Create an Ugly Mug! The sequel to Freakishly Ugly Combo Kit is here!


This topic is the sequel to F.U.C.K.

Its acronym is C.U.M.

The rules are the same. Fuse two characters together to make a horrific abomination like no other. When you finish, post two (Or three!) mugs for the next poster to fuse.

Sidenote: Please keep the character at GBA scale. Don’t post a stretched image, since it won’t look good next to the others.

Additional note: If you don’t like the last poster’s mugs, feel free to make a character from someone else’s.

It’s all for fun, and the points don’t matter.

Useable Mug list:

Mugs from the old topic:

I’ll start off by listing three mugs. Fuse two of them, or all three! You must make an ugly character!

Oh no! Lyn is too sad! Lalum is too happy! Lyon is too edgy! Restore balance to the universe by neutralizing all their crazy emotions!

Portrait Train: Remake the Last Artist's Portrait

I tried to balance the universe, but I think i made it worse.

EDIT: Forgot to add 2 new ones, try this on for size


There’s a glitch in the Matrix! Ahh!


oh no

Well, here’s my two.


neimi and gheb
oh jesus here we go


beta neimi even


Be very afraid.

I look forward to seeing what comes out of these ones.


Can’t wait to someday make Fugly Emblem with these monstrosities.


I think I just made a JoJo character

Here’s your next set


Oof I was to late. Didn’t really go for ugly though.


An avaricious fiend who turns death into power.” —>
C.U.M. + ------->

A thieving thug-merchant who turns gold into automated junk.

Next batch:


Alas I was too late but still a thing


Too late?
Oh well…
Still wanted to post this, neither very good nor exciting, but I think this is the place it belongs to.

Edit: Made it a bit smaller
Edit edit: This time not with Paint
Edit edit edit: I just wanted to post this, don’t judge me.


Father, I am a sinner.

Next Batch:


Garcia, why did you drink the Fazon?

Get it? Phazon. Garcia. Puzon. Fa…

I am out of here.

Next Batch:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Est: Bad Future

Next Batch: Big boys, small gril.


you a lil’ nasty


Well that was rude… :thinking:



Next Batch: Oh Boy the three fighters


Hope I’m not too late, I made sure to include the minor “brigand” henchman that I hate the most, and by his looks alone. No surprise that he had to resort to this. It’s not nice to judge people by how they look, but this guy has to be an exception.

Oh, and this guy’s part of it all too, I guess.