How to automatically update your work.(by FEBuilderGBA's updateinfo)

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Fan works are updated frequently.
It’s a hassle to update,
Work Support gives you a one-click update.

If the work has updateinfo, you can easily update it to the latest version by following the steps below.

  1. Open ROM by FEBuilderGBA
  2. MENU-> Run -> Work Support
  3. Click “Update to lastest version”
  4. end.

Let’s try it.

  1. Open the ROM by FEBuilderGBA

  2. MENU-> Run -> Work Support

  3. Click “Update to lastest version”

The download will start automatically , unzip, and ups applied automatically.

  1. end.
    Press F5 to play.

How to make updateinfo?

Create updateinfo.txt in the same location as ROM.

Describes how to get updates to updateinfo.
For how to write, refer to the sample below.

Please refer to here for updateinfo.

Zip ups and updateinfo.txt and publish.

If you are not sure, ask a question.
When asking, please mention the means by which you are distributing the ups.
This is because the writing method varies depending distribute web site.

Benefits of this feature.

Updates are one-click, so it’s very easy.
Players can easily get the latest version of the game.

Even if the zip file of your work is reproduced on any site, the user can update to the latest version.

You can make a link to your development community.
You can write the URL of your community in updateinfo.

Unzip is also done automatically.
This function supports rar, zip and 7z formats.

Extract of ups is also done automatically.
If you put the vanilla ROM in the FEBuilderGBA directory or the emulator directory, the vanilla ROM is automatically selected.

Problem: discord
If you are distributing the development version on discord as a community, automatic updates are not available.
This is because discord requires a login.
I hope that discord will be able to read only without login like twitter.


This is awesome, thanks for your hard work as always 7743!