[FE8] Stones of a Divine Dragon V1.3 is no longer being updated ever. Plot is fully explained in 1st post

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This project has been approx 6 months in the making. And like most here I’ve always wanted to make a Fire Emblem game, and this is my first draft of one! It’s build on the idea on the original FE8 one of my favorite games. I’ve made several smaller games in RPG Maker VX/Ace/Mv but only released one/two, I’ve also written a 50 page murder short story and released that. So I some experience in this regard, but nevertheless I do hope you throughly enjoy playing this as much as I did making it!

Game Plot


It’s the year 803 in an Alternate Universe from the original Magvel. King Vigarde is very much
alive and the twins Eirika and Ephraim leave Renais to visit their friend Prince Lyon in Grado.

In Grado Prince Lyon has met a young… woman? dragon? both. Her name is Idunn. She hails
from a different continent of Elibe, and she brings a weapon of immeasureable power. She informs
Lyon her brother is here in Magvel… Her brother who has been long lost to her… Her brother who
was sealed away 800 years ago by Lyon’s ancestor Grado the 1st.

Lyon, Eirika and Ephraim travel across Magvel to stop the Resurrection of the Demon King
Fomortiis, the only way to stop his revival is the destruction of the Sacred Stones. Of course,
who would destroy their national treasures so easily? War is here. Peace was so easy, if not
for the stubborness of mankind.


  • Chapters 1-13 completed! Chapter 25 is the finale.

  • Unpromoted Stats cap is now 25 (from 20).
    Promoted Units can reach up to 40!

  • Weapon balancing to make ~sense~
    No more Promotion items except the MASTER SEAL.
    Modern Weapons Tier have been added between Steel and Silver tier.
    (ex: Iron, Steel, Modern, Silver, Legendary)

  • Eirika, Ephraim and Lyon get their promotion items much earlier.

  • Some weapons give stat boosts, Rapier grants Str+2, Def+1. Reginlief grants Str+2, Spd +1.
    Duel Sword gives Str/Def+2 and is effective vs Fighters/Warriors.
    Duel Axe gives Skl/Spd+2 and is effective vs Myrmidons and Swordmasters.

  • Thieves have their own weapon type! The Daggers, they are 1-2 range, low might high crit!

  • Bows have 2-3 range!

  • Magic has been tweaked allowing more variety.
    Thunder Bolt is an Anima tome with 2-3 range.
    White Light is a light magic tome that ignores Resistances! Monk/Bishop only.
    Black Shld is a dark tome that grants the user +3def/res during combat, at the cost of only having 1 range.
    And MAAAANY more!

  • Several new classes!
    Sacean: A horseback archer who pelts enemies with critical hits!
    Marauder: Warriors have been granted a powerful stead! Wielding axes and bows!
    Light/Heavy Cavaliers: Wielding Swords or Axes they are speedy or heavy.
    Wizard: Promoted dark mage that focuses on high speed!

  • Updated Classes!
    Generals now can wield Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows!
    Dancers now have swords!
    Wyverns are now modern with Axes and no spears!
    Pegasus Knights can promote into Hawk Knight, a more balanced version of the Falcoknight.
    Promoted Classes now grant +30% growth rate to further their own strengths!

And of course Maaaany more changes!





Updated 12/08/2018
I attempt to update it every other Saturday, (Bi-weekly patches) but sometimes RL gets in the way.

Playable only until Ch.13, next Bi-weekly (now into week 3) patch is 12/29/18 Hoping for Ch.16 to be done by then!
This patch added Belle a new character, Removed Warrior Class, Added Supports, and Buffed horses!


Inside contains the UPS Patch
Character Growth Rates (spoilers it’s in order you recruit them)
Classes Max Stats
Item Changes
Version Changes/Updates

Known Bugs / Features not fixes yet

  • Custom Weapons Icons sometimes get glitched out and display a different icon.
  • Promoted Lyon is treated as a monster, so Monster Slaying weapons are effective against him, including the Bishop passive skill Slayer.
  • Pressing Start to skip through text sometimes causes units to not spawn, or spawns them in a different
    location. Advised to use the B button to skip through texts.

I really hope you guys enjoy this game!
Any feedback bad or good is welcome!


Final Notes for the Game:

	FE8x: Stones of a Divine Dragon
		Version 1.3.0 (unchanged/unupdated)
		Final Update 12/08/2018 -> This post is 10/3/2019

So this as most other first hacks starts as a remake of a FE game you love. After a while of doing this and remixing the story, I finally feel like I fully understand the program and realized this was more of a test game. As I progressed I realized work had to much of a influence on my life so I halted this hack. After a long time I realized I can’t finish this hack and I need to make my own from my own ideas not piggybacked off FE8. So sorry for the super late update, but I will post all my Dev Notes / Plot down below.

Ch.14: Final Decree

  • I don’t remember if this was in the demo or not but basically Gilroy kills King Hayden and takes over Frelia. Innes finds out and the party charges the castle. Talon (Gilroy’s first man) is guarding the castle and dies this chapter.

Ch.15: King of Frelia

  • Final showdown with Gilroy, he finds his fathers bow in the castle and it resonated with him as a Hero of the Divine Dragons and broke the seal of the Cursed Axe Gilroy wields (gifted from Formortiis). Gilroy dies, Innes is crowned king of Frelia. During this time Pablo attacked Rausten and killed Ponitfex Mansel and turns Rausten into a country of the dead. The monsters roam the countryside killing all who remains among the living and Pablo sits on the throne.

Ch.16: Night at Renvall (Fog of War oddoneBoo)

  • Innes stays in Frelia and Lyon and gang return home to Grado. One week passes and King Vigarde + Fado decide to meet and determine what’s next. On the way to Renvall, Innes rejoins you with promise of finishing this war against Fomortiis. Resting at Renvall you are attacked by assassins from Fomortiis.
  • During the passing week Valter delivers Fomortiis to Lagdou Ruins. Deep inside he opens the coffin and revives his general Lagdou. They then return to Rausten to gather power.

Ch.17: Last Meeting

  • Lyon and Vigarde meet Seth + Fado in Serafew. After a war council, Fado declares full war with Grado and he won’t hold anything back. Fado gives Grado 1 week to prepare for full scale or unconditional surrender of all territories to Renais. Fado admits after this he will take back Rausten and reign supreme as the one ruler of Magvel. Vigarde denies the “peace” treaty, and gives Fado one day for his war to start.
  • Next day Vigarde and Fado meet on the battlefield of Serafew. Being seperated from Lyon and his retainers the two kings clash. Fado kills Vigarde and leave the battlefield with Seth. Vigarde knowing his demise left a note granting Lyon the two sacred weapons.

Ch.18: Blood Plains

  • Orson takes the field as Lyon + Frelia + Jehanna armies charge Renais castle. Over a long day alot of bodies are left on the fields coating them red and Lyon emerges victorious killing Orson.

Ch.19: Home

  • Ephraim and Eirika return to Renais finding it empty of their father and Seth. Subduing the rest of the castle guards Grado takes over Renais now ruling all kingdoms of Magvel save Rausten. So they turn their eyes turn Rausten to face Pablo, Fomortiis, Valter, Quasar, Valni and Lagdou.

Ch.20 Land of the Dead

  • Upon reaching Rausten the entire countryside is now dead and void of life. The undead armies roam the land and Lyon pushes through them to reach Rausten Castle. After the hordes of undead he confronts Pablo. With Gleipnir Lyon breaks the Cursed Tome holding Pablo and kills him.

Ch.21: Dragons Peak

  • Lyon climbs the final mountain before the castle of Rausten and meets valter and his armies of Draco Zombies. At the end of the battle Valter falls before the team

Ch.21x: Wizard of Misfortune

  • Quasar is guarding the Rausten Castle gates assigned by Fomortiis. He doesn’t believe the Demon King is in the right and accidently ends up fighting Lyon and perishing by his hand.
  • If this gaiden isn’t taken when Lyon reaches the castle it is empty and they head to the Black Temple,
  • After Quasars death, Idunn senses her brother back at the Black Temple formerly the Dragon Shrine. They obtain the Sacred Twins of Rausten as well.

Ch.22: Black Temple

  • Idunn joins the party as a Swordmaster.
  • Guarding the gates is Valni and Lagdou. After pushing through the hordes of undead they encounter the two generals. Idunn tries to breaks the bond between them and Fomortiis, bringing their powers from that of a God to a normal human, but Morva intervenes stating it would waste to much energy. He uses his lifeforce as a divine dragon to shatter their power and brings them to that of a normal human.
  • Lyon and crew kills Valni and Lagdou and enters the Black Temple.

Ch.23: Father

  • Just inside the temple Fado is awaiting his children. He carries the true sacred weapon of Renais. A combined Sieglinde and Siegmund. Fado states this wasn’t his true wish. He was told of a prophecy that Magvel would go underfire from the Divine Dragons in the near future. And the only way to stop the catastrophe and emerge alive is for all of Magvel to be united under one ruler. Fado took that rule and willingly became the villian and let Fomortiis do his deeds unhindered so that they would be as one and he can stop the Divine Dragons from wiping out all life.
  • Lyon, Idunn, Ephraim, Eirika, Innes, L’Arachel, and Joshua confront Fado in battle challenging his ideals. When all seemed lost Idunn reverted into a dragon form and using the technique of Morva sacrificed her lifeforce to stop Fado.
  • Before his death Fado tells them that Seth was visited by a divine dragon and this was all his plan. He went along with it because he truly believed that was the path of victory. He wishes his children well and hopes they can succed where he failed. Fado finally passes away.
  • Idunn survived her lifeforce bomb but is fragile and can’t walk. Further in the temple the party goes to end this once and for all.

Ch.24: Arise, Demon King

  • Finally confronting Fomortiis, the party uses the 8 Sacred Weapons + the Secret Weapon of Renais (the one Fado had), and the Sacred Stones combined into the power of the Binding Blade to strike the Demon King. After it struck him the binding blade broke and the Demon King flew into a frenzy. The party must fight him now.
  • Severly weakened from the blade the Demon King succumbed to it’s power and reverted back into Fomortiis the Divine Dragon. With his memory and conscioness back he healed Idunn and joins their party. He admits his power is weaker now then before, but to regain more of it he started opening the Dragons Door in this temple. He planned to call dragons into this realm and slaughter them stealing their power so his Demon King self could rule both realms.
  • Fomortiis said the door was extremely powerful so he needed the lifeforce of a country to open it so he took over Rausten. He says the door is open now, but someone needs to call them through before any Dragons appear so we have time to close it. Fomortiis also says there is one man awaiting them at the doorway. Someone so powerful the Demon King chose not to fight him and let him walk on by.
  • The party journeys to the Dragons Door for their final battle.

Ch.25: The 2nd Crusader of Magvel

  • Seth appears at the Dragons Door. He greets the party and confirms what Fomortiis says. Seth says a Divine Dragon appeared before him and granted him the power to slay dragons which was only met for the Demon King, but Seth planned on slaying the entire Dragon Race, more specifially the Divine Dragons to free the world from their clutches. All over the world Seth has heard stories of the war between humans and dragons. dragon and dragons. And it never ended well for anyone. Wishing to end that cycle the Divine Dragons placed on this planet he vowed to kill them all.
  • Seth acknowledges he alone doesn’t have the power to kill all the dragons. He is but a single man granted magical powers beyond human understanding. He tells Ephraim and Eirika he planned this with Fado to unite Magvel under Grado or Renais rule, training them in the process to become Natural Crusaders instead of him being a Dragons Crusader. Seth sees their power and resolve and states it might be enough to stop the dragons from wiping out the world. But he needs one final test for them to make sure.
  • Seth challenges the party to battle and revives the 12 Deadlords as his battalion.
    Valni, Lagdou, Fado, Vigarde, Hayden, Ismaire, Mansel, Pablo, Gilroy, Valter, Quasar and Carlyle are Revived as his Deadlords. The final battle Begins.
  • After the battle Seth loses happily telling the Twins and Lyon he’s glad they’ve grown so strong they killed a Dragonslayer. He says in the vision he got for the future He knew his death was here, and it had to be them to give it inorder for the future of Magvel to be prosperous away from dragons rule. Seth lays down for the final time.

Finale: Heavenly Descent

  • After the battle with Seth Myrrh the Divine Dragon emerges from the Dragons Gate. She comments on Seth being weak and foolish. He should’ve used his power to kill Fomortiis that’s all the Divine Dragon Council wanted. She orders Fomortiis death otherwise the world would burn.
  • Lyon rebukes her orders and challenged the dragon. Myrrh transforms into her Divine state and summons two more dragons with her. Lyon, Ephraim Eirika, Idunn and Fomortiis alone engage Myrrh in the final battle.
  • After the first turn Seth stands again saying his death was foretold, but not yet. With their combined power the Divine Dragons perish and Myrhh curses them while dying. The roars of dragons are heard on the other side of the door. Seth, Idunn and Fomortiis jump through the Dragons Gate holding off the Divine Dragons as Lyon, Ephraim and Eirika close the gate trapping them and the dragons forever.
  • With no more divine dragons in the world the group returns to Renais and unifies the Contitent as the Star Empire. Representing Seth, Idunn, Fomortiis, Fado and Vigarde. The true heroes of the unification. The Star Empire is ruled by a council of 5 at all times. Neither concil member holding any army or land and is all joined together in unison. The leaders of the Council are Lyon, Ephraim, Eirika, Innes and L’Arachel with Lyon being the Grand Councilman.
    That is the full story of FE8 Stones of a Divine Dragon. Sorry this post was Hella long, but I wanted the full story out there for any fans(lol what are those?) of the hack. I’m currently working on an original called “Secrets to Heaven” but that is along away from a demo or any type of public release/info. Anyways thank you for reading and continue hacking!

More Power sir

Animation of Lyon is in FE SOA, right?

What is SOA

Fire Emblem Staff Of Ages

If I remember correctly it is the same sprite. Made by Eldritch Abomination? It’s in the main animation repository if you want it.

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We don’t use that animation anymore.

It’s my mistake, I’m so sorry.

Monsters in 9x are a little more advanced now…
Mauthe Doogs gained a magic ranged weapon! Planning on adding a Venom Spit for the Baels, but
TBD right now.

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Game gets hang after finishing chapter 8,why??

Seems like the hack ends there currently.

Should have ended at ch9, I’ma check it out and tomorrow post a Patch. The updated version should cover ch9, ch9x and ch10 which is untested and only half done. But you can still look at it.

By the way,the hack is great bro,I have enjoy it so much,because my favorite unit Lyon is in it,:scream:,unfortunately game hanged after finishing chapter 8,it would be cool if you add more chapter in this hack,thanks for the hack,

Updated to Version 1.1!!

link is in main post

It’s been a long month, but there is Chapters 9, 9x and half of 10. For some reason Ch9 wasn’t in the last version, but whatever it’s here now. Below is the general changes inside the download is the full checklist of literally everything I changed…

I also hope to be doing Bi-Weekly patches wether that be small or big updates. Just to try and keep a constant schedule!

Enjoy my blood sweat and tears!


Chapters: 9, 9x, 10 have been added! Ch.10 still under construction, but you can half-finish it.

Ch.2: Duelists
Riley a female Pegasus Knight has been added! She comes with a Duel Lance and can be recruited with Joshua.

Ch.4: Ancient Horrors
Scene added after Chapter involving Seth, involving how be became a Crusader! Starring a favorite dragon…

Ch.8: Sacred Lake
2 Treasure chests have been fixed/added! When opened they contain a powerful weapon along with
a powerful surprise!

Ch.9: Blood of Frelia
Gheb is now recruitable.

Ch.9x: Coast of Fear
Can finally recruit Richie! Starts as a Bard who can use magic and promotes into Sage/Wizard! Not to mention he can also Play his instrument to revitalize his allies!
Wizards are dark mages who value skill and speed over the raw damage from Druids.


Added Hawk Knight! Promotion from Pegasus Knight, more defensive option and comes with Lances + Bows.
Added Griffon Lord! Promotion from Wyvern Riders and replaces Wyvern Knights. Same stats and everything else.
(Wyvern Riders sprites now accurately hold Axes!).

Griffon Lord

Hawk Knight

Brigands/Pirates now promote into Chieftain/Marauder. Instead of Warrior/Chieftain.
Pegasus knights now promote into Falcoknights/Hawk Knights. Instead of Falco/Wyvern Kn.
Huntress (Female Archer) now promotes into Hawk Knight/Sacean. Instead of Sniper/Sacean.

Captain enemies now have sprites! Now they are even more threatening!

Riev now can use Dark Magic when he joins!
Riev no longer starts with Light, replaced with Flux. (Still starts with Holy Light).
Lyon no longer starts with Flux, now Heal Staff! (Still starts with Grave!).

Ewan can’t use Light Magic Pre-Promote anymore.

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why not full game ups? why always version?

I hope you know that none of us make any sort of money for making these hacks, and they do take a lot of time and effort to create. Most don’t ever reach a true “completed” state. A lot of us are in school or working jobs or living real lives and do this on the side, much like other people might draw, paint, write, whatever. We release versions because the projects aren’t completed, and many likely won’t ever be completed, but we still want other people to be able to enjoy what work we do have done. If you don’t want to play an incomplete project, that’s fine, but don’t complain about incomplete projects from people who are doing this solely for their own enjoyment and artistic expression.



Chapter 7 seems to be broken in 1.1. There’s a marked tile in the upper left(though that might be an escape point for the thieves, disregard if it is), and more importantly, the game resets whenever the second unit I move enter their destination tile.

What do you mean by destination tile?