EDGE - Everyone Designs Graphical Entities

This is the sequel topic for Freakishly Ugly Combo Kit and Create an Ugly Mug.

As part of a long-running series, the goal remains the same, or at least mostly the same.

These are the portraits various people have made over the last 4 years across the two previous variations of this topic. You can view all of the mugs with credit by clicking this link.

The game works like this: Someone picks three mugs, and the next person creates a new character variant based on those three mugs, then posts three new mugs for the next person. Rinse and repeat.

However, I’ll be switching up the rules somewhat for EDGE! We’re in a new era now, and a new era calls for a new outline!


  1. All mugs created must be Free To Use, and preferably Free to Edit. At an absolute minimum, if you post a mug here, you consent that someone else can make eye/mouth frames and a chibi for it to be used in a future project. (Assuming you don’t add those yourself, which would be awesome)
  2. Unlike the previous two topics, the goal is not to make ugly mugs, but to make decent and good-looking mugs that people can use in their romhacks and other projects. If you look at the image of mugs above, your goal should be to make mugs that look more like the top rows, and less like the bottom rows.
  3. Unlike the previous two versions of this post series, each person will only post two mugs, and the next person will choose a third mug from which to splice. This is to prevent topic stagnations where someone picks three really crappy mugs that nobody wants to work with, thus killing the topic for months at a time. At a minimum, you can always pick a mug you like and work from there.
  4. Make sure to list the third mug you use! JiroPaiPai gave us the perfect example with his very first post!
  5. If it’s been 3 or so weeks since the last post, feel free to splice a mug using someone else’s previously posted mugs instead of the most recent mugs. This is all just for fun anyway.
  6. If possible, try to include eye and mouth frames for your mugs. It isn’t necessary at all, but you’re a swell human being if you do!
  7. The rules are made up, and the points don’t matter. Except Rule #1, that’s the important one.

That’s it! Let’s get started!

These are the GBAFE mugs we’ll be using for this topic. You can also use F2E mugs from the Portrait Repo, but not F2U mugs. F2E mugs are clearly labeled; so any mug that doesn’t have F2E in its name is F2U.

I decided to keep things in line with my other contest for this first round. As per the two characters in the CCC, our first two mugs will be Ephraim and Eirika! Fuse both of them together with a third mug of your choice, or just one, or just two, and then post two mugs for the next person to use!

(Bonus: You might even be able to submit the resulting mug to the CCC. Free entry!)

Have fun!


Levin here. Added categories on this thread since this thread was previously uncategorized.

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I changed it to normal creative, since there’s no real competitive aspect or anything. But thanks for reminding me. I forgot like a dummy. Kinda wish the forum would force people to flair their topics by preventing us from posting w/o them.


John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)


I guess it’s decent?
I’m sorry for this minimug
(Rennac was the third mug)
Smug rich thief

Good luck with these two
Do your best!


That is definitely CCC worthy. You ought to submit that :smiley:


Well I definitely tried. Hope I didn’t do too bad.

Anyways, here’s the next batch of characters.
Linus Narcian (use a third of your choice idk)


Anyways, here’s the next batch of characters.
Linus Narcian

Young linus
Yeah i know it’s only a Younger and shirtless version of Linus so here’s this:


Young linus with arm
The arm fit in the hackbox so there should be no problem

Do your best!
Here’s the new duo


Now here’s hoping for a shirtless version of Brunnya or Ursula.

Who did you use to make the shirtless Linus? Quick reminder to people, please always list the third mug you use, if any. Makes it easier on me when I later plan to show the combination of mugs used across all the topics to make said sprites.

It needs a lot of cleaning, but the concept is what counts XD.

Next mugs:
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem (USA, Australia).emulator.gba_69@45 Renault_C96D10 Portrait Editor 0378 - Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword.gba_42@2A Zeiss_6609EC


The third mug was dieck

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Used Raven as my third.

image image
Good luck with these two!


I know that @MysteriousDancer did this combo already, but I’m going to post my splice too. Sorry if this ain’t allowed, but here it goes:
(I used the FE8 soldier, not posting the two mugs for next splice since someone already did a Zeiss/Renault splice)


Sometimes multiple people work on a set at once, and that’s ok. Just list the last person’s set they posted to keep the chain going.

This is the current set! These two, plus a different mug of someone else’s choice.

I was looking at the front portion of Nino’s hair… and now I can’t unsee the Lorax mustache.


Kinda Rough in some places, but I think it’s fine. Third portrait is Lilina

Next two:
Fiora Louise


Whack (1)
Made this pretty quickly.
(Honestly, I hate the way the ponytail looks…I might go back when I have time to fix it up.)

Anyways, assuming that my FEU isn’t lagging behind, I should be able to pick the next two characters.
Astolfo Bors
I choose Astolfo and Bors!
Actually… if @Klokinator didn’t put the rule for a 3rd portrait, the event probably would’ve ended here.


What a cute portrait! I really like the hair-tiara/ribbon bit you added!

The ponytail is a bit off, yeah, but I think the face is more noticeably off. Not sure how I’d fix her though. Eyes might be a tad too big?

It’s not great, I know, but I wanted to have some fun. Joshua was the third guy I used.

image image

Good luck on this one.


Oh no, Douglas got norted.

7500a898e45032746ea9f1e83e63e280e88afb95 7500a898e45032746ea9f1e83e63e280e88afb95

Third mug was Novala.

Good luck with these!
Portrait Editor Sacredstones con nuevo prota.gba_65@41 _8AD2E0 Portrait Editor Sacredstones con nuevo prota.gba_70@46 Lyon_8AD36C