Create an Ugly Mug! The sequel to Freakishly Ugly Combo Kit is here!


These last four have been comedy gold. Lucius! Baby! What happened to you?!


He became a non-trap.


He promoted from trap to full-on ambush.


I removed the Mustache and IDK


I think I made some sort of superhero. A very angry superhero.

Here’s the sprites for next round. First bosses, baby!


uh here have this


oh good god


The Blood God demands a sacrifice.


I’ve made a monster.

Here’s the next set of mugs.


Well… I tried. The beard glasses were fun. But the eyes are hard to see now :persevere: I wasn’t sure how clean this was supposed to be

Alright, someone go to town


Looks like I’m too late, but have this anyway.


So uhh…these mugs free to use? (Including the ones from the other one)


How about this?

Now I suggest creating a mug out of these.


Oh dear. Looks like my necroposting has actually revived a topic.

Sorry, not sorry.


is this scary enough?

have fun!


Fabulous as always.

Go wild.



Can you handle this?



And here


I guess i’m joining the fun too
have these three