FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

I just realized the regular Witch wasn’t included here, are there plans for that to be released later?


I did not include them because they were made by Gamma, not me . :wink:


What about the map sprites? Did Gamma make them as well? Is that why they’re absent?

Poorly timed post, but nice mugs regardless

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yeah i know lol better now than later down the line, i think

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Now this is what I live for, another legendary lord down, just need Hector’s Armads animation and Lyn as well, maybe Raven with basilikos like in FEH as well?

Hello community! I’m working on a hack room in Spanish for FE7 (I don’t think there is one), and together with my brother we have designed a Nergal battle animation that I would like to share with you. Unfortunately I am new to the community and I don’t know how to upload it on this platform. Could anyone help me with that? Thanks!


Here I show a small gif of what would be the Nergal battle animation, which we have been working on with my brother Tutún, for the hackroom in Spanish. Please excuse my English.
We use the aura from the @SteamingTofu 's Shaman Idunn animation.


@Yonyin I have moved both of your posts because the thread you keep posting in is for completed submissions only.

Also isn’t this edited from @SteamingTofu? You need to credit other people if you’re going to use their work.

Ok, sorry. I don’t understand english perfectly. Anyway, I have it finished… but I don’t know how to upload everything. Regarding the crediting of the aura work, I will mention streamingtofu at the time of posting, sorry for not mentioning it before.

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Hello Nuramon, thanks for your amazing work! I looked back and you had a post with amazing custom dragon transformations. Of course, I had to download those, but they were deleted?

The first post in the other repo thread should probably be edited by a mod, as it seems to be linking to the content of the repo as raw instead of GitHub - Klokinator/FE-Repo: A public graphics repository for Fire Emblem portraits, battle animations, map sprites, and other assorted graphics people might like to use.

EDIT for clarification: The link for the github is still there, but the bulletpoints link to raw content.

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Are you sure? I clicked on this lik to confirm

The page looks the same. The only difference is in the URL. Your link has /tree/main/ at the end.

Edited my post for clarification. The link at the end is right, the other ones link to raw text.

Those are for viewing with a markdown file reader extension, as the post itself says above them:

Want to browse the Repo’s files in an easy-to-read manner?

Install a ‘Markdown File Reader.’ This one is for Chrome , it’s what I use. There’s likely something appropriate for Firefox, Edge, or whatever you might use.

Now, just open a link to the resource you want to browse.

The advantage of doing this instead of just going to the github page is that viewing it on github cuts off at a certain length, so some parts of the repo don’t show everything in the previews there.

That said, it could probably be edited to clarify that a bit more.

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I didn’t see the point in linking something that needed an extension to make viewable, and later linking something that works without the extension, now I know what the difference is at least.

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You should quote the post instead of reposting the image itself. If some random person wanders through here they might assume you made that, which could lead to the wrong person being credited and weird mixups in the future.

If you don’t know how to quote posts across different threads, just highlight the text as so:
Then that window will pop up automatically and you just click the middle button, “copy quote” which will save the source thread and post to your clipboard to be posted in other threads.


I thought I did that… maybe just putting an image in a quote doesn’t work without text and it removed the format. Anyway, this isn’t the submissions thread. If I made it I would have posted it there. At least I reposted the image I was talking about, unlike %90 of the comments the mods have to recategorize and lose all their context. But having a separate thread is a necessary evil.