People want a gacha: I'm making a gacha

Figured I’d throw my hat into the ring.
Name: Greg
Class: Ranger
Description: Left eye saw too many cursed images.
Stats: Glass Cannon

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image Too many colors says usenti.

Here should be a better version. It worked originally but I suppose things happen while files go across the interwebs

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Name : Malik
Bio : A mysterious, amnesiac kid that likes boats and touching people’s faces ( 3ds era reference )
Portrait : unknown
Class : Urchin ( A costum class that’s basically bard with the lock pick skill and without any offensive capabilities. He can play music, steal items ) Promotes to a Manakete if given a fire stone ( Pokemon reference ) [ If that class are allowed Anyways ]
Level : 1
Affinity : Ice
Invantory : Lock pick , Vulnerary.
Starting stats and growths :
HP = 15+40%
Strength = 3+65%
Skill = 2+75%
Speed = 11+70%
Luck = 5+50%
Defense = 3+80%
Resistance = 2+80%
Con = 4

He’s just your stereotypical comic relief, port kid

@Maiser6 @ErrantDShepherd @ShiruntanPrince
Currently your portraits are still giving trouble, the issue is these are the only 3 spots left so if I keep getting more portraits (that work) your characters won’t get in, just letting you know.

Kilik Should be good now, I was able to insert it with Febuilder

image Same issue.


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Your portrait is zoomed in and the size of the image is not correct.
Please take a look at the other portraits.

Kilik Now with one less color.


Outdated so the top mouth looks stupid but I don’t have the final final on hand.
Name: Fatih
Desc: The founder of a sort of mountain. Desperate for children.

High HP low Def/atk gimme that MOV lol


Name: Panda
Desc: An unpopular trap who has unpopular opinions.
and I guess class
Class: Female Myrmidon
Uhh I guess thanks Lemon for the portrait, I did the frames

@Leonarth Fixed @ErrantDShepherd’s colors since he’s been busy.

(Guess it’s too late to suggest his alter.)

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The gacha is now full.
There are some character (the ones that are directly from other FE games) that I might consider replacing but other than that there’s 99 units already.


Much appreciated Lenh.

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you know it’ll be sick when the post gets renamed to mugging blitz 7


I’m trying to get all the info for the characters into this sheet so if you guys want to help that would be pretty nice.

Edit: I don’t know who the giraffe is but you are the real mvp



@Teraspark and @flingleforp
The descriptions for your units are too long.
Please get me some shorter ones, check that they work and all.
These descriptions are the only thing missing to have all units done.

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It’s done: it’s complete: we have a release.