Do you use FEBuilderGBA to play other people's hacks?

  • Yes, I play by pressing F5 on FEBuilderGBA.
  • No, I use PC and emulator.
  • No. I use mobile phone.
  • No. I use actual GBA machine.
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FEBuilderGBA has a work support feature that supports automatic updating of works as well as deployment of ups.
However, I thought I would like to take a survey as it doesn’t seem to be used very often.
If a lot of people are playing games on FEBuilderGBA, we would like to include the ability to transfer sav data to the author.
This is because being able to get the sav data will lead to feedback.

There is documentation on FEBuilderGBA work support here.
In case you are interested, here is the link.


In my case I used to play on pc my gba games but recently I play them on my mobile in my free time when I’m not doing some edit on it.
I let my pc to work on my own project and of course I test it by pressing f5. The fact it’s that i haven’t too much access to internet and i just can login by mobile data so it’s easier for me to download them in the mobile and play them on the mobile instead of transfer them to my pc.

Editing the hacks on PC and playing them on my phone.

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Unfortunately, the way FEBuilder hooks into mGBA makes it a bit unstable (async/vsync are a bit jittery and fast forward doesn’t work).
So it’s not the best method for just playing a game casually.

Unless F5 does something that isn’t running in the emulator assigned to the first slot.

I am using VBA-m and have no problems.
Is this a mGBA-specific problem?
Does the 32-bit version of mGBA have the same problem?
Basically, FEBuilderGBA is only looking at memory, so I don’t see how a feature like frame skipping would appear to be affected.

My pc emulator it’s VBA and Mobile it’s My Boy and i have no problems with them i also use My Boy cause it directly loads the ups without fusing it with the gba unlike LunarIps

Oh, that’s probably the problem. I am running the 64-bit version, which is admittedly pretty unnecessary for a GBA emulator.

Because FEBuilderGBA is a 32-bit application, it is essentially impossible to intervene in a 64-bit application.

Yes and no, I’ve used febuilder’s cheat function to steamroll hacks I have finished, either just for fun or to bypass a level I’ve lost patience with. Or just to see niche situations in a level for reading reasons.

On the uncommon occasions I’m playing someone else’s ROMhack, I’ll still always play with FEBuilder.
If there’s a bug due to eventing, I can easily see what the bug is with the debugger open, so I can fix it myself as well as give precise feedback to the creator.
It’s also for convenience when I’m not specifically looking for bugs. If I think a map is being unfun or think I’m getting too unlucky, I can just cheat to not have to deal with it.

Since most of the time I’m playing a ROMhack that I’m working on, the update warnings were unnecessary since I’d already have the latest version. Since I always overwrite the uploaded .ups file for my hacks, I wasn’t sure how to make it not give false positives.
Opening the ROMhack’s forum thread isn’t exactly a hassle either, so maybe that’s the main reason it’s not used as much. Or maybe people just don’t know about it.

Yes, but not all the time.

Please delete “your_rom_name.updateinfo.txt” in the ROM directory you are editing
Without this file, automatic updates will not be managed.

The poll was closed.
Apparently, 25% (1/4) are on FEBuilderGBA playing other people’s work.
Even the weirdos who have accounts on FEU are 1/4, so the percentage is probably even lower when you consider all the other players.

I recently created one additional feature.
It is an automatic feedback feature.



it created an additional feature in “updateinfo.txt” which was originally used to automatically update projects.
Once this feature is set up, you will receive the player’s play reports.
You can get information when a player completes a chapter or when a unit is lost.


I have been looking for a way to provide feedback via the Internet, and I think this is one answer.

If the GBA had access to the Internet, we could get play reports from more players, but that is not possible.
It is a compromise, but I think this feature will help us get many play reports and use them to improve your game and motivate you.

Even if you play by yourself, I think it would be helpful to have your play report recorded so you can look back on it later.
I don’t have to write down who died where and it saves me the hassle of saving sav.


I would like to repurpose this thread.

public auto feedback

Setting up auto feedback is a pain in the ass, so I made it easy for anyone to use with the sample.

Change YOUR ROMNAME.updateinfo.txt to the name of your hack and put it in the same directory.
For example, foobar.gba becomes foobar.updateinfo.txt.

Open foobar.gba with FEBuilderGBA and press F5 to start the game.

When a unit dies or a chapter is completed, information will be added to the spreadsheet below.

public auto feedback

This spreadsheet is set up for everyone to see.
If you want a spreadsheet that only you can see, please refer to the following documentation to create your own form.

//Document: en:guid:febuildergba:work_support [FE改造wiki]
How to automatically update your work.(by FEBuilderGBA's updateinfo)

The base64 data can be extracted using FEBuilderGBA MENU->Tools->LZ77 Tool ->base64.
This data is a 7z compressed sav file.
By having the emulator read this data, the player state can be reproduced.

See also this article on auto feedback
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