chest in Lagdou Ruins 10 has a 10% chance to contain each of the sacred weapons. Enemies here will also have new, powerful weapons and spells. I reworked Riev’s palettes so they better resemble his vanilla bishop portrayal. He also has a new critical animation and makes sounds when he attacks. He can also use staves now. Mansel has better sounds when he attacks. Selena cannot use light anymore, but she can use dark now. I felt like it fit her better, since she is from Grado. I made original map sprites for female wyvern knights. Berserker map sprites have been changed. Forblaze’s animation has been changed so it looks more like the one from FE6. Tethys was grossly unbalanced in previous version, especially in Eirika’s route. That is now fixed. I am aware of units gaining massive amounts of weapon exp upon promotion and I intend to fix this in the next version.


Version 2.1 is out. This version is experimental. I need to test whether Stan’s patch is working properly. The campaign is only done up to chapter 8 . Changes in this version include a lot of new animations and map sprites for female thieves, brigands and fighters. Myrmidon animations have been changed to the new ones. Myrrh got a taste of the nerf hammer. She is now considered a promoted unit, so she won’t get tons of experience. Her dragonstone’s buffs have been tuned down a little bit so she isn’t so broken with unlimited uses. Would appreciate people helping me test this version.


Version 2.2 is out. It gave me a ton of work, but all enemies were edited again to have the duplicated classes with higher weapon ranks. Allied units retain vanilla classes with vanilla weapon ranks, so there should be no more massive weapon exp gain on promotion, while enemies can still use better weapons (God, I really hope so). I also played version 2-1 for over an hour and run into no game-breaking issues, so I think Stan’s patch is working correctly. Other changes in this version include scripted melee animations for snipers using the short bow, improved palettes for most enemies, new enemy classes such as halberdiers and female heroes, pirates, thieves, fighters, rogues, brigands, knights, generals, warriors and berserkers. I also replaced the vanilla myrmidon animations with the new ones. Also included better animations for some of the skills (thanks again, Street Hero). I wonder if I’ll finally be able to sit down and play my hack…


Version 2.3 is out. Just a quick update to include SALVAGED team’s awesome and newly released custom paladin animations. I also took the opportunity to update great lord Eirika’s palettes and the palettes of some enemies that were still a little bit off. Since it’s just a graphical update, no worries about compatibility.


Version 2.4 is out. Another quick graphical update. I made better map sprites for infantry great lord Eirika and also corrected her palettes, which for some reason FEBuilder wasn’t applying correctly. I also changed soldier Amelia’s map sprites back to the vanilla ones, since her custom sprites were honestly not looking too hot. It is now possible to save in Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins. Sorry for updating so frequently, guys :>_<:


Version 2.5 is out. Fixed a pretty serious issue where Pablo was freezing the game on Eirika’s chapter 13. Also corrected the lvl 31 swordmaster on Ephraim’s chapter 19. Replaced the vanilla stat screen background with a custom one made by LordGlenn. Also improved infantry great lord Eirika’s map sprites again (my spritework is actually getting decent).

Please let me know if I falied to properly credit someone.

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Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

Hey, loving the hack so far, but I do have a question. Why does the thunder tome only have a range of one? Also Kyle seems to OP.


Glad to hear it. Thunder tome only has 1 range because of the revamped magic system. Wind spells have low mt and 2-3 range, fire spells have average stats and 1-2 range and thunder spells have high crit but are locked to melee range. Also, Kyle is OP because he is already a promoted unit, and all promoted units have buffed bases (including enemies).


[Insert meme about filters here]

You know, jokes aside, rebalances have become rather interesting nowadays. With the abundance of community resources and ease of access with modern tools, there’s always a few folks who want to spruce up the base games rather than create something new and original. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just saying the idea of doing so has evolved over time (or rather, again, become more accessible). From simple edits to stats, growths, etc. in nightmare, to stuff like this. I could be wrong about that “evolved” part, but it’s just an observation I made after seeing Sacred War, and now this.


You’re right about many things. I only started rom hacking because 7743 made it so easy with FEBuilder. Also, there is so much cool custom free to use stuff made by the community that I couldn’t help myself and used them. I do intend to make an original hack though. This was my first project, so I could get to know the tools and their limitations.

But I did not undertand what you meant by filters.


I really admire that mindset. Starting out with something somewhat simple to get yourself ready for any future endeavors. Others usually try to dive headfirst into it, but taking it slow at times is also important.

(Oh, and filters are how the sprites are smoothed out in the screenshots. Just a little in-joke since not everyone likes them.)


Yay I’m useful :smiley:


My game is bugged. Chapter 19: Last Hope, during the cutscene where the castle is invaded, it stops. The guard is standing there and the dark shaman (might be riev) is standing next to him. The game continues and the sprites execute their idle motion but no dialogue or action can be taken. If i try to bypass the cutscene, the screen goes black. This is repeatable no matter how many times I enter chapter 19. Any insight would be great… so close to finishing the story. Would hate to have to restart.

Additional Information:

  • A lot of the character mugs get distorted along with the portrait sprites. (Only during particular cutscenes)
  • I have tried different copies of the rom and patched them with NUPS.

If you decide to look into this, let me know if you would like a copy of the save file or any additional information/screenshots


Alright, please send me your save file so I can experience from my end. I’m currently on Eirika’s chapter 17 and I only experienced an issue with the ending cutscenes of chapter 16.


Actually, I think I already found the problem. That druid had a different character ID than the one used for the scripted fight. I uploaded a new version with the fix, so please try it and tell me what happens.

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That fixed it! Thanks, for the extremely speedy hotfix, much appreciated! Back to playing the rest of the patch features

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does completing lagdu ruins give glen fado n lyon still and if yes which floors should i complete in order to get em?


Yes, you can unlock them the same way you would in vanilla SS. I don’t remember right now what are the requirements for them all, but I do remember Lyons requires completing the Lagdou Ruins 3 times.