People want a gacha: I'm making a gacha


People were asking for a FEU gacha game, it sounds easy to do, let’s do it.
Reply with your character, we’ll need a portrait, a name and a description.
You can also add stats and skills and all that if you want to but it probably won’t be used/mean anything.

Please don’t reply with unrelated stuff, reply only if you want a character in (preferably your character) AND you have a portrait, name and description for the character.
It’s just to make my job easier.

Please make sure the portrait is formated correctly.
It does not need mouth and eye frames, or a mini, just the portrait is fine, but make sure to follow the hackbox and all that stuff.



“Nothing says powercreep like killing things in one hit.”


Natsumi: Glimmering Tactician
Eh? Sure, I’ll help you. Who do I get to chop up?
“A foreign character that seems to take on many different appearances. A lovable idiot.”
(Mug credit to @DerTheVaporeon)
Stats: Extremely high constitution and good speed and HP. Decent stats everywhere else, but nearly nonexistent resistance.

Class: Cavalier/Paladin (F)

EDIT: Hilariously I sent the wrong mug, oof.


(Credit to NickT)
Name: Eric
Description: Some say he’s reliable. Most don’t though.

I request transformation via Chairstone


(Mug credits to me (Peerless))

Dude - Rogue Bandicoot
Class: Thief

W O A H[N]
D U D E[X]


(Mug made by me)
“A soldier who wears regal clothing. Untrusting, yet kind.”
Class: Soldier
High Speed and Skill. Above average Resistance. Average Defense and Strength. Below average CON. Bad Luck and HP.
Skill: Sol


(Mug made by me (@DerTheVaporeon) )

Der - Horseback Baywatch
Class: Axe Cavalier
A cavalier with a spriter hobby and[N]
a hard job. Secretly a Pokemon.[X]


Name: Bubba
Description: One of Batta’s bastards. He knows
the way of The Beast.
Skill if you add them: Life and Death 2/heroes version


(Mug Credits: Mugging Blitz - LaurentLacroix_23)

Name: Bert
Description: A wandering mercenary. Who Is
this guy anyway?
Class: Mercenary


(Mug Credits: @Sme)

Name: Sme
Description: Sme is Sme, silly!


Credit ot Nuramon for the mug.

Name: Zelgius
Description: Curator of interesting maneuvers.



Name: Zane
Description: reply soon
Stats: Yes
Skills: Sometimes

reply soon


“Wifemom! Crazy and snuggly and sometimes just a bit murderous…?”

“Hubbyson. Doesn’t eat often. A ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥… But that’s love, no sense!”


Name: Adamminn
class: mage
description: Lusts after roman emperor. Just here so He won’t get fined
(mug made by me but @Cardcafe formatted and thank you so much for formatting it


Name: Imperial
Class: Halberdier (or Ephraim or Soldier, just whatever lance-only using unit you have)
Description: Caffeine addicted spriter who never sprites. Eternally dead inside.

Mug credit to @Glaceo


Name: Elijah
Class: Druid
Description: A guy who shoves the functions of the Nervous System down people’s throats.
A nerd.



Name: Marcus
Description: The lord and savior of Elibe early game. The hero we need, but not the one we deserve.
Class: Jagen
Skills: Old Man Strength (also known as sick bases)

Edit: This is a legit submission, figure we need a Jeigan and this guy fits the bill, I think we can all agree



Name: DarkChibi
Description: A low FE hacker, likes Digimon and Undertale
Class: Mercenary


Credit: Me
Name: Kilik- Frontline Rogue
Description: A loveable thief who loves being in the action.
Class: Rogue (with staff if possible)


Credits: Me, Black Rose for the trimming, Sonu for the chibi
Name: Pretsel
Description: Baked to perfection unlike his Knight counterpart. Conjurer of pastries, made of pastries, loves pastries.
Class: Mage