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I am new to FEBuilderGBA and this may possibly be a dumb question, but I can’t find any guides online. Whenever I make a new chapter, it defaults to the starting map, which I am using in my Hack. But whenever I edit the map on the new chapter, it edits the starting map as well. Is there something I’m missing? If so, please tell me. Sorry if this is a stupid mistake, I’m new to the whole hacking thing.
Thanks for being kind.

I don’t think you have read it at all, but there is a lot in the help section.
I suggest you read it first.
You can find the link at the very beginning of this thread, and you can also find the link to help in the very first section of FEBuilderGBA.

If that does not solve the problem, please send report7z, which also says this, and let me know how I can check the problem with it.

I think I would like to treat this issue as a specification, as it seems like a lot of work to fix.
Expanding the menu should ensure that there are at least two.
This is because even if there is a margin, it is not a big problem because it is hidden.

Is there anywhere with details of how skills interact? For example, what happens if a unit has both Devil’s Whim and Devil’s Pact?

Complaints about SkillSystems can be sent to

I don’t use SkillSystems so I can’t answer the details.
If it is a clear error such as crashing, I can manage to some extent, but I do not know the specifications of the system.
I think it is better to ask the actual users or developers for more detailed points.

I’ve created an automatic feedback function.
See this link for details.



This feature provides automatic feedback to the author on the progress of the player’s game.
Until now, you could only find out how your game was being played through game play videos and play reports.
With this feature, you can know how your game is progressing, although only if the player runs the game via FEBuilderGBA.
Whenever a chapter is cleared (flag 0x03 is enabled) or a unit lost (death of a player unit) occurs, the play data is automatically fed back to the author.
The following data can be obtained

Only when you play a game via FEBuilderGBA, but with this feature you will get a detailed play report of your game.


I think this violates a few laws on internet privacy if the feature isn’t opt-in.

You may choose to disable this feature.

First, it does not do so for personally identifying information.
In the first place, It connect to the network regularly for update checks.
What’s the difference with that?
Update check is enabled by default.
Whether or not this feature is enabled by default can also be set on a game-by-game basis.
However, as with Update Check, it is enabled by default if you do not set any settings.

I have not written a detailed description of this parameter since I just created it, but it is called AUTOFEEDBACK_DEFAULT_SETTING.
This has three states for setting.

enabled by default

Disabled by default

Default is to ask the player at the first startup.

However, if the parameter AUTOFEEDBACK_DEFAULT_SETTING is not written, it is set to 1.

I’m not sure, but if your country has strange laws against sharing saved data, use AUTOFEEDBACK_DEFAULT_SETTING=0 or AUTOFEEDBACK_DEFAULT_SETTING=2.

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I think I found a possible bug. When using both gaiden spells and weapon lock arrays, changing the gaiden spell cost for items after index CD messes up the weapon lock arrays (for me it was weapon lock arrays 3,4,5,6 that became a scambled mess of random class data).

There seems to be no problem.
How can I confirm this phenomenon?

I also have skillsystems installed if that makes a difference. It seems that the same memory is being referenced by the GaidenSpellCostTable (under patches in Febuilder) and the WeaponLockArray (also under patches). I noticed that alot of my items after index “CD” had random spell costs after updating skill systems (which installed gaiden spell patch automatically) but I ignored it. Then I decided to add some gaiden spells to index after “CD” and noticed that the spell HP cost changed unintentionally. I have my item database expanded to index “FE”.

I reproduced this on my end right now by changing “GaidenSpellCost” of item “E0” to 0. It was 100 before but I did not intentionally set it to 100. My WeaponLockArray 04 now has 5 random class entries (Draco zombie, shaman, etc.). Before it only had 1 character entry and I performed no other action in between.

I had installed WeaponLockArrays on my own before updating skillsystems recently in case this is relevant. Updating skillsystems installed gaiden spells automatically. I did not have gaiden spells installed before the update. I believe it said the patch was incompatible. I do wish to use both WeaponLockArrays and Gaiden Spells.

I cannot reproduce this in my test environment.
Adding an item to WeaponLockedArray does not add the item to gaiden magic.
I think the data margins in gaiden magic are properly secured.

Therefore, I think you are talking about the configuration data allocated from it, not the table itself.
For some reason, there must be a conflict in that area in your ROM.
In the event of a conflict, one of them must give way.
Set one of the addresses to 0 and give way by re-allocating the area and reallocating it again.

I thought it would work but for some reason it did not even after reallocating several times. However, I found a work around. I noticed that the weapon lock arrays at index 0C and higher were not affected so I migrated all my data to there. Thank you for your help.

In addition to clearing chapters and losing units, we have added automatic feedback when a village is destroyed by bandits.

Also, several work have already been support to the automatic feedback.
We think that the feedback will help us improve our work.


They found a bug that consists of a loop but I can’t identify what it is due to and it is too rare and it has only happened to one person, in all other cases everything works fine; from chapter 13 they go to chapter 14 without problems.


During chapter 13 with ID 1B when the chapter ends it starts again, this bug I have only managed to replicate it once because after that everything works properly and I don’t know of anyone else that has had it happen to more than one person.

So how can I check the problem?
First, you need to establish how to reproduce the bug, then we can discuss it again.

Well, when I checked it I load the file “.sav” I sent you.

P.S: ID was 10 isn’t 1B

I am not sure what you mean by your statement.
Am I correct in assuming that if you can reproduce the problem you will send the file to me again?

The error ocurrs when you take the castle gate and go to the next chapter but instead of go to next chapter start again the chapter 13

A few issues/bugs I’ve found recently (with latest version of skill systems):

  1. “Define multiple classes that prohibit critical” patch doesn’t seem to work. The unit/class combination I specified to test the patch was allowed make critical hits.

  2. Items with the “Unsellable” flag are undroppable normally with the message that “treasure can’t be dropped.” However, if the supply/convoy is not available, and the inventory is full, the “Unsellable” items are allowed to be dropped when obtaining a new item.

  3. In case anyone else has this issue, I had an issue where using a weapon with an S rank in that category caused the game to freeze/hang right before battle. It appeared to be due to the
    “Weapon S value of bonus item 1: Attack” and “Weapon S value of bonus item 2: (default) critical” under “Patches” that I had adjusted. I changed the 2nd one to “critical” instead of “(default) critical”, so there is an easy workaround (the effect on battle should be identical).