[COMPLETE][FE8][Completed, 26 Chapters and a Mini Route Split] Touhou Emblem ~ Not The Reskin!

There will be no more updates to the hack from Me in the future.

The Future of Touhou Emblem Redux (VERY IMPORTANT)


So first off: What’s up? It’s been awhile (a month), so I decided to give an update:

I’ve been playing SMT Nocturne:

Very serious and dark game trust me

Ah, right, but that’s not what I’m here to inform you of!

I’m here to inform you that Touhou Emblem Redux has been canceled!

Now you all may be curious as to why I would do such a thing…

The answer is simple, I’m tired of hacking, burnout was too much and I don’t have fun with it anymore, like at all. I tried picking it up again after my little hiatus and I just wasn’t vibin’, so I decided to permanently quit.

This means that all my projects (except for Grug 2 which was done months ago but just needed player palettes to be completed) are canceled permanently/for the time being because I lack the willpower needed to complete them and I’d rather not leave everyone here who was patiently waiting for something to come out to have to guess whether or not the project is dead.

In terms of Redux progress, I got to chapter 19 or something it’s been awhile, but I made pretty sizable progress I’d say.

I also feel pretty guilty leaving this project to die like that, so I’m gonna do this instead:

Project’s now free for anybody to pick up and complete if they feel like it. You’re all free to take it in any direction you please. I figured that’d be the most satisfying conclusion I could give rather than just letting an unfinished product sit on my computer, wasting away. (I bear no responsibility for anything created by people who choose to modify this incomplete patch.)

I’ll post the redux patch in a bit after I’ve compiled all the new credits I must give.

I’d like to thank everybody who took the time to play Touhou Emblem, give me constructive feedback, and even find/make some assets for me to use in the project. Everyone’s contributions were highly appreciated and made my day. (I feel like I’ve said all this sappy shit before)

Well, I think that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. I have a Gen 7 Living Dex to complete. See y’all around or something like that.

Here it is, the Incomplete Redux Patch with updated credits. It also has an incomplete map for Chapter 19 that uses the Lava Caves tileset from SS vanilla. I hope you have fun with it. Oh, and some of the villages and bosses in earlier chapters lack proper convos.
I’ll refrain from adding a changelog since I’ve literally rebuilt the entire game, but here’s a few changed recruitments and misc notes:
Medicine: Step on the bottommost fort in Chapter 3.
Flandre: Now a swordmaster (I intended for her to get Laevateinn later in the game, but never got to it. Remilia was also supposed to get Gungnir. Take that as you will.)
Mamizou: Step on the diamond shaped patch of path at the bottom of Chapter 8’s map with Murasa.
Akyuu: No longer a dancer, joins as a convoy staffbot unit at the start of Chapter 18. Will leave if Yuuka is recruited.
Yuuka: HAS A PRF

Legendary Weapons:
The pre-split legendary weapons are unchanged for the most part. I have no idea what to do with legendaries that are past the point where I stopped working so make of that what you will.

Dropbox - ReduxIncomplete (You can add on to the hack if thou so wisheth) - Simplify your life

As a very important disclaimer, the only emulator which I can promise the least amount of glitches in is mGBA, every other emulator is untested. I cannot promise a bug-less experience on anything other than mGBA.


I’m Rye. You might know me as the guy who translated The Grand Uprising from gibberish to English. I’m also the true dastardly mastermind behind Grug’s Primitive Disadventure (I was the main hacker).

So anyways I’ve been working on this thing since September, and in a twist of misfortune, it seems someone else has released a Touhou Emblem hack on the day I planned to release my patch. And by planned I mean I was peer pressured into it by someone who shall not be named.

Check out his hack
get rekt albert

Wait, why is this a project?:
You know, I completely forgot my entire motivation for making this project because I eventually got so into actually making it.

If you want a little backstory on why I’d randomly come out w/ something like this, it’s because of a certain FE-like fangame called “Gensou no Keifu ~ Hajimari no Miko”, which plays like FE with awakening-style pairup.

It’s bad. Really bad.

There are a lot of things in the game I could complain about (shitty map gimmicks, maps that are too big, the stupidest difficulty curve I’ve ever seen, INVISIBLE SIEGE TOME USERS etc). All you need to know is that it’s terrible, and something I don’t want to touch ever again.

Essentially, this whole project started as me attempting to 1-up Gensou no Keifu, because I am a spiteful bastard.


But screw that, let me just lay out my project for you:

-26 Chapters with a Mini Route Split starting at around Chapter 21.
-A bajillion (somewhere over 50) playable characters (you won’t be able to get all of them in one go.)
-All the amenities of modern hacking including skillsys, universal range, DSFE avoid, Thracia trading, blah, blah, blah.
-A story that I cobbled together on the fly which is stupid.
-Did I mention Touhou?

I guess some people care about this. I do give plenty of units for you to work with, so the game is pretty ironmannable in my perspective. The first few chapters might be rough, though. I’d suggest not attempting an ironman unless you’ve already gone through the game once.

Update: With the massive buffing of Ran, the earlygame has become more manageable, so it may just be possible to ironman first go no issues.

Right and here’s a tierlist maker I slapped together in 3 seconds

Have a download link. I hope it works. Also has credits and a game guide. I tried to be as meticulous
with credits as possible, but there’s the off chance I may have missed someone. Please notify me immediately if I have.
Download Touhou Emblem lmao
0% Growths Patch

While this hack isn’t affiliated with Team Stoned Stoners, you should join our Discord just so you can yell at me for something. I think that’d be very cool. Plus, we’re working on something new!


A chart of each character's role in-game, for convenience's sake



So yeah have fun

Even though this is complete I’ll probably be making balance overhauls sometime in the future, maybe if there’s some glaring balance issue I overlooked.


Weeb lmao


so awesome


wtf is Touhou 0/10 game.


ok memetzar from team stoned stoners


Now this is a certified ⑨ moment.


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Fuuuuck why are they all so adorable looking

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Mugs are from a game called Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, which is basically Touhoumon. You should check it out

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Nice Touhou Emblem

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I updated the patch to change a lot of early to midgame inventories in enemies because I felt that having high tier weaponry on some enemies so early on didn’t make the game any more fun or even difficult, just frustrating. Apologies for the inconvenience.

good hack. Just fyi…

Recruitment guide (Spoliers)

The guide forgot Parsee being recruited by talking with Yuugi in Chapter 21, Nazrin joining in 23B with Ichirin and Shou rather than Eiri, and Orin and Kyouko’s classes being swapped

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alr, i’ll be sure to update that, thank you for notifying me

Oh my god guys
it’s the girls from the internet meme “Bad Apple!!” that was trending in 2009.
Which is a remix of a song used in Stage 3 of the 4th Touhou Project, a bullet hell game released by ZUN. The song going by the same name as Bad Apple!!


ironically enough, i didn’t even use bad apple in this hack

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So I said the hack was complete, but I figured that I needed to do the four characters from Touhou 6-13 that I didn’t add in justice, or something else in general (I’m bored). You should vote because I think it would be funny to leave this up to the whims of the internet.

  • Make the unadded characters (Koakuma, Medicine, Kisume, and Mamizou) into Chapter Midbosses
  • Make the unadded characters into replacement units for certain people
  • Bro y u no maek Eirin palayble brooo (turn certain unplayable bosses into replacement characters)
  • Make another giant ass poll where you add one character that’s unplayable/unadded in as a fully playable no-strings-attached character somehow

0 voters


Guys, we need Eirin in the game, is the best Touhou waifu and probaly, is gonna be the best healer in the entire hack, and she uses bows :hot_face::hot_face:. What you need to understand? Eirin need to be playable in the hack, vote for her


btw i forgot to mention but this poll runs until February 25th, in case anybody wants to know the cutoff date for vote rigging making their decision

how do supports work? is it still 5 per character?

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yeah, 5 per character

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