Portrait Train: Remake the Last Artist's Portrait

Recently checked out the Cute Mug Contest and Create an Ugly Mug threads, and they’ve inspired me to try something of my own. I thought it would be fun and productive to get a big art trade going among people.

The idea is essentially the same as Create an Ugly Mug: one person starts off making a portrait for another, and the latest artist posts a portrait for the next artist to remake. (A remake is not a polish. It is your own interpretation of the original portrait.)

Although I do not expect everyone to have the highest of standards, for this would all be free work, I would expect a bit of effort. It would be unfair to others to make a half-assed attempt at a portrait just so you can get free art from someone who is much more willing to make a good portrait.

Just so people won’t be working on remakes of one portrait at the same time, creating a cluster of new portraits to remake, it may be wise to claim the next remake when you start working on it.

And now for the hard part, which is actually starting. Since there’s nothing made at the beginning, someone’s probably going to get some free art for this train to grow. So I’ll make this offer: whoever posts a portrait first, I will remake it for you and then share the next portrait to remake.

(By the way, this is posted under Contests because Ugly Mug is as well. I assume this will be fine here, since it’s a similar idea. If not, I’ll gladly remove the thread and repost in general creative.)


That sounds interesting… Will you be the one to make the first mug?

So, uh, to answer your question, yes.

It’s contest-y enough in my opinion; fine where it is.

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Gotta start it Terra.


A tough start, with that fur. I’ll see what I can do though. Thank you.

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You’re welcome!

This sounds neat! Do the portraits and/or remakes have to be GBA FE style?

Not at all. I welcome unique styles. It would be a shame if everyone stuck to the conventions of vanilla Fire Emblem.

While I’m here, I’d best warn that I do have commissions and other stuff to work on. This is a side project, so apologies if this doesn’t get immediate attention.


Redone in NESFE style


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